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Food options in downtown Edmonton just got a whole lot fresher with the opening of Hoang Long, a Vietnamese restaurant serving up fresh and casual fare. With a menu that changes seasonally and dishes prepared fresh before your eyes, Hoang Long was created at the intersection of traditional taste and modern convenience.

Designed by Workspace, a multidisciplinary design practice no stranger to restaurant design in Edmonton, Hoang Long is a modern space with clean lines and a welcoming atmosphere. We were thrilled to help light the project with some technical LED lighting from Lightnet and Studio Italia Design. And we like to think that Hemingway’s old waiter would most certainly have approved.

Hoang Long Edmonton 4
Lighting the main service area are some Matric A3 LED ceiling lights from Lightnet. These architectural surface-mounted line lights provide direct light distribution. Standard colour temperature is 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K but a wide range of colour temperatures are available on request (2700K-6500K). Evenly spaced premium LEDs provide continuous, seamless lines of light combined with highest efficacy standards.

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Lighting the common table at the front is a Matric G3 LED pendant from Lightnet. This architectural pendant light line provides direct light distribution. It hangs from a Y-cord suspension that is continuously adjustable in length or adjustable along the line with matching silver canopy and transparent power-supply cable.

Hoang Long Edmonton 2
Lighting the main common area are A-tube LED pendants from Studio Italia Design. These slim cylindrical ceiling fixtures come in four different sizes (mini, small, medium, or large) that can be combined in clusters to create amazing installations. Fully dimmable and made with a durable metal frame, the A-Tubes are perfect for high-traffic areas and commercial applications. Also available in coppery bronze.

Hoang Long Edmonton 4

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Food photography by Workspace.