Axolight explores its roots

Axolight - From hands to light and return - LightForm Blog

The “From hands to light and return” project, generated through a collaboration between Axolight and Maximilian Pramatarov – one of the most renowned emerging photographers in the contemporary central European and Mediterranean panorama – is born with the ambition to imprint the emotional dynamism of hands and minds working together to give physical shape to a creative idea in still images.

Axolight - From hands to light and return - LightForm Blog

Pramatarov’s photography follows a circular evolution and inspects how the creative idea – passing through the technical knowledge and the manual skills of the people – becomes tangible. Once this idea becomes an artefact, the photography project makes it possible to trace the physical realization back to its origins.

Axolight - From hands to light and return - LightForm Blog

There are two goals that guide this photographic journey into the soul of Axolight and its creations. The first is to showcase the company’s intellectual and manufacturing essence, while the second goal is to bring the product back to the cultural and industrial roots of the territory and its people.

The Everyday Work Spirit

Axolight - From hands to light and return - LightForm Blog

Axolight - From hands to light and return - LightForm Blog

Photographed by Maximillian Pramatarov, members of the Axolight development team are seen at work – bringing emotional value to the manufacturing process.

During the first stage of the project, Pramatarov – camouflaging himself and his camera among the work benches, warehouse shelves, and offices – narrates everyday work spirit. The result is an industrial reality very far from the classic clichè of a factory enveloped in a muddled greyness. This makes it possible to discover the “sartorial” value generated by every single person.

Photo by photo, Axolight lamps lose their product codes and acquire the faces, names, and values of those who, literally, bring them to “light”. The development team, captured in the office, contributes to creating every product’s DNA. The production team, captured in the factory, realizes the body; working with patience glass, aluminum, and many other materials.

Axolight - From hands to light and return - LightForm Blog

Axolight’s hard-working team members each contribute to the formulation of innovative design ideas.

Product as Protagonist

The second stage of the project has the product as protagonist. After a week of inspections along the countryside between Venice and Treviso, Pramatarov found the ideal location: an old factory with large windows, high ceilings, and cotto tiles floors. The old Filanda Motta factory and its old staff quarters, with the interiors of an early twentieth century Treviso villa, would be the ideal place to install and photograph Axolight’s glamourous and contemporary collections.

The results are installations of great emotional impact.

Axolight Hoops Suspension Light LightForm Blog

Here, the abstract and modern frame design of the Hoops suspension light is juxtaposed with the old-fashioned presentation of its surroundings.

Axolight U-Light Suspension LightForm Blog

In this photograph, Pramatarov peeks through the window – cleverly hinting at the concept of archaic Italian settings housing Axolight’s cultural history within.

The Factory Reborn

Filanda Motta is a factory, built in the middle of the 19th century, located in the countryside near the cities of Venice and Treviso. For more than 70 years, its huge interior spaces and majestic chimney stack saw the spinning mill women extracting the precious silky material from the cocoons.

Axolight U-Light Suspension-1 LightForm Blog

The U-Light makes a powerful statement in this large space housed within Filanda Motta.

Finally closed in the second post-war period, the spinning mill has been the object of a careful archaeological recovery at the end of the last century, which has enhanced its spaces, converting it into a modern service centre. Inside the building there are many artistic laboratories, creative studies, and consultants. The architectural complex together with the exterior spaces are the right place to imagine, set up, and celebrate social, institutional, fashion, and cultural events.

Axolight Orchid Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

The Orchid floor lamp illuminates a quiet corner 

The old staff villa in Treviso, chosen for some pictures, was built in the 1920s, just outside Treviso’s walls. Originally built for the employees of a telegraph company, the villa is now addressed to civil purposes and is part of the city’s artistic heritage.

Axolight Plumage 180 Floor LightForm Blog

For the photography project, Vanessa Vivian’s Plumage lamp design is displayed outside a Treviso villa – coming back to Axolight’s Italian roots.

In showcasing Axolight’s collections within the old factory and its staff villa, Pramatarov celebrates the Italian cultural and manufacturing stories hidden in the history of the lights and buildings.

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