“It’s like having a Ferrari in your boardroom”

So exclaimed one elated company owner who recently lit up his corporate boardroom with the Carbon Light, a sleek and organic-shaped luminaire fashioned from the same carbon fibre used on Ferrari, Ducatti, and Renault F1 race cars.

Carbon Light in boardroom 1

The Carbon Light is a high-performing LED modular suspension system with a feather-light 100% carbon fibre body and highly efficient power LED spots. Organically shaped yet geometric in its modularity, this luminaire system from product design company Tokio boasts a highly adaptable design, allowing for an unlimited range of customization and optimum levels of illumination for any surface and space.

Carbon Light close up
A close up of the Carbon Light shows how seamlessly the system’s spot and tubular modules blend together. Razor thin wires enhance the light’s sleek design.

The system consists of 3 uniquely shaped LED spot modules, which connect in multiple ways through 3 uniquely sized tubular frame modules. The system allows up to 28 LED modules to connect to a single driver. There’s also the option of turning a few of the LED spots upwards, to create additional ambient lighting.

Finishes include a matte finish in natural carbon fibre appearance or any RAL colour (more than 2,325 colours), so there are plenty of opportunities for coordinating the luminaire with corporate colour schemes or a personal residential palette. Mounting options include a canopy ceiling rose to house the driver or a standard remote driver version.

–        6W LED bulbs in 3000K (425lm, CRI 85) or 4000K (485lm, CRI 85) (soon to be over 90CRI)
–        Spot 22.5°, medium 33°, or wide 56° optics available
–        2-LED, 4-LED, 6-LED, 8-LED and 12-LED standard versions
–        Fully dimmable
–        Easy to replace LED modules
–        Lifespan: 40,000 working hours
–        Warranty: 2 years
–        cETLus certified
–        Tubular module lengths: 5”, 10”, and 19″
–        LED spot module shapes: 1, 2, and 3 connector points

Carbon Light at 60_Atlantic_Toronto
Offering powerful light and limitless coverage, the Carbon Light is ideal in corporate and commercial spaces.
Carbon Light in AMhouse_final_06_small
With the ability to provide both direct and ambient light, the Carbon Light is also ideal in residential applications.

Below are some of the Carbon Light’s standard configurations (dimensions in inches):

Carbon Light standard dimensions 1
Carbon Light standard dimensions 2
Carbon Light standard dimensions 3
Carbon Light standard dimensions 4
Carbon Light standard dimensions 5

Below are some of the Carbon Light’s possible custom configurations (dimensions in inches):

Carbon Light custom dimensions1
Carbon Light custom dimensions2
Carbon Light custom dimensions3
Carbon Light custom dimensions4
Carbon Light custom dimensions5
Carbon Light custom dimensions6
Carbon Light custom dimensions7

As you can see the options are endless when it comes to custom configurations for this versatile lighting system. The Carbon Light is on display in LightForm Vancouver and Toronto lighting showrooms. Samples are available in Edmonton and Calgary. Connect with us for help creating your own custom configuration of this spectacular LED luminaire.

Download the Carbon Light pdf brochure.

About Asobi
Asobi is a creative consultancy specializing in product design and brand development. The company made its acclaimed debut in 2005 at the London Design Festival with a prototype of the fascinating Isle Lounge sofa. In 2011 Asobi presented its new furniture and lighting label, Tokio, with the debut of the Carbon Light at the Qubiqe Design Fair in Berlin. Tokio’s products are distinguished by clean, simple lines, and always a playful touch. Using a variety of materials, Tokio aims to build a diverse collection of design pieces for both the contract and residential markets. The Carbon Light is one of the latest in a series of extraordinary products designed by Asobi.