It was 1990 when Foscarini, still a small company just breaking into the contemporary design world, presented a blown glass lamp born from an encounter with designer Rodolfo Dordoni, who reinterpreted the classic lampshade in a new spirit. That lamp was called Lumiere and was an immediate international success story which has continued to this day. Finding its way into an infinity of spaces with its sophisticated elegance and cosy light, the Lumiere lamp is perfect for homes, offices, and hospitality spaces.

Foscarini lumiere-new-colours


In 2015, Lumiere’s 25th anniversary, Foscarini released a special edition of the classic table lamp: Lumiere 25th. This special edition lamp featured a blown glass diffuser with a special mirror effect metallic finish.

LUMIERE 25th table lamp foscarini
Special edition Lumiere 25th ON (left) and OFF (right).

Foscarini has also re-issued Lumiere in several gorgeous new colours: white, warm white, cherry red, and turquoise. These modern colours complement the frame options (polished aluminium, black chrome, or champagne) perfectly.

The Lumiere table lamp has a blown glass shade with the new coloured outer layer, a polished finish, and white inner layer. It’s available with or without a dimmer and in large (45″ tall) or small (35″ tall) sizes.

Lumiere is also available in ceiling and wall versions.

LUMIERE_tavolo_cromo nero ciliegia_ON_lowLUMIERE_tavolo_cromo nero ciliegia_OFF_low

Lumiere table lamp in new cherry red colour with chrome base, ON (left) and OFF (right).

LUMIERE_tavolo_turchese champagne_ONLUMIERE_tavolo_turchese cromo nero_OFF_low
Lumiere table lamp in new turquoise colour ON with champagne base (left) and OFF with black chrome base (right).

LUMIERE_tavolo_alluminio bianco caldo_ON_low (1)LUMIERE_tavolo_alluminio bianco caldo_OFF_low
Lumiere table lamp in warm white with polished aluminium base turned ON (left) and turned OFF (right).

We love Lumiere’s dual personality: when switched off, the lampshade is a rich, luxurious colour, when switched on, it delights us with a new luminous colour.

Connect with us for more information about Lumiere, and for contract pricing. Come visit our lighting showrooms in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton to see Lumiere and other Foscarini lights in person.

Lumiere desk lamp
Lumiere desk lamp 4
Lumiere desk lamp 3

About Rodolfo Dordoni
Dordoni is an architect whose work ranges across art direction, furnishing and lamp designs, exhibitions, renovations, showroom and point of sale set-ups. Some of the most famous objects of Italian design carry his signature.

Photos courtesy Foscarini.