Classic and contemporary high-end luminaires for all spaces

Founded in 1993 and owned since 2012 by former lawyer and now lighting enthusiast Federico Palazzari, NEMO has secured permission to reproduce some of the most substantial anchors of 20th-century design, incorporating technological updates such as LED to make them utterly contemporary, utterly timeless. NEMO benefits from Milan’s intense relationship with design, putting out lighting old and new that surprises, fascinates, and delights.

Check out the list below for a few of our favourite iconic collections from NEMO.

Projecteur 165 and 365 Collections

NEMO Projecteur 365 Table LightForm Blog

From NEMO’s Master collection, the Projecteur 365 was designed for the Chandigarh High Court in 1954 by Le Corbusier. Its aluminum body comes in moka, white sand, and night blue, providing an aesthetic contrast to its industrial-looking screws and bolts. Available as floor, wall/ceiling, pendant, and outdoor versions – as well as a miniaturized 165, which comes in a clamp version.

Potence Pivotante Wall Collection

NEMO Potence Pivotante Wall LightForm Blog

A wall fixture that manages to be both simple and surprising, the Potence Pivotante, designed by Charlotte Perriand – who worked with Le Corbusier from 1927-1937 – has one long arm fixed to the wall, with an equally long arm, terminating in an opal glass bubble, free to horizontally pivot 180 degrees. Discreet, bold, and everything in between, the aluminum Potence is also available in a MINI version.


NEMO Parliament Floor LightForm Blog

Le Corbusier’s design for Chandigarh’s parliament stands out for its two-tone, twin-emission design. Available in matte black and yellow or white and grey, it’s suitable for precise as well as broader lighting needs. As elegant as it is utilitarian, the Parliament blends with a wide range of décors.

Lampe de Marseille Wall Collection

NEMO Lampe de Marseille Wall LightForm Blog

Reminiscent of early 20th-century bullhorns, the Lampe de Marseille – named for the Unité d’Habitation de Marseille apartments for which Le Corbusier designed it in 1949 – this double-joined, double-sided lamp is suitable for workspaces, art spaces, bedrooms, and other living spaces. Available in matte grey and white.


NEMO Claritas Floor LightForm Blog

This is renowned Milanese architect and furniture designer Vico Magistretti‘s first lamp, made for Mario Tedeschi in 1946. Open in front, back, and below, the black, bent-metal Claritas casts complex light and shadow that energize as well as illuminate.

Borne Béton

NEMO Borne Beton Outdoor LightForm Blog

Le Corbusier conceived of these heavy, concrete pieces as part of a dam project in India in 1952, but separated from their original infrastructural context, they are striking yard pieces, and even more striking interior lighting. At once sophisticated and uncomplicated, Borne Béton is statement lighting.

Applique à Volet Pivotante

Perriand’s design creates both light and points of focal darkness. Large and small rectangles in red, yellow, blue, or black, these wall-mounted fixtures with swiveling aluminum plates disperse and block the light, creating broad wings of light with opaque hubs. Perfect for bedsides or scattered in multiples across walls.


NEMO Crown Major Suspension LightForm Blog

Available in 11 variations, pendant, wall, and floor, contemporary German designers Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub‘s Crown is made of painted die-cast aluminum with sandblasted glass diffusers, with clear or red cable. The lighting equivalent of Moshe Safdie’s Habitat, its multi-level modularity is sure to catch and hold the eye.

Applique de Marseille

NEMO Applique de Marseille Wall LightForm Blog

A variation on his Parliament, Le Corbusier designed this wall-mounted lamp for his own apartment on Rue Nungesser in Paris. Available in matte grey, black, or white aluminum, these substantial, solid pieces illuminate up and down or, if you prefer, side to side.

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