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The new darling of the Canadian lighting scene

In today’s buzzing landscape of food trucks, artisanal design, and sustainability, Luminaire Authentik has created a recipe for success. Most days, the Quebec lighting brand’s founder Maude Rondeau can be spotted hosting events from her lighting pop-up truck in Montreal or collaborating with artisans in her workshop in the Eastern Townships. Leave it to a former fashion marketing executive with a passion for local craftsmanship, ingenuity and travel to wear many hats—and find a way to bring her many loves to light.

“I come from a very creative family. My sister is an architect and my mom is an artist, so the need for creativity was always inside of me,” says Maude, who officially took the entrepreneurial plunge in June 2015.

As part of a shift away from the corporate world, Maude decided to use her new weekend home in the countryside as a base to reconnect with nature and plan her next move. It wasn’t until she began decorating that she realized it would entail a jump into the business of illumination.


Luminaire Authentik Workshop 

“I noticed a lack of beautiful lighting that was locally made and affordable. I couldn’t find anything that I wanted, so I designed my first collection for my house and it all connected,” says Maude. “The do-it-yourself movement is very popular and people like to identify themselves through design. On the B2B side, Luminaire Authentik gives architects and designers a platform to customize using the colour palettes we offer.”


Luminaire Authentik Customization Options LightForm BlogLA offers several possibilities for effortless customization.

With over 54 hues to choose from, personalization is a key component of the brand’s appeal.  The range is divided into two categories—contemporary and industrial-style—each offering an array of high-quality lamps for a variety of spaces. While residential designers gravitate towards the versatile Dome lights, multi-faceted standouts like the Dune collection can be used to artistically punctuate large spaces such as restaurants and hotel lobbies.


LA Truck LightForm BlogLuminaire Authentik has a pop-up mobile shop to go to meet you. Keep an eye open for it!

Today, Maude’s evolving role encompasses “controlling the beast” that is her wildly successfully lighting brand. While customization is available at the click of a button online, Luminaire Authentik has built its success through good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing. Jumping on the pop-up shop trend, she bought a truck and converted it into a traveling showroom to host lunch-and-learn events.


FAIRMONT QUEEN ELIZABETH_1LA enlightened the new Fairmont Queen Elizabeth.

The concept was an instant success, eventually leading to design collaborations with Musée des Beaux-arts de Montréal, Hotel William Grey and the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

Despite being firmly rooted in the Quebec countryside, Luminaire Authentik’s creations are instilled with Scandinavian-inspired delicacy, a streamlined aesthetic that holds a special place in Maude’s heart.

“I really like the hygge lifestyle,” says Maude in reference to the popular Danish term for a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality. And what better place to apply it than lighting, an element that instantly sets an ambiance?


LA Showroom LightForm BlogLuminaire Authentik’s studio and showroom.

For Maude, the need for a harmonious atmosphere extends to Luminaire Authentik’s studio and showroom, housed in a retro schoolhouse in Bromont. Here, the team collaborates as much as possible with local artisans specialized in glass blowing and welding.

“Everyone is responsible for the vibe in the workshop. It’s kind of like a little family. We work so much in life, so I wanted to create an environment where people feel happy to come to work every morning—a space where everyone has a voice.”


“How can our lights be authentic and exclusive? Because we chose to make each of them by hand.”  – Maude Rondeau

With creativity flowing, Luminaire Authentik will soon be rolling out its newest concepts including seasonal colour themes developed in collaboration with renowned designers such as Montreal’s Alexandre Blazys and Benoit Gérard. Always keen to offer a sense of play, the brand is also working on a 3D modeling platform for architects and designers to create their own lighting compositions that can be exported and added to their client presentations.

Fun is always the main driver. The whole concept allows people to play, mix, and match.

After hanging up her corporate sales and marketing hat, Rondeau is no stranger to putting on the figurative paint smock and getting creative. With the right colours, a touch of organic buzz and a lot of passion, Luminaire Authentik is giving the world one more reason to get excited about Canadian design.

Connect with us today to learn more about Maude’s Luminaire Authentik or visit our lighting showrooms to see the collections in person.