Foscarini’s Birdie Displays New Plumage

The original Birdie suspension, with its iconic “twig”

Since its debut in 2015 Ludovica and Roberto Palomba’s Birdie family has been all but defined by the touch on/off/dimmer “twig” that inspired its name. A visual break from its otherwise classic, fluid shape, the twig brings a conceptual lightness to Birdie, as one can easily imagine birds alighting thereupon and singing sweetly to the sunset. 

In 2021, however, Foscarini expands the Birdie family’s suspension, wall, floor, and table options with the Birdie Easy and Birdie Zero. More, along with these new designs come new visual profiles and new colour palettes, as well as appealing new pricepoints, redefining the essence of this cheeky, personable line.

Birdie Takes It Easy

Birdie Easy floor and table

The new Birdie Easy collection is marked by two new evolutions of the classic Birdie design. First, the stem-matching shade has been replaced with a line-defining translucent white. This has the effect of changing the primary lighting character of Birdie Easy from diffused up and down projection to the general suffused glow. Secondly, the dimmer twig has been removed, shifting the eye’s focus to the distinctively-shaped shade atop a sleeker, cleaner stem. 

Birdie Easy floor and Birdie Easy table small & large sizes

Birdie Easy is available in table and floor typologies, making it ideal for those seeking to achieve aesthetic unity throughout a hospitality project. Moreover, Birdie Easy brings with it a new colour palette that further enhances its softer presence and offers more possibilities for the designer.  

Zero Fuss

With two available sizes, Birdie Zero table fits for hospitality, retail, or home

Birdie Zero takes the minimalism explored in Birdie Easy to the extreme. By removing the stem altogether and integrating its workings within the distinctively-shaped translucent shade itself, Birdie Zero brings its presence down to the very essence of the Birdie family. 

The warmth of home away from home

Two sizes of Birdie Zero table are available, each offering a simple, elegant glow to a lobby, room, or dining area. 

Still a Classic

The classic Birdie suspension, floor, wall, and table

While welcoming Birdie Easy and Birdie Zero to the family, the classic Birdie line remains as vital and dynamic as ever. Birdie explores the classic “lampshade” figure with precisely-engineered curves, then contrasts this effect with whimsy and lightness through the use of colour and the dimmer twig. Birdie stands proudly among its new siblings as a full and versatile family.

With the addition of Birdie Easy and Birdie Zero, Foscarini’s Birdie family now offers more options than ever to designers looking for a unified, but not uniform, lighting plan for home and hospitality settings. Explore the options presented by the Birdie family further at, or contact our showrooms in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, or Edmonton for project pricing and support. 

About the Designers

Ludovica & Roberto Palomba

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba founded their studio, Palomba Serafini Associati, in 1994. Since then, they have brought their shared fascination with rigorously simple design to several famous brands around the world.

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