Finally, a user friendly modular lighting system

Linescapes is a modular lighting system that is completely changing the industry’s approach to high-performance diffused direct and indirect lighting because of its user-friendly design.

Linescapes System Advantages

Modular: As a modular system, Linescapes allows users to compose continuous lines of light with a simple plug and play design. With just a few changes any configuration can be made to fit your precise requirements.

Scalable & Versatile: See a configuration that you like? It can be scaled down for residential use or up for hospitality/contract use.

Upgradeable: Since introducing Linescapes in 2016, NEMO continues enhance the system’s offerings with new and compatible features.

Long-Lasting: Linescapes offers an efficient solution to the problem of replacing built-in LED sources, because its LED elements can easily be changed.

Cost-Effective: NEMO’s Linescapes is one of the most cost-effective on the market. The composition below (without drivers) is approximately $2,500.

This particular Linescapes configuration (without drivers) costs approximately $2,500!

Building a Linescapes Configuration

As a modular lighting system, Linescapes provides users with four Segments that can be connected to one another using four different Connectors. By combining these Segments and Connectors, users can compose continuous lines and edges–ideal for illuminating offices, retail showrooms, and residential and hospitality spaces.

NEMO Linescapes System LightForm Blog

Each Linescapes Segment is connected by quick ABS Connectors, which enable rapid installation. On top of this–once connected, each Segment is free to rotate 360 degrees!

NEMO Linescapes System LightForm Blog

Linescapes Segments


Linescapes’ Segment components include three types of lighting sources:

  • Plain diffused LED light
  • A diffuser with wings that increase visual comfort by reducing glare
  • Spots for accent lighting

There is also a blind bar that can be used as a non-illuminated link.

NEMO Linescapes System LightForm Blog

LED Segment

NEMO Linescapes Segment LED LightForm Blog

This is the standard LED line which provides a diffused light. The diffuser is made with an aluminum body and is available in black and white powder coated painting finish. The high-efficiency LED strip is diffused behind an opal white polycarbonate diffuser with a high transmittance value.

Wing Segment

NEMO Linescapes Segment Wing LightForm Blog

Linescapes’ Wing Segment is an LED bar that helps reduce glare and improve visual comfort. Attached as a polycarbonate extrusion to the diffuser, the wings comes in black aluminum or painted white to match the diffuser.

Link Segment

NEMO Linescapes Segment Link LightForm Blog

Linescapes’ Link Segment is a non-illuminating component that allows users to create more articulated compositions. It does so by providing a means to electrically connect the various illuminated segments.

Spot Segment

NEMO Linescapes Segment Spot LightForm Blog
NEMO Linescapes Segment Spot LightForm Blog

Linescapes’ Spot Segments provides enhanced illuminative abilities in the form of suspended spotlights, each with a head that allows 90 x 340 degrees of movement. The Spot Segment is available in two sizes:

  • 106cm long with three spots
  • 56cm long with two spots

Housed in an aluminum body, the spots house a 4W star chip LED and a 15 PMMA optic.

Linescapes Connections


Now that you’ve been introduced to Linescapes’ four different (illuminated & non-illuminated) Segments, you can start to design innumerable shapes and configurations by connecting them together using four different Linescapes Connection types. These connection types include the T-Shape, the L-Shape, the Linear, and the Wall/Ceiling fastening.

T-Shape Connection

L-Shape Connection

Linear Connection

Wall/Ceiling Connections

Use these four Connectors to create your custom Linescapes System configuration.

Download the Linescapes Systems brochure to learn more about the Connection Types and Accessories.

Watch the video below for examples of Linescapes applications:

Connect with us to learn more or for a demonstration.