Keep it creepy with these ghoulish lights

With Halloween once again upon us, we’ve compiled a list of Haunting Luminaires to help kill-uminate your nightmares, add some chiaro-scare-o to your tomb, dungeon, or laboratory, and help you keep Halloween alive (or at least undead) all year round…

Warning: excessive Halloween puns ahead

Sylvestrina Portable Lamp

Syvestrina portable lamp from Santa & Cole

Whether you’re wandering the moors in your tattered, unused wedding dress or investigating odd moaning sounds down the gloomy hallways of your recently-inherited castle, you’ll be the pinnacle of style with a Sylvestrina portable lamp in your hand, leaving the rapidly-dwindling number of the Baron’s other guests green with envy (before they’re green with decay).

Love in Bloom Vase

Seletti’s Love In Bloom Vase, designed by Marcantonio

What do you do when you meet the ghoul of your dreams? Give her your heart, of course! And with Love in Bloom, you avoid all the annoying questions like “oh god, how did you get this” or “why do you also have three kidneys and a pancreas?”

Clara Table Lamp

Arturo Alvarez’s Clara table lamp

Hauntings can be difficult situations. Sometimes, it just doesn’t matter how sacred the land is or how many unholy books bound in human flesh you read, those darn spirits just refuse to manifest and make the walls bleed. Give your Ouija board a rest and let us help: Clara table lamp may not wear away your sanity until you slaughter your entire family with an axe, but it will haunt your living space with an ethereal light.

Candles and Spirits Chandelier

Brand van Egmond’s Candles and Spirits chandelier

After a long night of being the symbolic representation of repressed sexuality confined beneath a thin veneer of Victorian propriety, you need a place of your own where you can hang your cape, relax with your unholy brides, and play with your bizarre and geographically-inappropriate pet armadillos. There’s no better way to turn your remote Carpathian castle into a home than with Candles and Spirits, the chandelier no self-respecting vampire should do without.

Limbo Chandelier

Kenneth Cobonpue’s Limbo Acrobat Chandelier

Hell is a place of eternal torment, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be poorly-lit! The Limbo chandelier illuminates the incomprehensible horrors of your own personal underworld while also celebrating the debauched tortures it contains. Pain and pleasure entwined and indistinguishable, you and your fellow cenobites can relax in its warm-as-blood glow whenever you aren’t responding to the siren song of the Lament Configuration

Zeppelin Chandelier

Flos’s Zeppelin chandelier, designed by Marcel Wanders

At long last, you can enjoy all the stylistic benefits of an invasion of unearthly insectoid creatures without the effort and inconvenience of being trapped in a grocery store fighting with religious zealots! The Zeppelin chandelier allows you to relive the good times, like discovering your spouse cocooned and desiccated in the rubble that used to be your home and shooting your remaining family members in the face out of mercy immediately before being rescued by the military. 

Avia Suspension Light

Slamp’s Avia suspension light, designed by Zaha Hadid

Can you really be said to be torturing the poor unfortunate lunatics imprisoned and forgotten in the bowels of the asylum if you don’t have quietly-disturbing German expressionist decor? Now all your ungodly experiments can be as well-lit as they are inhumanly cruel with the Avia chandelier, the stark yet lithe suspension light that is as sharp and fluid as an ice-cold scalpel. 

Bird Table Lamp

Seletti’s Bird Lamp, designed by Marcantonio

Once upon a midnight dreary, Marcantonio pondered a series of lights that granted us the ability to live out our Poeish fantasies, longing for our collective lost Lenores. Now you, too, can bask in the shadows thrown by the Bird Lamp, knowing that your soul, from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor, shall be lifted–nevermore!

Moon Suspension Light

Davide Groppi’s Moon suspension light

You know how it is: one day you’re out, running with the pack, scratching your scent into trees, and devouring livestock, and the next you’re checking labels for wolfsbane and your hair has started thinning around your ankles. Life moves pretty fast, and it can be hard scheduling time for the simple pleasures. But now, thanks to Davide Groppi, you and that special alpha in your life can howl at the Moon suspension light anytime you want from the comfort of your own den!

Jobby the Cat Table Light

Seletti’s Jobby The Cat, designed by Studio Job

There’s nothing more embarrassing than showing up at your coven’s annual ritual sacrifice to the Dark Master with your familiar’s cat fur clinging to your robes. Leave such worries behind with your new, furless, feline companion: Jobby the Cat table lamp!

Seriously though, ridiculous superstitions about black cats make them the least-adopted and most-abused cats in the world, so we encourage you to show them some love if you get the chance.

Smoke Chandelier

Moooi’s Smoke Chandelier, designed by Maarten Baas

There’s no reason to be a Debbie Downer, a Mournful Mary, or a Dolorous Dolores just because the villagers got tired of their children falling prey to your unnatural abominations and set your castle aflame! Using Smoke, a chandelier finished with actual fire, you can bring all the cremains of your abode together, from the lightly-singed to the reduced-to-ashes!

Mano Table Lamp

FontanaArte’s Mano table lamp, designed by Pietro Chiesa

You may lack the ability to employ a homunculus butler to play the harpsichord or to raise an overly-friendly African Strangler plant from a seedling, but at least the creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky Mano table lamp allows you the opportunity to bring everyone’s favourite pet/servant/family member into your home. “That’s the spirit, Thing! Lend a hand!” – Gomez Addams

Eve Conical Chandelier

Brand van Egmond’s Eve Chandelier

Are you a cultist who’s tired of waiting for your Lovecraftian deity to arise and consume a screaming world? The Eve chandelier offers you a stylish way to remember that tentacled eldritch beings beyond the capacity of all human ken slumber in their unearthly realms, awaiting the day that they will devour your soul! Cthulhu fhtagn!

Now that your spine has been chilled, if you can bear the sheer terror of the full list, then come trick-or-treat on our website to shop our full collection of Haunting Luminaires. They’re so boo-tiful, you’ll look forward to leaving the lights on all night…