Our weekend at LA’s factory in the forest

Luminaire Authentik Studio Tour LightForm Blog

Maude Rondeau, designer and founder of Luminaire Authentik greeted us as we arrived at the lighting company’s workshop, which she cleverly (and somewhat conveniently) constructed in her Bromont garage in Quebec’s Eastern Townships back in 2014. Due to an unprecedented demand for the product and an increasing need for space, Rondeau recently expanded the showroom to a building next door, a former schoolhouse. Both properties perfectly capture the creativity and originality the industry has come to expect from a brand that’s focused on made-to-measure lighting.

Rondeau has an engaging and accessible sensibility that makes it unsurprising that she spent 15 years in fashion, sales, and branding. As she led us through the showroom brightly decorated with her colourful and customizable collections, it was easy to see how she built such a passionate following so quickly.

Luminaire Authentik Studio Tour LightForm Blog

LA makes personalizing your light easy by providing 54+ standard colour/finish options

It was when she was trying to source a statement light for her kitchen that Rondeau saw a gap in the market for fixtures that can be personalized. She seized the opportunity, and the market responded instantly and enthusiastically. Today, her designs can be found illuminating residences and commercial properties across North America, including the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, the Musée des beaux-arts de Montreal, and WeWork.

Luminaire Authentik Fairmont Hotel LightForm Blog

Maude Rondeau’s stunning designs bring a very unique flair to all sorts of settings. Her distinctive style provides style in both the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel bar (pictured above) and the Montreal WeWork building.

Rondeau’s made-to-measure approach to lighting design harkens to her roots in fashion and retail. Rondeau has created a lighting collection where each component is highly customizable so they can be mixed and matched to create a tailored, yet accessibly priced lighting solution. A broad, yet well-curated palette of finishes broadens the spectrum even further, making the options practically endless.

Luminaire Authentik Studio Tour LightForm BlogTaking stock of component options as we build our lights.

Luminaire Authentik lights are made from an assortment of locally sourced components.

Rondeau had us each make our own Luminaire Authentik lamp to see how the process worked. As we transitioned from station to station – selecting components, wiring, painting, drying, testing, packaging, and shipping – we each gained insight into how the entire design and manufacturing process comes together.

Luminaire Authentik Studio Tour LightForm Blog

Hard at work: Jaime and Amy put their creativity to the test while building their own unique versions of Luminaire Authentik lighting pieces.

Because Rondeau controls her distribution, she’s able to keep prices competitive while offering clients heightened flexibility. She is also working on adding a 3D platform to her website that will give people a taste of the design process that inspires her. The idea is to allow customers, designers, and architects to create a fixture that’s precisely what they’re envisioning for their space and then download a spreadsheet with complete specs.

Team LightForm strikes a pose in front of LA’s original workshop.

As Rondeau says, this approach to lighting design and marketing all connect back to the reason why she chose to pursue her passion for statement lighting in the first place – creating an experience and shining a light on creative exploration. This tour of Luminaire Authentik’s studio is undoubtedly a creative experience our team won’t soon forget.

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