Volta and Revolta: Redefining the Suspension Lamp

Introducing two new Estiluz lighting collections by Nahtrang Studio

Estiluz Revolta and Volta Suspension Lamp LightForm blog

Iconic design has a way of coming full circle. Oftentimes, even something as ubiquitous as an arch or sphere can take on new life when placed in the right hands. Enter Revolta and Volta, two new Estiluz lighting collections designed by Barcelona-based Nahtrang Studio. Contemporizing classic shapes, both luminaire families are anchored by their sophisticated suspension lamps. With delicate metallic curves devised to celebrate the creative excitement of Barcelona’s modern design movement, Volta and Revolta capture the essence of originality.

Estiluz Revolta suspension lights LightForm blog

Through a combination of geometric shapes paired with cylindrical aluminum heads and acrylic lens diffusers, the lamps appear to weightlessly float in mid-air. Look up and you might find them hung individually or clustered using a linear or round canopy to create a brilliant constellation. Interior designers will appreciate the genius of Revolta’s acoustic inserts. These optional upholstered pieces, available in a variety of pastel colours, help absorb noise—a perfect way to create a calm atmosphere in busy restaurants, hotel lobbies, or residential spaces. Between the two collections, the possibilities are seemingly infinite, epitomizing the fundamental thrill of design.


Estiluz Volta Suspension Light LightForm blog

Illuminating the Arch

When tasked with the responsibility of creating a pendant lamp that could gracefully fill large spaces, Nahtrang’s award-winning designers Daniel Vila and Ester Pujol were inspired by Catalan design. Curved ceilings pervade Barcelona’s cityscape, which is famously peppered with medieval and Modernista architecture, along with Antoni Gaudí’s whimsical works. Volta was born out of a desire to bring the Catalan arch to contemporary spaces. Even the most rudimentary rooms with flat ceilings can be transformed with its ethereal presence.

Estiluz Volta Suspension Lamps black ambient LightForm blog

A Custom Expression

With two sizing optionsa double or triple canopythe curved Volta suspension lamp can be beautifully hung over tables, counters or passageways. Combining two models (T-3535 or T-3536) or several suspension lamps, the collection’s range allows designers to create a highly personalized lighting experience. Described by Nahtrang Studio as an “elegant lamp that doesn’t disturb the environment,” Volta’s balanced aesthetic, adjustable height and highly efficient LED light source is well suited to hospitality and residential projects.

Estiluz Volta Suspension Lamps white ambient LightForm blog

Colour options include the sleek black body and black shade pairing or the glamorous black body and satin gold shade combination. Meanwhile, the T-3534 suspension lamp, with a straight metallic stem in a black or white finish, exudes a stark sophistication when hung alone or in a cluster. Volta’s minimalistic style extends to its table lamp (M-3537), floor lamp (P-3538) and wall sconces (A-3530, A-3531), which exquisitely complement workspaces, lounges and living rooms.

Estiluz Volta Suspension Cluster Lamp Wall and Floor LightForm blog

Made in Spain

Study Volta’s curves and you’ll quickly understand the lamp’s connection to Catalan culture. As a starting point, Nahtrang was influenced by Spain’s signatures. One of which was the simple pleasure of toast with tomato and olive oil; a mainstay on Barcelona’s dining tables. Designer Rafael Marquina’s revolutionary anti-drip oil dispenser and Antoni Bonet i Castellanas’ iconic butterfly chair were also sources of inspiration. Akin to these designs, Volta was crafted to be smart, timeless and scalable.

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Estiluz Revolta Suspension Lamps LightForm blog

A Circular Evolution

An output of Volta’s progression, the Revolta T-3635 / T-3636 suspension lamp takes the gentle arch a step further by turning it into a majestic circle. The spherical suspension lights are robust enough to be hung individually or, like Volta, combined to form a multi-faceted lighting sculpture.

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Sound-absorbing Panels

With bustling hotels and restaurants in mind, there is an option to fill the empty planes with sound-absorbing fabric panels that buoyantly delineate open spaces. The 400 millimetre or 600 millimetre diameter decorative panels are upholstered in a fabric consisting of a blend of 95% virgin wool and 5% polyamide. Colour options include blue, eggplant, green, or salmon. Additional fabric panels without light, custom finishes, sizes, and alternate lamping are available for projects.

Estiluz Revolta Acoustic Panel LightForm blog

Create Your Own Compositions

Various configurations are made possible with single or double cylindrical aluminum heads.  Round or linear canopy options allow for up to five suspensions, including overlapping the lamps to form an intricate pattern. The black body finish can be paired with a black or satin gold finishing head, while the white body finish is matched with a white finishing head.

Revolta Table Lamp

Estiluz Revolta Table Lamp LightForm blog

Nahtrang also designed what they call “the icing on the cake” of the collection: the Revolta M-3637. With a circular body, cylindrical aluminum head and acrylic lenses, the table lamp serves as a practical yet stylish lighting solution for desks, tabletops or counters in homes or commercial spaces.

Award-winning Design

Estiluz Volta and Revolta Award Winning Suspension Lamps LightForm blog

With its transformative appeal, it’s no surprise Revolta won a NYCxDesign award in the Thin Pendant or Chandelier category in 2017. Similarly, Volta was named a winner in the 2016 Muuuz International Awards. After all, magic often happens when design powerhouses join forces. Through this Estiluz and Nahtrang Studio collaboration, the passion that originally catapulted Barcelona’s design scene has been revived. At its core, the Revolta and Volta lamps enable designers to rediscover a sense of play and creativity. When the beauty of innovation comes full circle, the possibilities are endless.

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