The new Être avec toi restaurant pairs gastronomy and graffiti, serving up a space in which spray-painted images of Darth Vader, Beethoven, James Dean, and the city’s hockey legends all jostle for wall, table, and window space. Designed by Sid Lee Architecture in collaboration with MASSIVart, W Montréal, BPC, and Ivanhoé Cambridge, Être avec toi was conceived as a gallery-restaurant designed to showcase culture, symbols, and history of Montréal.

Etre-avec-toi-Restaurant-at-W-Montreal-04 Stephane Brugger

The artistic integration from MASSIVart under Arthur Gaillard’s curation celebrates the Montreal diversity through tailor made pieces by established and up-and-coming Montreal artists only. From the tables (by Jason Wasserman) to the murals (by WIA & Stikki Peaches), through booths (Jason Cantoro), to the windows (Scaner), the artists literally took visual control of the place. What results is a playful and fascinating reflection of Montréal’s culture, symbols, history, and countless murals.

Etre-avec-toi-Restaurant-at-W-Montreal-06 photo Stepane Brugger

Lighting the art-strewn walls throughout the restaurant-gallery are the FLOS Aim pendants in matte black. These minimalist pendant lamps are casual and versatile, and come with a cable that can be adjusted as often as needed to allow the fixture head and light distribution to be aimed. The cable has a total length of 9m, allowing the lamp to be suspended up to 3m from the ceiling. This versatility, along with the lamp’s casual and playful appeal made it ideal for illuminating the restaurant’s murals, paintings, sculptures, and installations which will be constantly evolving as new artists are invited to participate.

Etre-avec-toi-Restaurant-at-W-Montreal-11 photo Stephane Brugger

Designed by the Bouroullec brothers, the Aim pendants were a perfect fit for Être avec toi. In their own words:

“The general idea underpinning this project is to offer a lamp which can be infinitely adjusted to satisfy all lighting needs. We have developed a new type of lamp that is naturally positioned in space–like a plant–with long cables providing maximum freedom to adjust the direction and height of the light source.” R. & E. Bouroullec.

Etre-avec-toi-Restaurant-at-W-Montreal-13 photo Stephane Brugger

The Aim pendant is available in white or black, and in two sizes, hardwired or as a plug-in. Buy the Aim pendant online or visit one of our lighting showrooms in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Être avec toi, located in Montréal, Canada. Photos by Stéphane Brugger.