Montréal’s design community can now enjoy local access to our portfolio of international lighting brands & support from our lighting consultants

Parachilna Denglong Collection LightForm Blog
Parachilna’s Denglong collection for indoor & outdoor

With its rich culture of design, Québec has long been considered Canada’s most European-like province. Indeed, Montréal’s design community is highly innovative and known for prioritizing good design, even in the smallest of spaces. For these reasons, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve opened an office in Montréal’s hip Griffintown neighbourhood.

Our new LightForm Montréal team has 35 years of combined experience in the lighting industry, working directly with design professionals to source and specify lighting for commercial, hospitality, and residential projects of all sizes.

NEMO Ellisse Triple Pendant LightForm Blog
Nemo’s Ellisse chandelier

Our new team in Montréal will enjoy the support of the company’s national logistics, customer service, accounting, and marketing teams, as well as access to LightForm’s in-house UL laboratory, where we certify products for special projects.

Since our inception twenty years ago in Edmonton, Alberta, we’ve reshaped the country’s lighting industry by making the world’s most innovative, highly coveted architectural and decorative lighting collections more accessible to the country’s architect and design communities.

Davide Groppi Infinito Suspension LightForm Blog
Davide Groppi’s Infinito luminaire

With showrooms in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and our new office in Montréal, we have long been the go-to amongst design professionals because our teams help bridge the gap between electrical expertise and interior design. Moreover, we’ve been able to eliminate many of the layers traditionally required to import technical product, allowing us to provide the most direct and accurate access to technical information, customization options, competitive pricing, and increased transparency from factory to project.

NEMO Linescapes Suspension LightForm Blog
Nemo’s Linescapes System

Our portfolio of lighting brands includes architectural innovators like B.lux, DGA, and Davide Groppi – as well as decorative masters like Nemo, Estiluz, Parachilna, Lee Broom, Wonderglass, Stickbulb, Original BTC, Innermost, Arturo Alvarez, and more. Visit to discover our entire lighting portfolio and access technical information.

Lee Broom Orion Light LightForm Blog
Lee Broom’s new Orion collection

With an experienced team now set up in Montréal, we look forward to helping the city’s design professionals illuminate their projects with world-class lighting collections to enhance their design vision.

Feel free to connect with us for more information about LightForm Montréal.

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