A dazzling new design from Europe’s ‘Poet of Light’

Antoni Arola plays as he designs and designs as he plays. Considered one of the most interesting European designers of his generation, this “poet of light” elevates us with his work to a dimension that transcends the functional. Arola fuses artistic experimentation with research into light.

Antoni Arola contemplates his new Lámina suspension light

On the path of essentialist simplicity, Arola presents Lámina. This new suspension light is composed of a line of light pointed upwards towards a thin, curved metal sheet. The result is an elegant luminaire that provides soft and effective diffusion.

Lámina exploits the virtues of reflected light with simple, clean lines in varying shades and sizes, laid bare and fully exposed.

The Lámina collection from Santa & Cole in its various sizes & configurations

With simple and discernible shapes that conceal nothing and show everything, Lámina offers us a wide variety of uses. On its own, it provides us with a precise diffused light. Used in repetition, it offers impeccable general light for commercial or hospitality spaces.

Lámina offers glare-free illumination

This pendant lamp fascinates the eye with the elegance of its curve and its soothing light. Indeed, its combination of formal purity and functional virtue elicits emotion. It is a marriage of the poetic and the practical; creating a soft and pleasant light, without glare.

Lámina is available in an assortment of sizes & configurations

Lámina’s gently curved diffuser is available in three different sizes, each with its own unique character. And you can also choose from among several suspended configurations, each differing in length. Smaller or larger, alone or as a system, Lámina defines and harmonizes spaces. In all cases, Lámina moves us with its elegant play on poetry and reason.

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About Santa & Cole

Santa & Cole - LightForm Blog
Santa & Cole was founded in 1985

Santa & Cole is a small, independent and global editor of good design with its roots in Belloch (Barcelona). Since its foundation in 1985, they’ve been editors: unveiling a piece of work usually created by someone else—much like a book publisher, but in this case, they edit objects.

More than 80 authors have contributed to Santa & Cole’s collections, including renowned designers such as Antoni Arola, Miguel Milá, André Ricard, and lmari Tapiovaara.

Acute and attentive to quality and detail

With the highest attention to quality and detail, Santa & Cole subcontracts all of its industrial production to an extensive network of suppliers mainly in Spain. But they also work in other countries such as Japan, where they manufacture the washi paper of their Tekiò lamp.

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