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darc is the only international magazine focused on decorative and design lighting in architecture for the specification and contract markets. Last year they launched an award for a decorative lighting design, which culminated in the darc awards / decorative ceremony on 18th May 2017 at Bloomsbury Ballroom in London.

This new award continues the success of the darc awards / architectural concept after the impressive start made by the inaugural awards two years ago. Now, instead of a combined architectural and decorative lighting awards, darc has split the structure into two streams so they can dedicate more space to both of these important facets of design.

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This year they received over 200 entries from 30 different countries, purely for decorative lighting design projects and products.

We were pleased to see some of our partners take home awards at the ceremonies last week.

Darc Awards / Decorative: Best Decorative Pendant/Chandelier

Second Place: Lederam Manta S1

by Catellani & Smith

Catellani & Smith Lederam Manta S1 chandelier LightForm

With its elegant undulating curves, it’s not hard to imagine the inspiration behind the Lederam Manta chandelier. Two thin metal structures play off one another: the smaller piece encases an LED light, directed up against the gold or silver-leaf interior of the larger piece. Consequently, the LED light is not only hidden from sight but also softened from its interaction with the gold or silver leaf. Nothing compares to the warmth of the reflected glow of these lights. 

Catellani Smith Lederam darc awards LightForm blog
The Lederam also comes in white and gold and the family includes ceiling-mounted, floor, and wall versions.

Third Place: U-Light

by Axo Light

Axo Light U-Light pendant LightForm

The U-Light is a new collection composed of aluminum suspensions available in three dimensions and two colours. U-Light is a series of perfect luminous suspended compositions (but come as wall or ceiling mounted versions as well). U-Light is extremely lightweight yet fills up a space and distinguishes installations with a strong scenic effect. We see its potential as a tool for designers who wish to define a setting with shape and light. U-Light’s LED light source is incorporated into the frame, diffusing a soft dimmable white light. We love the potential for this light in clusters for an intense, theatrical effect.

Axo Light U-Light pendant LightForm in room

Darc Awards / Decorative: Best Decorative Wall Fixture

Third Place: YOYWall

by Innermost

Innermost YOYWall wall sconce LightForm

The YOYWall is a decorative LED wall sconce that cleverly projects the shape of a light, designed by YOY Studio for Innermost.

A simple idea very well executed often makes the best product, and this minimal wall light makes a great talking point. It is arguably the most minimal wall sconce possible, interacting with and using the wall in more than just a supporting role.

The detail within YOYWall is cleverly hidden; a single LED unit that casts a very powerful glow through an aperture to create the optical illusion. The design has rightly been nominated for several awards and won the prestigious NYC Design Prize for best light fitting at the 2016 ceremony held at the MOMA in New York. YOYWall also won a Red Dot award earlier this year.

Innermost YOYWall darc awards LightForm blog

Congratulations to our partners Catellani & Smith, Axo Light, and Innermost on these well-deserved accolades.

Stay tuned for results of the darc night / architectural in September 2017!

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