What We Saw and Loved at Euroluce 2017

In early April, we made our annual pilgrimage to Milan for Euroluce 2017, the lighting industry’s most important trade fair that runs every two years in conjunction with Salone del Mobile. This year marked its 29th edition, and it was one of the most attended ever—over 350,000 visitors in fact.

There were awe-inspiring installations, the unveiling of intelligent new systems, thrilling design parties, and (too) much espresso consumed. As always, we were happy to see old friends and delighted to make new ones.

While it’s nearly impossible to show you everything we saw and loved, here (in no particular order) are some of our highlights from Euroluce 2017:


Flos’ Smart Control

SMART CONTROL_Flos Architectural LightForm blog

Functionality and efficiency lie at the heart of a new lighting system for managing spotlights positioned at height. Flos’ new Smart Control allows you to remotely control the position of a spotlight along its track. Moreover, you can also orient the rotation and tilt of the head and change its intensity through dimming. All this is done remotely using the new Smart Control app.

Flos Smart Control Euroluce 2017 Photo Germano Borrelli LightForm blog

Ideal for galleries, retail shops, corporate presentation rooms, and any multi-use space with high or difficult-to-access ceilings, this new system brings the hard-to-access yet critical spotlights into the hands (and control) of everyday users. Very exciting. Coming soon.

Innermost with Casambi

As always Innermost presented some stunning new designs, notably the new marble-like Doric (pictured below, available now). But what excited us the most was their new partnership with Casambi, a lighting control system technology that can now be used with the entire Innermost collection. Casambi is a lighting control solution that allows users to adjust the dimming, colour, and colour temperature of their lights using smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, or switches.

Innermost Doric pendants Euroluce 2017 LightForm blog

Casambi can be integrated into Innermost’s standard lighting fixtures or with their new Universal LED ceiling assembly, DropLED. It doesn’t require any new wiring, switches, devices, or networks and configuration beyond plugging in the lighting fixture or Casambi-enabled LED bulb and pairing it to a Bluetooth smartphone or tablet. This means you can control the light levels in your home, café, or restaurant at a moment’s notice with your phone. Such a simple and pragmatic solution for retail, residential, hospitality, outdoor projects. Love it. Now available.


by Lumen Center Italia

Lumen Center Italia has created Luum®, a new LED that generates a light emission with a spectrum very similar to the sun. This new LED emits no infrared and no ultraviolet light; most noticeably, it does not have the peak of blue waves emitted by current LEDs. This is what makes the appearance so natural and clean, elevating our visual comfort and effecting a positive influence on metabolism and well-being.

Nowhere is the difference of this new LED more evident than in the Veneranda Biblioteca Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, an art gallery, library, and academy in Milan. Here, Lumen Center Italia installed lighting systems using their new Luum® LEDs. Under the cleaner, brighter Luum® LEDs, the artwork reveals never-seen-before details and colours. And since the LEDs emit no infrared or ultraviolet light, the artwork is safe from further damage.

Before and after photos of artwork at Ambrosiana.

We see so much potential for this new “human friendly” LED, not only in gallery spaces but also in spas, offices, home, and retail settings. This will not be the last time you read about Luum®. Now available.

Lighting Designs


Designed by Konstantin Grcic for Flos

Flos Noctambule Euroluce 2017 LightForm blog

Noctambule: the night owl or reveler. Mostly invisible during the day, but coming to glamorous activity at night-time. The analogy is fitting. Noctambule is a new collection of lamps made of blown glass modules, which are see-through and therefore almost non-existent in the daytime. But when you switch them on in the dark, they transform into gorgeous, illuminated lamps. The cylindrical glass modules set the basic grammar of the collection. The single module is a lantern. Several modules stacked on top of each other create a light column, or suspended chandelier inside a stair well. Extra elements such a glass dome or cone shaped head allow for added performance such as a floor-standing uplight or pendant.

We love how the carefully calibrated LED technology which powers the lamps is discretely integrated into the junctions between the glass modules. Almost absent, but ready to be activated at any time. This one has stunning installation opportunities in both residential and hospitality settings. Coming soon.


Designed by Dodo Arslan & Nicolas Terzani for Terzani

Terzani Manta Euroluce 2017 LightForm blog

Like shimmering waves, Manta is the latest design featuring the distinctive lead crystal first unveiled in Nicolas Terzani’s bestselling Mizu. Collaborating with designer Dodo Arslan, the two imaginative minds created a light featuring sinuous, undulating lines, like shimmering waves. The results are soft waves of crystal light reminiscent of being underwater. The Manta is made of 24% lead crystal, with a dimmable integrated LED lamp focused on maximizing the crystal’s reflection. Manta’s organic form is available in three sizes (Ø 20cm-7.9”, Ø 26cm- 10.2”, Ø 32cm-12.6”) and can be installed in numerous, customizable arrangements.


Designed by Rick Tegelaar for Moooi

Moooi Meshmatic Euroluce 2017 LightForm blog

Designer Rick Tegelaar elevates the nature of humble wire netting with this elegant art-deco invoking pendant. Made of galvanized steel and brass, the Meshmatic pendant has three layers of wire which reflect and diffuse the light of the integrated LED with poetic grace. Beautiful and functional, the wire also helps keep the light source cool by absorbing some of its heat.

When installed, playful transparencies cascade through the lamp’s ingenious frame, creating shimmering reflections and casting an elaborate net of shadows onto the ceiling. This piece is a stunner with great potential in residential and hospitality spaces. Coming soon.


Designed by Francesco Librizzi for FontanaArte

FontanaArte Setareh Euroluce 2017 LightForm blog

This is the name of the family of lighting fixtures that Francesco Librizzi, a young Sicilian architect working in Milan, designed for FontanaArte. Setareh is an LED lamp composed of a sphere in hand-blown white satin glass, magically suspended within a thin metal structure. We love how the play of circular masses and linear trajectories generates a balanced design of gravitational dynamics. The light from the sphere diffuses into the surrounding space, illuminating the frame. Consequently, the reflections of the metal render the luminous field visible–space influenced by light, by its aura.

The result is a collection of lighting elements, available in tabletop and suspension versions, of extraordinary poetic grace. The suspension version comes in several variants: bare, with only the frame and glass sphere (also available with three spheres), with a diffuser in curved white glass (diameter 45, 65, 85 cm), or with a painted metal disc in white or black (diameter 45, 65, 85, 100 cm). Coming soon.


Designed by Chia-Ying Lee for Studio Italia

Whether it reminds you of bubble baths or blowing soap bubbles, the Random is a surprisingly elegant luminaire made of precious materials and finished with handcrafted detail. The Random is an LED pendant composed of three spherical blown glass diffusers with different diameters. Melted blown glass in an unconventional design, Random can be combined into clusters for a dramatic effect. The modularity of the range allows you to create an infinite variety of clusters. Finish options include crystal, chrome, gold, or rose gold. We love the idea of a giant cluster spanning an entire ceiling.


Designed by Stickbulb

New York-based Stickbulb introduced a new series of LED chandeliers made from and inspired by destroyed buildings. Boom achieves its expressive form  with minimal elements: cast-brass joints and linear wooden LED bulbs that create forms of exploding light. At the centre of the fixture is a singularity of cast-brass joints, elegantly curved to dramatically reflect the geometry of the fixture. Linear wooden bulbs – the essence of all Stickbulb designs – in varying lengths cantilever from the brass core, each one emitting a line of even light in a different direction.

Stickbulb Boom pendants Euroluce 2017 LightForm blog

The result is an explosion of richly textured wood that casts dynamic patterns of light and shadow. Boom’s wood comes from Water Tower Redwood – redwood reclaimed from demolished NYC water tanks. “Our fixtures are literally born from the destruction of architecture. We celebrate this energy and history in the form and function of our designs,” explains Stickbulb Co-Founder and RUX Founder Russell Greenberg. Coming soon.


Designed by Marcel Wanders for Wonderglass

Wonderglass Calliope Marcel Wanders Euroluce 2017 LightForm blog

Another entry into our sheer beauty section: Calliope. This sculptural new collection gracefully creates spatial and versatile light installations when clustered or by itself. We designed this lighting system to be poetic. From overhead, it captures attention as it inspires the imagination” explains Marcel Wanders. From Gabriele Chiavecreative director at Marcel Wanders: “Marrying an element of ancient Asian culture with free moving parts has resulted in a product that embodies both classic and contemporary design.” Now available.


Designed by William Brand for Brand van Egmond

Brand van Egmond Ersa Euroluce 2017 LIghtForm blog

“Early morning, when the first light of day sends the darkness of the night away, we can see one of nature’s wonders on display: dew drops formed throughout the night.” Inspired by morning dew drops, the new Ersa collection delights us with the permanent presence of nature’s more fleeting beauties. This evocative collection is available with three, two, or one ‘branches’ and is made of steel and finished with matte black, matte white, bronze, nickel, copper, brass, aged brass, or burnished brass. This beauty is sure to have some stunning residential and hospitality installations. Now available.


Designed by Nahtrang Studio for Estiluz


Volta is characterized by its sensual and delicate features, by an almost ethereal presence that gives us the impression that the lamps are floating, moved by the force that generates the light. With a half-spherical design suspended from the ceiling or wall, Volta is the perfect lamp for placement over a table or counter, where the various lighting points seek to generate an emotional dialogue through studied and weightless shapes. Similarly, it is also ideal for workspaces, reading environments or passageways.

Not only do we love Volta’s elegant aesthetic, but also its versatility: use several together to create a unique sequence of pendants and fill voluminous spaces with light. Now available.

Modular Lighting Systems


Designed by Timo Ripatti for Axo Light

U-Light is a series of perfect luminous circles either suspended or mounted on the wall or ceiling. Made of aluminum, U-Light is extremely lightweight yet fills up a space and distinguishes installations with a strong scenic effect. We see its potential as a tool for designers who wish to define a setting with shape and light. U-Light’s LED light source is incorporated into the frame, diffusing a soft dimmable white light. We love the potential for this light in clusters for an intense, theatrical effect. It will be available in three sizes: 90cm, 120cm, or 160cm in diameter. Coming soon.

Infinito & Flash

Designed by Davide Groppi

We love these two linear solutions for their versatile, minimal footprint and big output. Infinito (above) is a thin strip made of stainless steel a mere 18mm in width. It “cuts” through space, providing indirect light. It is possible to adapt Infinito to various situations, stretching it from wall to wall or ceiling to floor, according to one’s taste or needs. It comes in strips up to 12m in length, and a 6m length produces 7200lm, at an impressive 109 lumens per watt.

Davide Groppi Flash Euroluce 2017 LightForm blog 2

Flash (above) is Infinito turned around, creating direct light that flows downward from the light source. The stainless steel strip, 9 mm in width, can be stretched up to 12m in length. In that 12m strip, Flash produces 1440 lm of light at an impressive 109 lumens per watt. Flash is the ideal solution for direct illumination of spaces with very high ceilings. Flash pays homage to the famous comic book superhero of the same name who can run seven times the speed of light.  Coming soon.



Designed by Arturo Alvarez

Arturo-Alvarez_Agora Euroluce 2017 LightForm blog-01

Agora is a sculptural series of LED floor, pendant, and wall lights made of steel and binding. These anthropomorphic luminaires evoke the idea of an individual confronting himself and the complex relationship with his environment. Exhibited in a group, they provide a feeling of shared loneliness. The pieces are hung with threads in a pendant composition. The installation becomes disquieting as it forces us to think about this “threads” hidden in the shadows, that we knit all around us, and that others are knitting too.

Agora is part of ARTWORK, an exclusive collection of limited and numbered series designed by Arturo Álvarez.

Catellani & Smith

at Salvioni Milano Durini

The delicate collections from Catellani & Smith were displayed in their full glory at Euroluce 2017 as part of an installation in a historic building dating back to the early 20th century. Designed by architect Riccardo Rocchi, the installation was arranged vertically over six floors (indoors and out), each displaying a different living style. Catellani & Smith lamps entered the conversation between the furnishings and spaces, creating harmony and filling the rooms with light.


Featured predominantly were the Lederam, Fil de Fer, Luci d’Oro, Stchu-moon, and Turciu series. The iconic Fil de Fer outdoor collection illuminated the outdoor terraces. We loved how this installation allowed visitors to walk through real residential settings to draw inspiration for their personal home environment. Now available.

Street Intervention

Champagne Vending Machine

by Moet & Chandon

Moet & Chandon vending machine Milan Euroluce 2017 LightForm blog

Imagine our delight when we stumbled across this lovely little watering station somewhere between Brera design district and our hotel. Keeping it classy, Milano, even at 2am.

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