Balance & Grace

Two New Lamps from Moooi

Moooi T LAMP

T Lamp

designed by Marcel Wanders

This tall and slender floor lamp has found the perfect equilibrium. The T Lamp moves and rotates harmoniously to different positions without ever losing balance. Strongly rooted to the ground, it aims for the sky and gracefully rotates in space. T Lamp produces a subtle and diffuse light in the desired intensity, thus creating or accentuating a soft and elegant atmosphere all around.


moooi T Lamp LightForm BlogBased on the concepts of movement, grace and energy, the T Lamp by Marcel Wanders visually reminds us of the fluidity and light motion of Alexander Calder’s kinetic mobiles.

T Lamp Specs:
– Colour Temperature: 2700K / CRI80 (provides warm light and renders colours accurately)
– Luminous Flux: 1150 lm (makes it a great reading light)
– Dimmable (create the right mood for every moment)

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About the Designer

Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is a product and interior designer who drew international recognition for his Knotted Chair produced by Droog Design in 1996. His work is ubiquitous, as he designs for leading international companies like Flos, Alessi, Puma, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, MAC Cosmetics, Cappellini, B&B Italia, Moroso, and Target. Wanders also designs architectural projects, such as the Kameha Grand hotel in Bonn, the Mondrian South Beach hotel in Miami, and the Villa Moda store in Bahrain. In addition to running his design studio, Wanders is cofounder and Artistic Director of the successful design label Moooi (2001).



moooi meshmatics LightForm Blog

Meshmatics Chandelier

designed by Rick Tegelaar

Whoever sets eyes on the Meshmatics Chandelier will never guess what hides behind its sophisticated exterior. . . Inspired, designer Rick Tegelaar elevates the nature of humble wire netting by developing a machine and set of tools to model it with accuracy. The full potential of this thin and flexible material is then stretched and captured within three layers of beauty. As a result the clever wire mesh structure reflects and diffuses the light of the integrated LED with poetic grace while also contributing to keep the light source cool by absorbing some of its heat. Now available to order.


moooi meshmatics 2 LightForm Blog
Playful transparencies cascade through the lamp’s ingenious frame, creating shimmering reflections and casting an elaborate net of shadows onto the ceiling.

Meshmatics Specs:
– Materials: galvanized steel, brass (quality, solid materials)
– Colour Temperature: 2700K (provides warm and pleasing light)
– Dimmable (create the atmosphere you want)
– Lumens: 665 lm (provides a softer ambient light)

About the Designer

Rick Tegelaar

Rick Tegelaar (Rotterdam, 1986) graduated with honours from the ArtEZ Arnhem product design department in 2011. Since then he works independently from his studio and workshop in Arnhem. As a material-oriented designer, Rick’s work is characterized by the use of very uncommon materials. Therefore he is known for finding new beautifully shaped forms with an innovative approach.

Rick is interested in machinery and mechanical processes since childhood. This fascination for engineering, combined with his delicate sense of esthetics, are reflected in his designs, which shed a new light on undervalued materials and existing techniques.

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