Introducing two new suspension lamp collections by Axolight

Axolight Jewel Liaison Suspension LightForm

When it comes to lighting, creating the perfect balance between functionality and decoration is akin to achieving the golden ratio of architecture. Few lighting brands understand this as well as Axolight, an Italian company that has built its success over the past 20 years on the right combination of skill, knowledge, and material innovation. This autumn, Axolight has unveiled two new collections that reflect this synergy: Jewel and Liaison. While aesthetically distinctive, both contemporary lighting families share a key objective: to deviate from the status quo in favour of the spectacular.

Jewel Collection

Axolight Jewel Suspension Blueprint LightForm BlogDecorative lights and jewelry share a couple of key similarities: they both serve an ornamental function and when placed in the right room (or on the right person), can create an enchanting statement. Axolight’s Jewel collection by Studio Yonoh plays up this connection by reimagining the functional light as a precious piece of artistry.

The result is a collection of pendant lamps that immediately capture one’s gaze. A double-crossed arch, made of recycled ABS, supports an aluminum conical shape containing an LED light source. Four versions consisting of one, three, four, or ten lights allow the lamps to be displayed as a single piece or in a combination of multiples, while several finishes offer added personalization.

“We like to transmit emotions with light,” explain the Spanish design duo behind Studio Yonoh, Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma. “We want our lamps to be attractive when they do not emit light and emotional when they emit it. We believe that lighting creates environments.”

Axolight Jewel Suspension LightForm

In a ten-light configuration, Axolight’s Jewel suspension lamp brings strong emotional impact to any setting.

Axolight Jewel Suspension LightForm

The Jewel suspension lamp is also available with a sand-coloured diffuser – enhancing its lovely ornamental design.

Multidisciplinary creative Studio Yonoh has been creating minimalistic yet functional designs for over a decade. Paying special attention to detail and form, the studio has been awarded several prestigious design prizes including the Red Dot, IF Design, Good Design, and Wallpaper* Design awards – among others.


Liaison Collection

Cohesively combining three shapes—a sphere, circle and cylinder—Liaison offers a lesson in geometric balance. Despite its intricate nature, the thin circumference of the lamp’s handcrafted metal elements make the fixture appear delicate and refined.

Axolight Liaison Suspension Blueprint LightForm Blog

When developing the concept, Milan-based designer Sara Moroni kept going back to a statement made by Picasso:

“Welding together two or more iron tubes is very easy. Welding together two or more colours is very difficult. To weld together three or four you need to be very, very experienced.”

Axolight Liaison Suspension LightForm Blog

Combining Moroni’s ingenuity with Axolight’s experienced team of artisans and craftsmen, Liaison offers a decorative lamp that is modular, combinable, and dimensionally scalable. Its unique combination of shapes support an LED light source that is ideal for subtly illuminating a variety of spaces.

Axolight Liaison Suspension LightForm

The Liaison suspension lamp collection finds character in its versatility – using its assortment of sizes and finish combinations to brighten spaces with refined luxury.

Axolight Liaison Suspension LightForm

Three sizes, which can be repeated in a space or combined, give the end user the flexibility to produce unique volumes and atmospheres. Whether displayed as a two-dimensional or three-dimensional installation, Liaison brings the storied enchantment of European archways to contemporary spaces.

Visit one of our LightForm showrooms, connect with us, or browse our website for more information on these new additions to the range of suspension fixtures offered by Axolight. Jewel and Liaison will be available in North America March 2019.