Standout lighting from Euroluce 2019

This April, our LightForm team made the annual trip to Milan for Euroluce 2019 – the 30th edition of the well-known lighting industry trade show, running in conjunction with Salone del Mobile.

Here is a brief rundown of the lighting highlights.


From Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi ChainDelier Suspension LightForm Blog

Davide Groppi‘s ChainDelier lamp is a play on words – a golden chain-linked luminaire that bends under its own weight, creating a perfect parabola and projecting light from its bottommost point. This suspension lamp can be whatever the user wants it to be, inserting more chains and/or lighting devices, with the lights facing up or down. Shining with gold rays like a modern version of a chandelier from Versailles, it is at the same time simple and linear.


From Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi Ohm Suspension LightForm Blog

Ohm is an electro mechanic project that takes maximum advantage of the characteristics of luminous diodes. The secret of Ohm is a special unipolar wire stretched from wall to wall. The circuit is closed, practically invisible to the eye like a magic trick, thanks to a very thin conductor. The light source is discreetly hidden, driving attention to the objects and spaces it illuminates. Like a tightrope walks, the light goes where it’s needed, weightless and wonderful.


Designed by Philippe Malouin for Roll & Hill

Roll & Hill Pole Floor LightForm Blog

Rigid yet flexible, Pole’s aluminum construction and modular design allows it to create giant curves. Rather than uplighting or area lighting, Pole illuminates a broad range of space in multiple configurations along walls, floors, and ceilings. The area lit is solely under the curve and the span of light fittings is so long that it can cross over an entire living room.


Designed by Arihiro Miyake for NEMO

NEMO Titia Suspension LightForm Blog

Arihiro Miyake‘s new Titia design is a suspension LED lamp composed of three identical injection-molded modules in thermoplastic polymer and equipped with quick couplings for a practical and quick assembly. With a delicate silhouette, it is available in two matte white and black finishes. Its miniaturized and integrated dimmable LED system provides excellent luminous efficiency.


Designed by Charles Kalpakian for NEMO

NEMO Monument Suspension LightForm Blog

Influenced by his origins, Charles Kalpakian blends talent, heritage, and modernity. With Monument, he gives a contemporary vision of the archetypal chandelier once adorned with candles. Hanging on a wire, the aluminum suspension consists of a ring floating in the air, along with eight branches recessed to let out the light. In a perfect balance, this chandelier projects a singular luminous footprint from floor to ceiling.


Designed by Andrea Anastasio for Foscarini

Foscarini Madre Table LightForm Blog

Madre is an intimate object packed with different meanings and levels of interpretation. Every aspect of light as a life-generating element is explored. The upper hollow of its large luminous body contains a vase in frosted borosilicate glass, which displays branches to create an elegant composition. Madre’s other opening interrupts the vase at the centre, creating a magical vision. The boundary and exchange between internal and external light makes a striking statement.

Fork (new finishes)

From Diesel

Diesel Fork Table LightForm Blog

Diesel‘s Fork lamp is a bestseller, and was recently released with new finish options to celebrate 10 years of the brand’s collaboration with Foscarini. Now produced in four monochromatic colours (light grey, ivory, beige, and burgandy), this versatile luminaire seamlessly fits into different environments – bringing whatever industrial, neutral, warm, or feminine touch a user sees fit. Available in floor, table, and wall configurations.


From Innermost

Innermost Purl Suspension LightForm Blog

Purl takes Innermost‘s popular DropLED line to a new dimension. With the addition of a simple cover and screw on frosted glass ball, DropLED becomes Purl – just about the simplest dedicated LED pendant solution on the market today. This dimmable luminaire consumes minimal energy while providing simple and beautiful lighting. Produced as a complete unit or an add-on to an existing DropLED fitting. Choose between brass and gunmetal finishes.


From Terzani

Terzani Abacus Suspension LightForm Blog

Terzani saw the beauty in the abacus’ mathematical purity and clean, functional design. In the hands of craftsmen, the brand turned this inspiration into a new collection of modular pendant lamps whose flexibility allows for complex and beautiful configurations. Each Abacus module contains a custom set of round, hand-blown opal glass which emits a soft and uniform light. Due to its customization, this collection is just as suitable in a home as it is in a commercial space.

Wonderglass – “Shape of Gravity” Installation

Wonderglass Shape of Gravity LightForm Blog

An exhibition of works by nendo for Wonderglass, the brand’s “Shape of Gravity” for Milan Design Week 2019 puts their captivating Melt furniture and table top collection – along with a new gravity formed chandelier – on full display. Made with cast glass, the Melt collection creates a sophisticated feel, as the ice-like textures embody detail and delicacy.

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