Tips for Choosing a Floor Light

A floor light can be a beautiful, distinctive piece in a sparsely furnished space or it can provide ample illumination in a room where square footage is at a minimum. Either way, floor lights are a versatile alternative to table or desk lamps – the perfect accent lighting for adding interest and ambiance or for making a bold statement.

Whether you are creating a contemporary look, a modern vibe, or a serene room, it’s important to choose a floor light that harmonizes with your design vision. Here are some elements to help you choose the right floor light for you:

Double Duty

Above: FLOS’ Bibliotheque floor light includes a USB charger and a shelf. Multiple finishes available. Purchase online.

When selecting the perfect floor lamp to complement your space, look for lights that multitask. Some floor lamps feature stands on which to place books or objects, while others incorporate USB chargers and mobile device docking stations (like the Bibliotheque above), allowing you to curl up with your favourite podcast or audiobook in comfort. If you are in search of a floor light that can also act as an illuminated piece of furniture, there are many beautiful options to choose from, including the lights below.

Rotating Shades

If you plan to use the floor light in an area that requires versatile illumination, look for one with rotating shades that change the direction of light. To unwind with ambient light, simply turn the shade towards a wall or if you prefer direct light for reading or task lighting, position the shade for added brightness. Some floor lamps are also equipped with arms, which you can re-position up and down to further customization.

Arced Brilliance

An arc floor light is a contemporary and stylish solution for when you require illumination within reach, like over a table, bed, desk, or sofa, but don’t want to suspend a pendant or chandelier from the ceiling or fuss with permanent wiring. These lights are also ideal for lofty spaces with high ceilings, allowing the arc floor lamp to showcase itself as a beautiful and functional sculptural element.

Beyond Ordinary

If your desired floor light only needs to provide ambient or indirect illumination, look for a statement fixture that offers interest and appeal, just like you would a piece of art. Don’t be afraid to experiment with materials, forms, shapes, and colours – after all, it should reflect your unique tastes and style. And, for the greatest customization of lighting control and mood, be sure to choose a floor light that has a dimmer.

Maximalist vs. Minimalist

If you’ve got space to play with, don’t be afraid to embrace large scale pieces that command attention.

Alternately, you can look for lights with motion – like Parachilna’s Oiphorique (watch video below of the suspension version), which is made up of interlocking shades that slowly pulsate up and down, creating a mesmerizing and calming effect.

Or, if you prefer modest pieces that are minimalist in their design, yet provide elegant illumination without taking up too much visual and physical space, consider floor lights like the ones below.

Mix + Match

For truly unique and interesting pieces, look for floor lights that are handmade and accented with a mix of rich materials, such as veined marble, delicate blown glass, natural seashells, and brushed metals. As you’ll find, each material reflects, diffuses, and transmits light differently, thus adding to a fixture’s one-of-a-kind characteristics.

Patterns + Shadows

For added excitement and ambiance, seek out for floor lights that cast beautiful, bold patterns or tranquil shadows on nearby walls and surroundings. Different materials, like delicate chains or woven metals, project diverse silhouettes, each as unique as the light itself.

No matter which type of floor light you select for your space, remember to always choose a piece that is well-made and thoughtfully designed, for it will last a lifetime. And, don’t shy away from pieces with personality – after all, floor lights are designed to add presence, perspective, and panache to your most cherished spaces.

Above: FLOS’ IC Light designed by Michael Anastassiades. Purchase online.

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