Defining spaces with delicate designs

Paper’s essential delicacy is celebrated, toyed with, and subverted by designers who take advantage of its great plasticity to create forms as informed by their textures as their shapes, providing the sort of gentle light that only paper can create.

Using paper in unison with today’s lighting technology has led to some incredible results. Check out the list below to see how our favourite lighting designers are incorporating the versatile material into their new collections.


By Jaime Hayón for &tradition

&tradition Formakami Suspension LightForm Blog

Paper can seem like a radical material for lighting, but as designs like Hayón’s Formakami remind us, paper and light have been delicately balancing their relationship for centuries. Using modern forms that hint at those centuries, Formakami fits in most anywhere.

Trash Me

By Victor Vettelein for &tradition

&tradition Trash Me Table LightForm Blog

Vetterlein takes full advantage of a paper’s frangible nature in making these molded forms that as much a representation of a lamp as they are actual lamps. Though &tradition makes it clear these fixtures are made to be disassembled and recycled, you’ll probably want to hold onto yours.


By Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi Moon 200 Suspension LightForm Blog

Overlapping edges of paper that create this luminous globe imitate the craters and shadows of the moon as Groppi’s design offers subtle but effective lighting for your space.

Good Morning China

By Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi Good Morning China Floor LightForm Blog

The floor version of Moon, this lamp’s extremely low profile provides unexpected lighting suitable for a wide variety of spaces, from bedsides to hallways.


By Luca Nichetto for Foscarini

Foscarini Kurage Table LightForm Blog

Made of washi – handmade Japanese paper – in collaboration with architect Oki Sato, Venetian designer Luca Nichetto has made a simple but resonant table lamp, a sort of animoji version of a jellyfish (kurage is Japanese for jellyfish) that will politely but definitively define any space it occupies.

Dragon’s Tail

By Luisa Robinson for Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue Dragon's Tail Table LightForm Blog

Named one of the top 10 design iconoclasts by the Philippine School of Interior Design, Manila-based designer Luisa Robinson’s oyster-paper table lamp is less fierce dragon than placid hedgehog, its complex folds creating a variegated light that is as much décor as illumination.


By Studio Job for Moooi

Moooi Paper Suspension LightForm Blog

Playful to the point of lunacy, Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel hashtag their work #seriousfun, and this paper version of a classical chandelier is no exception. A metre high and almost a metre wide, this reproduction of a candlelight fixture made of highly flammable material creates a conceptual tension that is resolved by the beauty of its execution. Appropriate wherever ideas, light, and fun are welcome.

This diverse list of luminaires only features a fraction of the paper collections our brands offer. For more of our favourites, browse our website, connect with us via phone/email, or head to a LightForm showroom near you.