Two new collections from FLOS

FLOS has recently unveiled two new lighting collections to much critical acclaim: Bellhop, a stylish portable LED lamp, and Wirering, a sculptural wonder designed by Formafantasma. Learn about the new lighting collections below and visit our lighting showrooms.


designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

FLOS Bellhop Table Lamp LightForm Blog

The category of portable LED lamps just got even better with the release of FLOS‘s new Bellhop portable lamp. Bellhop was designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, who expanded on their original Bellhop design for the London Design Museum’s Parabola Restaurant. Their updated collaboration with FLOS now includes an assortment of stylish tones – from luxurious white and grey options, to sophisticated dark brown and vibrant burnt orange finishes.

FLOS Bellhop Tabel Lamp LightForm Blog
A rechargeable battery makes the Bellhop perfect for any setting.
Small and elegant, Bellhop functions like a modern day candle by providing a soft atmospheric pool of light. Fully rechargeable through the use of a 120cm Micro-USB charger (included with each piece), the Bellhop collection is great for indoor and outdoor use. At full strength, the lamp’s battery – which is connected to a status indicator positioned beneath the lamp’s base – has 24-hours’ autonomy. This supplies users with strong illumination for extended periods of time. For more specific levels of brightness, the Bellhop’s push-button switch positioned on the base provides a very useful 4-step dimmer function.
FLOS’ Bellhop Table Lamp is designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby.


designed by Formafantasma

FLOS WIRERING Wall Light LightForm Blog
Wirering, the latest design from Formafantasma, is an exercise in reduction. Stripped back to its most essential components, this sculptural wall light delivers the most with the least. Wirering consists simply of a wire and a ring. From these components the technical and sculptural fixture exudes innovative style while providing spaces with eye-catching indirect light.
FLOS WIRERING Wall Light Colour Options LightForm Blog
FLOS’ new Wirering has three different finishes for the cable and five for the ring.
The functionality of the piece is quite remarkable. As FormaFantasma explain, the design intends to showcase the 2.5 metre cable – which is usually considered something to hide – as a main focus. This allows for the transmission of energy to the extruded aluminum ring component fitted with an LED strip. Enhancing this impressive capability, the light is dimmable via switch pedal located on the cable. The piece also features a power supply on its adapter with interchangeable plugs.
FLOS Wirering LightForm Blog

The object is exclusively composed of two separate elements: a custom made belt-like electric cable and a ring that contains an LED strip. Designed by FormaFantasma.

Wirering’s power-providing “wire” is fixed to the wall with ABS joints in the same finish as the ring, giving each of the 15 finish combinations a clean, uniformed look. Finally, choose from a smart selection of finishes: Wirering comes in three rubber cable colours (grey, pink, and white) as well as five ring options in galvanized and varnished finishes (black, gold, grey, pink, and white).

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