Calgary’s Privé Design Group recently created this artful installation of FLOS‘ new String Lights for a residential client. Offering a mix of task and ambient lighting in the living area, the adjustable String Lights also provide a unique graphic design element to the space. According to the Privé team, the installation went “surprisingly smooth and stress free!”

Prive Design Group String Lights

Designed by Michael Anastassiades for FLOS, String Lights are a dimmable, touch LED suspension light available in either cone or sphere shape. Each String Light comes with 12m or 22m of cord and several wall and ceiling hooks to play with, allowing you to create your own installation. It’s ideal for small spaces or when you’re trying to light an area and there’s no power source nearby (see other install pictures below).

Prive Design Group String Lights 2

About the String Lights, designed by Michael Anastassiades

These elegant suspension lights have an open-ended design, their final configuration resting in the hands of the user—you. Empowered with intelligently designed tools, you have the freedom to solve spatial challenges in unique and creative ways.

Simple and clean yet endlessly configurable, String Lights offer a pragmatic solution without sacrificing creativity. And because you’ve co-created this light, adapting it hands-on, it becomes more than simply an object occupying space, but an expression of your creative energies resolving a challenge.

String Lights Flos blog pic

Anastassiades’ design also allows you to reuse the lights, re-configure them as your spatial needs evolve and as your creativity seeks its next expression.

Play, re-configure, resolve, and reuse: the String Lights support a sustainable mandate because they empower you with the tools you need to light your spaces for life.

String Light Flos blog pic 2

String Light Flos blog pic 3

Flos String Lights

Check out the other complex and creative configuration options possible.

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