Introducing Parachilna

In an era when mass machine-made objects fill the spaces in which we live and work (and subsequently our landfills), a new Spanish company, Parachilna, has released a collection of lights truly unique in the degree of thought, care, and hands-on artisanal craftsmanship that brought them to life. Made from rich materials, designed by some of today’s most gifted design minds, and shaped into being by skilled artisans employing some of the oldest glass blowing and metal working techniques in the world, Parachilna’s new lighting collections radiate luxury—ideal for those truly passionate about design.


Before launching their new company, Parachilna’s founders travelled the world with a spirit of adventure in search of those who shared their passion for design. Their call was answered by some of today’s most talented and prolific designers— Stephen Burks, Jaime Hayon, and Jordi Veciana—who have each created original designs for Parachilna’s first lighting collections.

Parachilna’s new lighting collections were coaxed into being by the hands of ceramicists, the lungs of glass blowers, and the sheer muscle of metal workers, all employing techniques passed on through families over centuries. It’s rare to see such a commitment to rich materials and true, hands-on craftsmanship, and you can feel the difference it makes when you experience the new Aballs, Alistair, Anwar, and Chinoz collections in person: they are, quite simply, stunning.

Aballs, designed by Jaime Hayon


Hayon’s Aballs family includes a chandelier, hanging lamps available in three different sizes, and table lamps available in two sizes. The chandelier showcases a golden electroplated or white, black lacquered steel structure matching the colors of the ceramic bodies. 24 blown glass diffusers complete the fixture. The hanging and table lamps are made up of a blown glass diffuser and a white, black, or golden ceramic base. The result is a set of strongly decorative objects that produce a warm ambient light and can be used in a domestic environment as well as in contract projects.


Design notes: crafting glass spheres with a bold 30mm hole using such an old and traditional technique such as blown glass is not easy. Reducing the diameter of the blowing cane demands an unusual mastery and strength to control the lungs in order to properly regulate the glass flow around the ball’s mold. Famed ceramicist Italo Bosa makes the ceramic bodies of the Aballs family. Bosa is an artist and a craftsman whose only work standard is excellence. The ceramic bodies of the Aballs lights are finished by hand after they have been removed from their plaster mold. Once deep-dipped into a specific liquid glaze, the bodies go back into the oven several times more depending on the finishing. Obviously, with this level of care, only a limited production leaves the small workshop and ovens daily.

Alistair, designed by Jordi Veciana


Aware that only excellence in both material and finish would make this light an object of desire rather than a simple commodity, Jordi came up with a tantalizing project. The Alistair collection consists of a hanging light, a table light, and a floor light that all come in golden or matte graphite finishes. With an option to dim, Alistair lights produce a warm and inviting ambient illumination as well as reading light.


Design notes: The Alistair’s diffusor had to be made of blown glass, which set dimensional limitations, as the lungs of every human being, even those of a weathered glass blower, have a limit. Creating the light’s metal structure in such a way that its raw simplicity and lightness would not betray its demanding sturdiness required the metalwork mastery of Andreu, who has more than fifty years of experience. In addition to his metalwork mastery, Andreu has a gift for electroplating that results in a truly spectacular finishing.

Anwar, designed by Stephen Burks

Parachilna Anwar collection LightForm blog

Stephen challenged Parachilna’s craftsmen with a geometrically simple, yet complex metal structure that put Parachilna’s metalsmiths to the test. Individually welding 96 steel rods, each 4mm in diameter in a 20cm ring, takes not only a good deal of time but also a great deal of expertise. Master metalsmith, Carlos, pushed himself to the limit to make Stephen’s vision possible.


The finish is the perfect mix of nickel, brass, copper or graphite dispersed across nearly a hundred steel rods on each of the metal parts. Master finisher Andreu achieved a seamless natural luster on the electroplated surfaces of the steel rods, exceeding even the designer’s expectations.


The resulting Anwar family is an expressive new concept in lighting that provides both the right direct lighting for any surface or the most dramatic lighting ambiance for any mood. The family consists of three open volumes that may work individually or combined in sets of two, which opens a broad range of possibilities for shape combinations.

Chinoz, designed by Jaime Hayon


In Hayon’s hands, the classical urn shape that we have known forever is updated without losing an ounce of its former elegance. Chinoz is a remarkable table lamp whose various components come in a variety of finishes, allowing us to create our own unique and personable versions.

Choose from:

  • Ceramic body: green, red, black, and ‘ming’ finishes
  • Lacquered wood base: black, burgundy, or ocher
  • Glass diffusers: opal matte, glossy white, or black brown

Parachilna Chinoz Ming table lamp LightForm blog

Design notes: The base of the lamp is the outcome of Carles’ work, as he patiently turns the wood on a lathe in his workshop north of Barcelona. Later, this wood is carefully lacquered, a practice that requires patience and a slow deliberate approach of sanding (following the wood grains), sealing, polishing, painting, polishing again, and varnishing. The dimmer runs along a vertical groove in the ceramics body.

Come see Parachilna’s lighting collections on display in our lighting showrooms in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Download the latest Parachilna catalogue, which includes new 2016 lighting collections Babel and B15.

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