A new classic: The B.lux System

A truly versatile lamp never goes out of style. Giving new life to this sentiment, Spanish lighting manufacturer B.lux has launched a refreshed version of its B.lux System, a collection of lamps originally designed in the 1970s, marketed in the 1980s and reinvigorated for the future.

Consisting of two table lamps, two floor lamps, one ceiling lamp, and six wall lamps, the B.lux System collection was re-released in 2017. Clean lines and a dash of industrial character allow the contemporary lights to complement any space, but their distinguishing feature is undoubtedly their articulating arms.

B.lux System F Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

With its distinctive frame, the B.lux System F floor lamp adds a fascinating retro flair to contemporary settings.

Each lamp is hinged with friction swivel joints, allowing for a smooth and controlled motion while customizing the direction of the light source. Personalization extends to its finishes, which are available in matte black, matte red, or satin beige. The shade, featuring an elegant white satin interior, includes an integrated switch. Two sizes are available for both the B.lux System F floor lamp and B.lux System T table lamp. The B.lux System C ceiling lamp is available in one size with a flexible length extending 105 centimetres.

B.lux System T Table Lamp LightForm Blog

The latest addition to the collection is the B.lux System W, which satisfies the growing need for wall lamps with small base plates. The new size is ideal for lighting headboards, while the other three sizes are suited to larger surfaces. Copper or brass shades are available in the W and W125 versions, further playing up the range’s famed industrial aesthetic.

B.lux System W Wall Lamp LightForm Blog

If you’re in need of a chic 1970s accent for your space, look no further than the B.lux System W

B.lux System W Wall Lamp LightForm Blog

The armed configuration of the B.lux System W wall lamp applies another interesting take on the industrial aesthetic of the collection, using its abstract angles to make a timeless statement.

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