These lights have noise reduction properties to create a cozy atmosphere

As more and more companies invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees, designers are looking for products that contribute to a safe and comfortable work environment. Lights that also have sound absorbing features contribute tremendously to a space’s comfort–whether it be a workplace or a restaurant.

Lights with acoustic panels are ideal for workspaces because they help keep noise levels down–especially in the ever popular open-concept offices where it can often be hard to find a quiet, private space for phone calls or focused work.

These lights are equally useful for restaurant and hospitality spaces, which are notorious for being too loud. By incorporating decorative pendants that feature felt panels or sound absorbing fabrics, restauranteurs can keep noise levels down and create the cozy intimate atmosphere that keeps diners comfortable.

Check out some sound absorbing lights on our website. Here are some of our favourites:

Sound Absorbing Lights from Estiluz

Revolta T-3635-W 1 Light Acoustic Panel by Estiluz

Estiluz’s Revolta pendants come with an optional fabric-covered acoustic panel made of sound-absorptive foam and virgin wool. Boasting a 0.4 sound absorption coefficient, these panels come in dreamy pastel colours: salmon, eggplant, blue, and black. We love using the Revolta in large combinations in restaurants and hotel lobbies to muffle sound and create an intimate atmosphere.

Estiluz Revolta pendants with Acoustic Insert
The Revolta pendants come with an optional felt insert to offer sound absorbing benefits

BuzziSpace’s Acoustic Lighting

The BuzziJet pendant is a simple and classic acoustic lighting option

BuzziJet Suspension LED light from BuzziSpace. This pendant is an intentionally simple design based on the principles of geometric acoustics. Wide in diameter, this cylindrical design allows sound waves to bounce back-and-forth within the radius of its circular body, and in turn mitigates noise. BuzziJet is considerable in size, yet appears lightweight and airy thanks to its upholstered foam core. Its soft presence evokes a majestic sense of serenity. Concealed inside the body, a powerful light source emits warm, pleasant light. Available in 12 standard fabric colours and with split or straight cable options. Custom colours available for projects of course.

Create a comfortable setting with the 29″+ diameter BuzziShade XX-Large pendants

The BuzziShade XX-Large LED suspension light The design prevents eavesdroppers from hearing your private conversations, and reduces external noise levels to a minimum. The BuzziShade is extremely versatile. The perfect addition to any office, waiting room or restaurant and is ideal for large-scale events. Be creative in colour by adding a layer of fabric to the BuzziFelt shades. The BuzziShade is the culmination of an artistic collaboration between BuzziSpace and the four young Belgian furniture
designers of Stal Collectief. This acoustic pendant is available in two sizes (29.13″ or 44/09″) and 20+ colour combinations.

The BuzziChandelier is a great noise-reduction light for lounges and restaurants

The BuzziChandelier is a contemporary take on the classic chandelier. This LED chandelier is the perfect way to add atmosphere to your room with artful shadows and softened sounds. BuzziChandelier is an ideal design statement and acoustical solution for offices, restaurants, hotels, institutions, residences and more.

The BuzziHat LED pendant exudes charm

The BuzziHat is a decorative and highly recognizable hat-shaped LED pendant light with excellent sound absorption capabilities. Its unique design, combining an upholstered part with a metal shade is bound to steal the attention in any space. The upholstered foam body is available in a wide palette of colour and fabric combinations, while the metal shade and ring come in 4 finishes (black, white, beige red and gold). BuzziHat is available in different sizes to fit different sonic environments which makes it the ultimate acoustic lighting for any office, lobby or restaurant that needs acoustic absorption treatment combined with high-quality lighting.

The BuzziDome LED pendant illuminates while reducing noise levels

BuzziDome is a modern noise-reducing light with a refined semi-dome shape. BuzziDome’s concave design, coupled with its acoustic foam element, acts as an excellent diffuser and absorber of sound. Therefore, BuzziDome
provides exceptional acoustic treatment for any setting. A recessed LED light source accentuates the pendant’s meticulous craftsmanship while also emitting a warm, functional light. BuzziDome accommodates the demand for both sound absorption and light, being the perfect fit for workplaces, hospitality settings, and break-out areas. Pick yours from a wide range of colorful upholstery options.

Bespoke Lampshades from Innermost

Innermost has recently launched a new collection of bespoke lampshades that are available in an array of gorgeous fabrics–including three fabrics that possess excellent acoustic absorbency properties: Harrogate, Wenlock, and Création Baumann.

Innermost’s bespoke lampshade in Harrogate fabric, a luxurious quilted velvet.

Harrogate (pictured above) is a quilted velvet option. Available in 5 different coloured quilted patterns (below), this beautiful velvet fabric adds some luxury to any interior. The sumptuous quilting makes these fabrics extra thick and soft.

Harrogate fabric is ideal for all drum shaped pendants.

WenLock (pictured above) is a wool felt. Soft and natural, this wool fabric is well-known for its sound absorbing properties and is available in 7 rich colours that bring added warmth a space:

The WenLock fabric works well on all of Innermost’s shade shapes
The WenLock (left) and Baumann (right) fabrics have excellent acoustic absorbency.

Finally, Création Baumann (pictured above right) is a polyester fabric. Création Baumann have been weaving world-renowned fabrics in Switzerland wince 1886. Innermost’s selection of fabrics is made from Baumann’s Arik collection, a fabric ideal for great contemporary lampshades that will complement any interior. The fabric has a two-tone micro-pattern which results in an interplay with up to three colour nuances depending on the angle of vision.

The Baumann fabric option is available in 6 colour options.

All of Innermost’s new bespoke lampshades are handmade to order at their facility in Shropshire. The collection is bespoke because they offer you a choice of fabric, colour, shade shape and size, and finally, light type (suspension, ceiling, table, or floor, thanks to a series of optional accessories). They can make quantities from 1 – 1000, making this bespoke lampshade collection ideal for hospitality and commercial projects.

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