Stickbulb debuts new Bough collection

Stickbulb Bough Suspension LightForm Blog

“Branching forms are an obvious opportunity for a brand that makes light from wood, but it took us a long time to find the right kind of branch,” says RUX founder and Stickbulb co-founder Russell Greenberg.

Designed by RUX – the founding creative team behind Stickbulb – and named after the main branch of a tree, Bough marks an exciting development for the Long Island City-based lighting brand.

Featuring a welded steel Y-shaped friction-fit connector that makes it possible to link three Stickbulb components without the need for tools, the Bough collection allows for the creation of dynamic new forms at an unprecedented scale. As an example of the dynamic, custom forms that architects and designers can achieve with Stickbulb, the Bough collection explores the space between the brand’s minimal aesthetic and expressive pieces – joining their growing range of signature fixtures made from sustainable and historic pieces of wood.

Stickbulb Bough Suspension LightForm Blog

“Bough is an organic system that grows from minimal pendants into more dynamic geometries at larger scales.” – RUX founder and Stickbulb co-founder Russell Greenberg

Each arm of the aforementioned connector is angled in two directions, setting in motion a subtle torquing effect that becomes visible when multiple units are connected in a series. Available in three sizes (Little, Middle, and Big Bough), the single suspension fixtures each contain three Stickbulbs ranging in length from 18 to 48 inches. The triple-bulb design casts light evenly on surfaces and an adjustable ball-joint connection to the stem allows each fixture to be angled or held level. These versions are the first of Stickbulb’s chandeliers to fit seamlessly over round tables, and are also ideal for hanging in clusters of multiple fixtures.

The new collection is also available as a Double Bough in three standard sizes (Little, Middle, and Big Double Bough), which instead uses five Stickbulbs spanning between two metal hardware connections. This design is optimized for rectangular dining and conference tables, but can be customized in length, ultimately permitting the fixture to grow to fit any dimension.

Stickbulb Double Bough Suspension LightForm Blog

Stickbulb’s Double Bough design utilizes two Y-shaped connectors and a pair of metal suspension poles to expand the fixture’s shape.

As with other fixtures in the Stickbulb collection, Bough is available in a range of carefully considered wood types including reclaimed Heart Pine and Water Tower Redwood, sustainably sourced American Walnut and Maple, and Ebonized Oak – in addition to a new limited edition reclaimed Heart Pine from the demolished Pullman Couch Factory in Chicago.

Stickbulb LightForm Blog

Wood finishes pictured from left to right: Maple, Walnut, Heart Pine, Ebonized Oak, and Water Tower Redwood.

Hardware finishes included White, Slate Grey, Matter Black, Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, Brushed Brass, Polished Brass, and Hand Blackened Steel, as well as custom options.

To learn more about Stickbulb’s sustainable lighting collections, connect with us, browse our website, or visit the Toronto and Vancouver LightForm showrooms – where the Bough collections are now on display!