Straighten Out Your Style with These Linear Lighting Fixtures 

Infinito wall light from Davide Groppi

At the heart of Davide Groppi’s remarkable collection of designs lies the intersection of conceptual exploration and technological innovation. As a designer, Davide Groppi is fascinated by light as a force and a form of energy. Moreover, he is happiest when experimenting with new and intriguing ways to produce light from seemingly impossible sources.

Still, Groppi’s lighting designs are not purely conceptual works of art; they are designed to serve. Indeed, Davide Groppi does not consider himself a designer or artist–he prefers “inventor,” as his designs consistently break new and interesting ground in the field of designer lights. 

With Infinito, Flash, and Endless–three remarkable lighting innovations with which Groppi has combined the technological ingenuity with a character of lithe simplicity–Davide Groppi gives us meditations on the line, drawing power and drama from this quiet, essential geometric form.

A multiple-Infinito installation providing general light

Functional Beauty…

Flash and Infinito by Davide Groppi

Infinito and Flash are extraordinarily similar lighting fixtures, but engineered to serve different purposes. Infinito is 16mm wide, with its integrated LED lamping strip directed upwards to provide upward indirect light. Flash–which was named for the comic book hero whose lightning-like speed-trail inspired Davide Groppi in its creation–is 9mm wide, providing direct downward light.

These differences, minor though they seem, suit each of these two fixtures perfectly to their intended purposes. Infinito explodes upwards from a visible line, reflecting its light from ceilings and walls, bathing its space in general indirect illumination, while Flash disappears into the light it pours downwards, directly upon that which is beneath it. Though still capable of providing general lighting, Flash tends to draw attention as a feature light–over a bar, counter, or display case for instance–giving its striking form the opportunity to be doubly impactful. 

The food hall in the University of Alberta’s Central Academic Building (CAB), with Flash between support pillars

With their lithe, narrow forms, Flash and Infinito make perfect functional additions to architectural lighting schemes, such as that of the University of Alberta’s Central Academic Building in Edmonton. CK Design Associates headed a recent renovation to the CAB’s food hall, which sought to provide a much-needed refresh to the space’s aesthetic. They combined sleek futurism with industrial strength, contrasting Flash and other cleanly-lined luminaires with exposed pipes and wiring winking through the sound-reducing baffles above the space. 

A sense of order and peace flows through the food hall (in the project photos, I mean–during midterms what flows through it is a sense of panic and lack of sleep that this alumnus remembers all too well). Flash runs between the support columns dividing the food hall, complementing the precise geometric order of the space’s aesthetic. Restrained, dignified, this installation of Flash wall light stands back, emphasizing its simple form and contributing to the whole rather than taking centre stage–but that doesn’t mean Flash or Infinito couldn’t be the star attraction…

…Conceptual Genius

A slash through space, just above the heads of a room’s occupants. A slice diagonally running the length of a room. An angled strip rising as it crosses from wall to wall. Flash and Infinito were both designed by Davide Groppi to minimize their physical presence while still exuding a sense of drama, boldly asserting themselves in the spaces they inhabit.

When SMP Engineering wanted to create a vibrant and energetic aesthetic for the connection between the newly-renovated-and-renamed Ampersand and its parkade in downtown Calgary, they decided to use an array of Infinito wall lights. What sets this installation apart is that they chose to install Infinito’s LED face downwards, creating a visual border to the light it provides where Flash would have appeared to be simply lines of light.

Installed on the diagonal and crossing over at irregular points, Infinito fills the Ampersand pedway with vitality and drama (and light, of course).

Flash specs:

  • Downward light
  • 9mm width
  • Available in 6m and 12m lengths
  • Comes with cutting kit for on-site customization
  • 4086 lumens at 45W (6m) or 8172lm at 90W (12m)
  • 2700k or 3000k integrated LED strips
  • CRI90
  • Hardwired and plug-in power supplies available

Infinito specs:

  • Upward light
  • 16mm width
  • Available 6m and 12m lengths
  • Comes with cutting kit for on-site customization
  • 4086 lumens at 45W (6m) or 8172lm at 90W (12m)
  • 2700k or 3000k integrated LED strips
  • CRI90
  • Hardwired and plug-in power supplies available

Flash’s name was inspired by the trail the comic book character leaves in his wake when he runs

Because both linear lights have such low profiles, Flash and Infinito both emphasize their lack of presence in relation to the negative space around them, which they then fill with light. The straight, brutal imposition of these lights cutting the space above a room adds weight and complexity to the space they divide. 

The visual complexity Flash and Infinito can add to a space is increased exponentially through the line of optional brackets and mounts Davide Groppi has designed for exactly that purpose. Infinito and Flash can both be wall fixtures, suspension lights, wall-to-ceiling lights, with straight, angled, level, and rising installations (note, however that angled and rising are mutually exclusive connectors that cannot be used together). 

Infinito: dramatically low-profile

Being straight lines, both Flash and Infinito are inherently orderly–but the versatility offered by their accessories, matched by the creativity of the designer who uses them, allows them to be expressions of delicious chaos. By breaking the established flow of a space, they can challenge our expectations and force us to experience a living room, bar, or restaurant in a fresh, energetic way.

Infinito by Davide Groppi on the right, Masai by Mauricio Manzini on the left, both released by Davide Groppi

Endless Possibilities

Endless wall and ceiling system with four Spot Endless heads

There is power in every space. Purpose, function, and aesthetics all affect this power, and all three lie at the heart of Davide Groppi’s Endless wall and ceiling light system. Endless allows you to surround your space in literal energy, as Groppi’s remarkable design was engineered to use conductive tape in place of wiring to deliver power to the heads in each Endless constellation. 

Davide Groppi’s innovative conductive tape bends around corners and beams to bring your space to life

Moreover, you determine the shape and arrangement of the heads that make up your own Endless system. To a maximum of five Dot or Spot heads per power supply, you choose the type and positioning of the lighting heads that, connected by straight lines of the Endless conductive tape, form your personal expression of power and light. Davide Groppi has designed typologies for his Dot and Spot lights to integrate them into an Endless system, and the award-winning linear Meridiana wall light arm already uses a length of the same conductive tape in its charmingly angular form, making it perfect for Endless integration (please consult your electrician regarding how integration of Meridiana affects the maximum number of heads installable to a single power supply).

Details of Meridiana, which uses the same conductive tape as the Endless system

Creating an Endless installation echoes the freedom and fun of being a child with permission to draw on the walls. Starting from the power source, you can direct the conductive tape in a straight line in any direction–even over and around obstacles such as ceiling supports or I-beams–until you reach the installation point you desire for a lighting head. Each head can have multiple lines of conductive tape emerging from it, allowing you literally endless possibilities for the final design you create. 

In addition, the Endless conductive tape is perfectly safe to paint over, in case you prefer a cleaner, minimalist aesthetic over Davide Groppi’s metaphoric inspiration of the life and power of an inhabitable circuit board for your living room, lounge, or restaurant lighting plan.

Spot Endless:

  • Adjustable head
  • 2700k or 3000k
  • 15° or 24° beam angles
  • 1269lm – 1361lm
  • CRI90

Dot Endless

  • Adjustable head
  • 2700k or 3000k
  • Option for narrow or medium beam with accessories
  • 880lm – 930lm
  • CRI97
  • Comes in a DG IOT-compatible option

Metaphorically and literally, the brilliance of Endless’ technology is further extended by the opportunity to use your Endless installation with the Davide Groppi IOT app. This exclusive app allows you to control compatible installed heads individually through your Bluetooth®-enabled phone or tablet, making your Endless installation even more intimately yours.

Davide Groppi and Endless

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