Enzo Calabrese and Davide Groppi Celebrate Ten Years of their Iconic Designer Light

A poolside patio overlooking a valley, illuminated by Sampei Outdoor floor lamp by Enzo Calabrese and Davide Groppi.

Sampei Outdoor floor light, designed in 2011 by Enzo Calabrese and Davide Groppi

Ten years ago, designer lighting brand Davide Groppi released one of their most popular and enduring designs. Sampei floor light was a slim yet potent luminaire that combined the form and presence of a floor light with the lighting profile of a pendant. The result of a collaboration between lighting designers Enzo Calabrese and Davide Groppi, the Sampei collection came to offer several sizes of indoor and outdoor floor lights–which are joined in 2021 by a special limited edition Sampei in honour of its tenth anniversary.

Originally Iconic: Sampei floor light

Sampei floor lights in white tower over an elegantly rustic living room.

A floor light with the presence of a pendant, Sampei has a weightless, ethereal character.

The slender, graceful form of Sampei was first suggested to Calabrese and Groppi by the curve of a fishing rod. In much the same way that a fishing rod bows under the weight of its catch, the painstakingly-engineered Sampei uses tension, resistance, and weight to create a uniquely sinuous and weightless profile. 

Sampei is an unexpected gift, it is the magic of looking up, using light as a hook, and being amazed by so much weightlessness.

Davide Groppi

Sampei’s carbon fibre stem relies upon the weight of the integrated LED head–available in two colour temperatures to suit your space–to create the perfect curvature. The careful calculation of weight-to-resistance ratios results in a buoyancy that lifts Sampei’s head aloft, while still keeping its base planted firmly on the ground. Towering over the average person in even the smallest of its available sizes, Sampei’s light is like the line that hooks the soul of those who live, work, and play beneath this powerful luminaire. Outdoors, in particular, the semi-rigid stem allows Sampei to sway gently in the wind, adding an extra level of organic vivaciousness to its already expressive design.

A pair of Sampei floor lamps tower over the camera.
Sampei Outdoor floor stretches into the sky with the moon in the background.

Weight, tension, and balance form the soul of these exceptional designer lights

Sampei’s refined charm made it an instant classic, and an icon of international design upon its release in 2011. In 2014, Sampei floor light was further honoured with a XXIII ADI Compasso d’Oro Award, signifying the respect and admiration of the international design community.

The 10th Anniversary Edition

An emotionally expressive photo in which a motion-blurred Davide Groppi gazes up at a pair of Sampei floor lights.

Luminaire or alien abduction simulator? Your blood alcohol level makes all the difference!

To celebrate Sampei floor light’s tenth anniversary, Davide Groppi has created a special anniversary edition, adding another level of appeal for design enthusiasts in what was already an exceptional luminaire. 

Limited to two hundred available floor lights in the indoor configuration, Sampei 10th Anniversary Edition adds twenty-four karat gold finish to the junction where the head connects to the stem, as well as to the “reel,” where the stem and base meet. Further, the reel plate is engraved with the Davide Groppi brand insignia and the serial number out of two hundred.

Close-up of the 24K gold-finished junction piece of the 10th Anniversary Edition of Sampei floor lamp by Enzo Calabrese and Davide Groppi.
Detail shot of the reel on the 10th Anniversary Edition of Sampei floor light from Davide Groppi.

In the Special Anniversary Edition, the junction (left) and reel (right) feature 24 karat gold finish.

Each of the two hundred available serial numbers is available immediately and can be specially-requested (until, of course, each is taken). In addition to being engraved on the reel, each Sampei 10th Anniversary Edition comes with a Certificate of Authenticity including the serial number, the date, and source–an honour that LightForm does not take lightly, as it enshrines us as part of your individual experience of Sampei.

Choosing a Sampei Limited Edition means participating in the thought and history behind the uniqueness of the project.

Davide Groppi

Every Sampei 10th Anniversary Edition represents an entirely unique experience. That experience begins with Davide Groppi and Enzo Calabrese in 2011, continues through the various available combinations of height and colour temperature from which you select your Sampei, and includes us as the conduit through which your individually-numbered Sampei makes its way into your life. 

Sampei floor light illuminates a wooden table and chairs in the middle of a vast baroque hall.

Indulge Your Passion For Design

To specify and order your unique Sampei 10th Anniversary Edition, please contact the LightForm office or showroom nearest you in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, or Winnipeg. For those who simply seek to add Sampei’s lithe, expressive form to your interior or exterior lighting plan, the standard edition is always available online through LightFormShop.com.