Allegro Chandeliers Illuminate Fairmont Pacific Rim

MGBA Architects recently renovated the illustrious Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver and we were delighted to help out. The design firm updated the lobby with a modern look and topped it off with a stunning installation of the Allegro Chandelier. Large yet visually lightweight, the massive Allegro Chandeliers help lower the high ceilings to create a more intimate, cozy atmosphere for guests of the bar and lounge located in the lobby. Their size and shape also creates a dramatic welcome to guests upon arrival. By creating a linear installation the architects help create a uniform atmosphere in the large lobby space, which houses hotel entrance, lobby, bar, and lounge all in the same space.

Foscarini‘s Allegro Assai in the Fairmont Pacific Rim

Check out these incredible photos of the lobby, which features Foscarini’s Allegro Chandelier, Assai model.

Foscarini’s Allegro Assai grace the lobby in Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim

Visiting this hotel is a must when you come to Vancouver – even if it’s just to check out the lobby and the Allegro Chandelier.

In summary: High ceilings + Allegro multiples = success!

About the Allegro Chandelier

The Allegro Chandeliers: a group of lines that create an elegant, fascinating symphony in a suspended, almost magical equilibrium. This new chandelier was designed to feature in large public and private spaces. Aluminum elements flow and combine together to give the lamp a light, bodiless effect. Using LED technology, the Allegro chandeliers provide semi-diffused and direct downlighting. Designed for Foscarini by Atelier Oï.

About Atelier Oï

Atelier Oï was formed in La Neuveville, Switzerland in 1991, by three Swiss designers, Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis, and Patrick Raymond.  “Atelier” means workshop or studio, and “Oï” is derived from the French spelling of the Slavic word “troïka,” which means “three.”  For over 20 years, Atelier Oï has been striving to dissolve barriers between design genres and foster cross-disciplinary creativity.

“It is a chemical function between us, a chain reaction of creativity dedicated to the project,” explains Patrick Raymond. “For us, the project is the hero and not the ego.”

Atelier Oï

All three designers are natives of La Neuville, a small town in the canton of Bern, near the border between the French-speaking and German-speaking regions of Switzerland.  Aurel and Patrick attended the École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, where all three designers presently teach design.

In 2009, an existing three-story motel in LaNeuville was repurposed and opened as the “moïtel” headquarters of Atelier Oï. The “moïtel” houses Atelier Oï’s studios, a materials library, a prototype workshop, office spaces, a photo studio, and a gallery dedicated to exhibition and experimentation. The team’s multidisciplinary approach to design crosses boundaries between architecture, design, and special installations, and incorporates a fusion of materials. Their clients include Louis Vuitton, Bulgari Parfums, Foscarini (the Allego Chandelier), Van Cleefs & Arpels, Swatch, Swarovski, Smirnoff, Nestlé, IKEA, and Danese.

Atelier Oï has received several international design awards, including the IF Design Award in 2003, the Living at Home Award in 2007, and the Product of the Year Award for the Architectural Record in 2008.

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