Living in a warehouse converted into a loft is probably up there in most of our dream living situations. Throw in a complete interior remodel and design by Sharon Halpin of Fruition Design and you have what Western Living Condo has coined, “one man’s personal Shangri-la”. As the cover feature in this month’s issue of Condo, Halpin transformed a 1,400 square foot space into a striking modern residence. She exercised careful consideration and her timeless good taste to provide her client with a beautifully balanced, opulent home.

As someone who understands the integral value of lighting, we wanted to know how she went about constructing the perfect mood for this intriguing space.

Living Room: Fontana Arte “Vertigo” floor lamp    |   Photo by Jason Statler

LIGHTFORM: How did you begin designing the lighting of the space considering it has such a strong, masculine feel?

“One of the most important aspects of my job is really getting to know the needs and wants of my clients. How do they want to live? What do they need the space to do, to say? For me, it’s a practical guideline to how they see themselves being represented as well as how they will live, entertain, and work in the space.

This particular client enjoys entertaining a great deal, but in more of an informal way. Therefore, the lighting for this penthouse became an integral part of the design, as I had to be able to create a mood with each lighting application all while dealing with an open concept space. Layers of light became the focus”

Hallway & Stairway: Nemo Cassina “Powerhouse” wall lamp on right wall with Ares “Gemma” Square LED Wall lights in hallway and stairway    |   Photo by Jason Statler

“The lighting design had to have ambient, task, and accent lighting consideration throughout to define areas of interest as well as to serve a practical purpose. I wanted to accent points of interest such as the floating steel staircase. I used LED wall lights staggered up the wall as it draws your eye to the architectural detail of the stairs as well as lighting the walkway of the staircase.”

Dressing Room: Moooi “Random” pendant in black    |    Photo by Jason Statler

“The Moooi “Random” chandelier is a great ambient light as it casts an interesting shadowy pattern on the ceiling for a level of interest while creating a more intimate setting for the dressing room.”

Master Bedroom: wall sconces by the bedside   |    Photo by Jason Statler

“Both bathrooms in the space have lit mirrors, which are fantastic for task lighting while giving a different layer of lighting versus just an overhead recessed spot. As you walk through the space in the evening, these layers of lighting make it feel warm and inviting, perfect for entertaining and living.”

Powder Room: Twin Slim Vanity Mirror   |    Photo by Jason Statler

LIGHTFORM: How do you differentiate lighting moods for masculine/feminine spaces, or do these constructs really even exist for you as a designer?

“I don’t think of spaces being traditionally masculine nor feminine. My design aesthetic is quite clean and contemporary while being fresh and modern. I would always design with the interests and needs of my clients first and often involves striking a balance between two parties to create a space that appeals to everyone.”

Well said. Great job, Sharon !

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