Table & floor lights for a comfortable home office

One of the best things about working from a home office–aside from it being somewhat less disturbing when your officemates climb onto your lap and go to sleep–is being free of the oppression of eyestrain-inducing mixed colour temperatures from soul-sucking overhead fluorescent balustrades. 

In your home office you are the boss (unless you own a cat). As the boss, you have the power create the ideal work-from-home environment. Whether that ideal is ensuring peak work efficiency or determining how far, exactly, you can push the word “functional” in the phrase “functional alcoholic,” the Work From Home Sale at LightForm is the perfect opportunity for you to achieve the full luminary potential of your space.

Out of the many floor and desk lamps currently on sale, we’ve curated this short list of unique yet practical and gorgeous luminaires to help you get the most out of your home office’s ambience. 

Mantis BS3 Table

Mantis BS3 table from DCWÉditions

Designer Bernard Schottlander was inspired by the iconic movement-and-balance-based work of American sculptor Alexander Calder in creating Mantis BS3 table. Using a clever system of counterweights for its movement, Mantis BS3 is also the perfect reminder of just how tragically you are failing to compartmentalize and balance the different parts of your life now that you’re working from home. 

Oxford Double Desk

Oxford Double desk from Original BTC

Slender, luxurious, elegant. The satin brass and twin bone china shades of Original BTC’s Oxford Double table desk light make the perfect compliment to that stack of pizza boxes you’re cultivating just to the side of your webcam’s line of sight, or the pile of laundry that was clean before you moved it from your bed to your desk chair and back every day for a month. Oxford Double’s gently curved stem and textured shades offer stately elegance in a small package. 

Ghan P Floor

Ghan P floor from Parachilna

Simple in design but complex in effect, Jordi Veciana’s Ghan P floor is a long support column of brushed stainless steel with an aluminium base and head. The head and its dimmable light can be tilted to a 90° angle to change direct light to indirect light as you need it. See your team’s productivity explode when you place it behind you and shine it directly into your webcam for a police interrogation effect during online meetings with subordinates!

G+T Battery Table/Wall

G+T Battery table/wall from Contardi

Jeffrey Glass offers professional writers the perfect portable luminary companion in G+T Battery table/wall, a slender, luxe adjustable reading light. Finished in luxurious metals and braided leather over the adjustable arm, G+T’s head was inspired by that of a bar tonic dispenser, making it perfect for camouflaging the renovations that you wrote off on your taxes last year as “business expenses” when your editor asks about the bar and gin & tonic fixings clearly visible behind you on Zoom calls. 


This portable version of G+T goes the extra mile for versatility by including a wall mount bracket, table bracket, and even a leather-covered counterbalanced accessory for hanging over the backs or arms of chairs and sofas. 

Hashi Floor

Hashi floor from Davide Groppi

Federico Delrosso was inspired by the use of chopsticks (“hashi”) for this dynamic minimalist light. Hashi floor consists simply of a metal stem and arm joined by a pivot point that allows the arm to be positioned in a variety of ways. 

This versatility allows it to be used for direct feature lighting or indirect wall wash general lighting, much the same way your home office has expanded your job description to include “impromptu IT problemsolver,” “child wrangler,” and “online meeting cinematographer” in addition to your normal day-to-day assignments.

Chelsea Table

Chelsea table with white Cararra marble base from CTO Lighting

Chelsea table is a clear expression of luxury and grandeur, perfect for those days when you wake up motivated, wash off the three days’ built-up grime, shave or do a full face (or both), put on your best outfit, and bury yourself in your work to the exclusion of all else because you are absolutely going to own this day.

…no, we have no idea what that’s like, either. But it’s fun writing fiction sometimes!

Italian-sourced mouth-blown glass on a base of either black Marquina or white Carrara marble with CTO Lighting’s signature brass accents, Chelsea brings an opulent yet stately presence to your home office.

Soffio Table

Soffio table from Foscarini

Soffio table from Ludovica & Roberto Palomba packs a lot of character into an unassuming form. Its mouth-blown glass flows from a transparent base to an opal diffuser and is capped with curved aluminium. The overall effect gives Soffio a personality that is warm yet playful (unlike you, whose social skills–after months of isolation and online conversations consisting of nothing but .gifs–have atrophied to the point where you are now carrying on full conversations with your kitchen appliances).

Sorry Giotto 3 Floor

Sorry Giotto 3 floor from Catellani & Smith

Enzo Catellani designed Sorry Giotto 3 floor to be minimally intrusive, but with a profound character.

Three clean, essential circles in copper hand-painted blue, Sorry Giotto 3 is a fun and whimsical addition to any home office as you desperately attempt to distract and escape from the ever-increasingly oppressive ennui born of growing cabin fever and diminishing hope caused by a third lockdown order enforced by governments that appear to be more interested in profiting from a global pandemic than ending it through true decisive action, all while you have started taking frequent trips to the fridge just to open it, stare blankly at the contents, then close it again, in a panicked attempt to get any break from the relentless glowing LCD screen that incessantly demands your attention while your children run up and down the hallways with such frequency that you have begun envying hamsters their ability to simply devour their young without consequence.

The base is painted black.

Macaron Table/Floor

Macaron large and small from Brokis

Fun and friendly, Macaron table/floor by Lucie Koldova is also a masterpiece of glassworking typical to Brokis’ designs. More importantly, though, it is also a constant reminder of that box of macarons in the kitchen, and isn’t now a good time to reward yourself with one? I mean, you’ve been writing entries for this blog post for almost five straight minutes since the last one, so you’ve earned it and… erm… 

Excuse me for a moment, won’t you?

Please do not attempt to eat Macaron or any other tasty-looking luminaires.

Mayfair Table

Mayfair table from CTO Lighting

Quiet dignity refined from luxe materials defines CTO Lighting’s Mayfair lights. Textured satin, dark bronze or CTO’s signature satin brass, and a base of polished Italian marble in either black Marquina or white Calacatta Viola. With this gorgeous luminaire subtly placed behind you in your webcam’s field of view, no one will guess that you were cutting your toenails on your desktop a mere ten minutes ago or that it’s been four days since you actually fully removed your pyjama pants.  

Virginia Floor

Virginia floor A and Virginia floor B from a by arturo alvarez

Inspired by the life and work of Virginia Woolf, the strong, classic form of Virginia Floor is complimented by the intricate and delicate texturing of painted stainless steel mesh. Strength in delicacy, and delicacy in strength.

Out of respect for the unfortunate life of Virginia Woolf and because this is the last entry, no gags this time. The era of Covid-19 and all that has happened in it has challenged us all. The proliferation of the home office is only one of the ways we have, as a society, risen to the challenges with which we were presented.

Jokes about the work-from-home life–relatable as they may be–do not diminish the effort, adaptability, and creativity shown by all of us as we shifted the paradigm of modern office life. Some of us, indeed, have even found that we prefer to work from home. This is not only because of the convenience, but because we created our own dedicated home office space that has allowed us to become more productive than ever. 

Whether it’s a room of its own or just a dedicated corner of your bedroom, your home office deserves to be as comfortable as possible. These superb lights are just a sample of the many floor and table lights available now at LightForm. We invite you to find your own home office companion during our Work From Home Sale event on, or to contact us for a consultation with one of our skilled team members in our showrooms in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, or Edmonton for more information.

From the header: Atollo from Oluce, also available in LightForm’s Work From Home Sale