DCWéditions Launches a Classic-to-Be

There’s a new kid in town.

La Lampe Frechin began as a simple proposition for DCWéditions and Jean-Louis Frechin: to create a luminary icon. To achieve this modest goal, this new table light design would have to be fresh and new, but also timeless; of its time and place, but also eternal in its themes; solid of form, but ethereal of presence. 

On February 23, 2021, DCWéditions and Jean-Louis Frechin reveal the result of years of research, philosophy, and engineering–realized in a vibrant, exciting form that we think is destined to achieve, and perhaps exceed, the aspirations of its creators. 

Sorcery and Science

Scientific form meets magical character

La Lampe Frechin’s presence is remarkable, and not only for its inherent beauty and the luxury of the exquisitely-engineered marble, glass, and aluminium components. The Lampe exists in a state of retro-futurism akin to that of steampunk. The glass capsule that forms the core of La Lampe Frechin evokes the warp core of Star Trek as much as it does the cathode ray tube that gave birth to television. Not fully futuristic or nostalgic, it appears to have come from a future that the past once looked to.  

More, there is a sense of magic about La Lampe Frechin. In the words of its designer, “in the end, these objects speak to people… everyone will see a bit of science–old science, new science, magic, a ray of light.” From out of a marble base grow pillars of aluminium, which hold the buoyant glass capsule in position. La Lampe Frechin performs a kind of electronic alchemy: transforming base elements into quicksilver of pure emotion.

A Soul from Circuitry

Objets inanimés, avez-vous donc une âme
Qui s’attache à notre âme et la force d’aimer ?…
(Inanimate objects, do you thus have a soul
That attaches to ours, and the strength to love?…)
– From “Milly ou la terre natale (I)” by Alphonse de Lamartine

Living room, home office, or bizarre moody Lucius-Malfoy-looking cabinet, La Lampe Frechin is a smexy addition to your space

The intersection of science and magic in the spirit of La Lampe Frechin emphasizes its reality as a poetic object. Jean-Louis Frechin, in discussing the light and its identity, references the final couplet from a poem by Alphonse de Lamartine (quoted and translated above), asking if inanimate objects have souls of their own, and can they love us as we love them? 

In order to love an object, you have to be able to live with it for a long time.

Jean-Louis Frechin

This notion of a relationship with objects is vital, in Frechin’s mind, to enduring designs, for “in order to love an object, you have to be able to live with it for a long time.” Thus, he envisioned La Lampe Gras to exist outside of passing trends and fashions, a timeless design with which you can build an intimate friendship.

In Your Hands

The final element that contributes to the full presence and meaning of La Lampe Frechin is the way it builds on this relationship by asking–even demanding–interaction. Jean-Louis Frechin intended the ultimate character of the lamp to draw on this relationship, designing it such that “[La Lampe Frechin] can be manipulated, so that you can almost choose the design–you share with [the creators] the responsibility for the way it is presented.” 

Dramatic. Daring. Dynamic.

Dual power-connection points allow the capsule to be positioned in two ways: formally upright or, with a slightly more casual air, aslant. Further, touch-dimming technology enhances your involvement in the experience that is La Lampe Frechin, as you choose how much illumination the Lampe provides. 

Only time will tell if La Lampe Frechin truly earns the iconic status DCWéditions intends for it, but its luxurious materials, painstaking craftsmanship, and unique presence ensure that it will have an excellent chance. La Lampe Frechin is now available for order exclusively at LightFormSHOP.com, or in our showrooms in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary.

Formally upright or charmingly diagonal, La Lampe Frechin stands out

Full Interview with La Lampe Frechin’s designer, Jean-Louis Frechin:

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