Intricate beauty, undeniable impact

Chandeliers are to other lights what palaces are to houses. Ever since the first medieval chandeliers held candles on crossed wooden beams and suspended them from the ceiling of a great hall, designers have tried to draw the eye upwards with increasingly creative, opulent, efficient, and generally spectacular ways to hang lights from ceilings. From the arabesques of Venetian soda glass to the diamond-like refractions of Bohemian crystal, they’ve built standards upon which modern-day designers have been able to expand, elaborate, and have fun with.

Check out the list below for an assortment of chandeliers that add something special to various environments. From classic to contemporary, these luminaires all capture the attention of onlookers in their own unique way.

Bauer 02 Suspension by Jason Miller / Roll & Hill

Roll and Hill Bauer 02 Suspension LightForm Blog

Handblown tubes of opaque glass that rise from dark to light form the basis of this vertical chandelier meant for high-ceilinged rooms. Powered by a 40W LED and available in black, bronze, brushed brass, and polished nickel, Miller’s creation manages to be both subtle and eye-catching at once.

Castle 1803 Suspension by Jason Miller / Roll & Hill

Roll and Hill Castle 1803 Suspension LightForm Blog

Though its name hearkens back to the buildings for which chandeliers were invented, Miller was inspired by the movements of the rook – or castle – in chess, which can move any distance, but like the tubes of glass projecting out from small cones of bronze, brushed brass, or polished nickel, only in straight orthogonal lines.

Atlantis Suspension 3 Tierby Barlas Baylar / Terzani

Terzani Atlantis 3 Tier Suspension LightForm Blog

When chandeliers first started getting elaborate, their arms and balusters would sometimes be draped in ornamental garlands called festoons. New York designer Barlas Baylar’s Atlantis is all festoons. Highlighted in Wallpaper’s 2018 Design Awards issue for its organically marine form, its hundreds of illuminated lengths of nickel chain look like they’re not only floating, but propelling the light itself.

Epoque Suspensionby Stefano Papi & Savis Yaghmai / Terzani

Terzani Epoque Suspension LightForm Blog

Where Baylar’s design is reminiscent of a sea fauna, Papi and Yaghmai’s is more floral, its flowing lines redolent of an especially elaborate kelp undulating in a current.

Volver Suspension Round by Studio14 / Terzani

Terzani Volver Round Suspension LightForm Blog

Diego Bassetti and Andrea Panzieri of Milan’s Studio 14 have created a nickel version of a cup running over with the Volver suspension lamp. Lit by 45W LED and also available in black nickel, gold, and bronze, it is luxurious without being ostentatious, as at home in a kitchen as a ballroom.

Delphinium Suspension Round by Brand van Egmond

Brand van Egmond Delphinium Round Suspension LightForm Blog

LED bulbs and reflectors are nested in twisted steel creating a bramble effect that marries horticultural and industrial into a unique confabulation. Amsterdam-area atelier Brand van Egmond, founded in 1989 by architect William Brand, known for its unconventional brilliance, doesn’t disappoint with Delphinium.

Love You Love You Not Suspension Roundby Brand van Egmond

Brand van Egmond Love You Love You Not Round Suspension LightForm Blog

Coruscating steel roses in a brier of tubing, dotted with petal shaped LED bulbs and pendant crystals is as close to a hanging plant as chandeliers get, yet it’s meticulously and cleverly wrought, with happy and sad faces hidden on petals behind each rose.

Nightwatch Suspension 140cm by Brand van Egmond

Brand van Egmond Nightwatch Suspension LightForm Blog

Though on the face of it an homage to one of the most famous of all Dutch paintings, the design of this Brand van Egmond chandelier is anything but obvious. The basic lines reach back to Rembrandt-era copper chandeliers, and the elements of Nightwatch are flat like a painting – but in their arrangement, they form what amounts to a three-dimensional image of chandelier.

Limbo Suspension Trapeze by Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue Limbo Trapeze Suspension LightForm Blog

With the diffusers giving the chandelier a weighty counterbalance to the light-as-air artist herself, rendered in floral mesh, this creation proves that Kenneth Cobonpue, the industrial designer from Cebu, The Philippines, is at the top of his game.

Babel T GR Suspension by Stephen Burks / Parachilna

Parachilna Babel T GR Suspension LightForm Blog

The first Black winner of the US National Design Award in 2015, Burks has collaborated with Roche Bobois, Ligne Roset, and Harry Winston. With this chandelier from Parachilna, a Spanish company named for an Australian town, Burks has created a set of black and gold modules of anodized aluminum that can be combined in any number of configurations.

Aballs Suspension Chandelier 12 by Jaime Hayón / Parachilna

Parachilna Aballs 12 Chandelier Suspension LightForm Blog

Hayón’s chandelier hangs like a concentrated snow squall, its 24 30W LED bulbs suspended by metal, ceramic, steel, and glass.

Panel Suspension by Steve Jones / Innermost

Innermost Panel Suspension LightForm Blog

The dense collection of panels both polished and matte serve to shade, reflect, and diffuse light in this piece inspired by jewelry and architectural cladding.

Zenith Noir Suspensionby Philippe Starck / Baccarat

Baccarat Zenith Noir Suspension LightForm Blog

A collaboration of one of the world’s foremost designers with one of the world’s most renowned makers of crystal and glass, this black crystal version of the more traditional Zenith chandelier can be hung with or without its black shades.

Zenith sur la Lagune Suspension Yellow Deers by Philippe Starck / Baccarat

Baccarat Zenith sur la Lagune Yellow Deers Suspension LightForm Blog

Starck gives himself playful rein here as he incorporates clear crystal deer-head shapes in acid yellow among 18 black and gold leaves of Murano glass. Can be customized both in colour and choice of animal.

Tuile de Cristal Futur Deco Suspension by Arik Lévy / Baccarat

Baccarat Tuile de Cristal Futur Deco Suspension LightForm Blog

This resplendent piece demands attention and commands a room. Available in anything from three levels to the 10 pictured here, this edifice of Baccarat crystal built on an infrastructure of hidden steel is the height of elegance and decadence.

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