Designers Chad Falkenberg and Kelly Reynolds of Falken Reynolds are now proud spokespersons for Philips LED. They have embarked on a partnership that marries their creative vision with energy efficiency awareness. The inspirational space they created here is lit completely by Philips LED lamp sources. The light is soft and inviting and creates a warm atmosphere—perfect for an evening spent at home with friends. They use this space to illustrate five lightings tips to help you illuminate your home. Click on each tip to read about it in more detail on their blog.

There is a lot of talk in the design and building industry about being green – which is encouraging – but so often the talk is misleading. We try to keep our green philosophy simple: reduce, reuse, recycle. We believe one of the best ways to be green is to simply use less: buy quality products that last a long time.

 – Falken Reynolds


5 Lighting tips from Falken Reynolds

Tip #1 : Multiple Light Sources

Tip #2: Use Dimmers Everywhere

Photo featuring FLOS Miss K table lamp designed by Philippe Starck

Tip #3: Light Tabletops and Countertops

Lighting left to right: Metalarte Inout Floor Lamp and Foscarini Gregg Table Lamp

Tip #4: Take cues from Natural Light

 Lighting left to right: FLOS Gatto table lamp, Metalarte Josephine Pendant

Tip #5: Light the Things you Love

Lighting: FLOS Gatto Piccolo Table Lamp

 Lighting left to right: Metalarte America Floor Lamp, FLOS Gatto Piccolo Table Lamp, and Metalarte Josephine Pendant


Photos by Josh Dunford and lighting provided by LightForm.