New chromatic colour combinations for Foscarini’s icons

Foscarini Be/Colour Capsule Collection LightForm Blog

Foscarini lamps live by night and by day. Conceived as design objects, they transform spaces, bring beauty, and stir emotion. They also seduce, surprise, and inspire. A physical presence defines these luminaires, not just a function. This understanding of design has continuously inspired the renowned Italian lighting brand to push the envelope with all of its creations.

Orbital, an innovative floor sculpture designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Foscarini in 1991, serves as a prime example of this approach coming to life. To this day, the distinctive five-bulb lamp isn’t just a luminaire, but an art object that always commands attention – whether turned on or off. A major reason for this is Laviani’s use of colour as a constituent part of design, rather than a mere decorative afterthought.

While it offers a more neutral white glass configuration for a modest look, Laviani’s Orbital design is also created with a distinctive five-colour composition that adds a striking flair to each of its light shades. Here, an assortment of colour changes the mood entirely.

Foscarini Orbital Floor Lamp (White + Colour) LightForm Blog

Colour and its virtues – from physiological to biological, cultural to symbolic – take concrete form in projects through a material. Colour conveys an idea of something solid, tangible. Just as we perceive the rooms of a home in a different way when the walls have been repainted, our perspective on an object changes when we see it in an unexpected colour or finish, making it seem novel and surprising.

— Ferruccio Laviani

Considering the transformation of Laviani’s classic Orbital floor lamp, Foscarini has collaborated with the designer once again. This time, the brand is working with Laviani on the new “Be Colour!” capsule collection – reinventing several newer lights. With Laviani’s expertise, Foscarini’s Twiggy, Magneto, Binic, Bahia, and Gregg items are all given a chromatic makeover, with truly stunning results.

Twiggy Floor

Foscarini Be/Colour Twiggy Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

Foscarini Be/Colour Twiggy Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

Designed by Marc Sadler, the Twiggy collection finds beauty in its large arched frame. Decentralizing the light source, this luminaire features a bent stem that highlights distinction between itself and the large lampshade. The lamp’s original design was available in solid black, greige, indigo, crimson, and white finish options. Laviani’s take on Twiggy features a group of tri-colour finish combinations.

Twiggy’s inclusion in the Be Colour! capsule collection highlights the structural traits by utilizing the lampshade, stem, and base to showcase captivating colour contrasts for a more playful appearance. These shade + stem + base options include: scarlet + rose + orangeturquoise green + blue + burgundybluish green + aqua green + light roseice white + yellow + black.

Magneto Table

Foscarini Be/Colour Magneto Table Lamp LightForm Blog

The nifty Magneto collection from Giulio Iacchetti is filled with personality and contemporary flair. Named for the spherical magnet connecting its diffuser to its stem, this lamp is defined with clear functional aspects. Its appearance emphasizes versatility and technological innovation. Magneto is given new life with a set of sleek two-tone finishes in the Be Colour! collection. Each combination accentuates the simple yet intelligent composition of the design.

Laviani’s revamped diffuser + shade finishes for the Magneto table lamp include: indigo + crimson, black + white, turquoise green + orange, pale rose + blue, and white + black. Revamping the collection’s previous plain black and white options with sophisticated two tone enhancements – as well as lighthearted pastel pairings – adds a completely new aspect to its technical character. In a way, these finishes work to paint the picture of an unexpected, “magnetic” relationship.

Binic Table

Foscarini Be/Colour Binic Table Lamp LightForm Blog

Foscarini Be/Colour Binic Table Lamp LightForm Blog

Ionna Vautrin‘s Binic design for Foscarini is compact and fun-loving. Its sleek composition is playful and versatile – catering to retro and contemporary tastes. When turned on, it provides an exceptional spotlight. When turned off, its lovely shape captures the eyes of all onlookers.

Designed in six colours (white, pink, turquoise green, blue, yellow, and anthracite), the Binic was already fit for various settings. Its original finish options allowed users to convey an assortment of moods. However, its Be Colour! reinterpretations build on its rich personality by separating the volumes of the lamp. Separating its spotlight and conical base creates a contrast between hues. This triggers an immediate change in the product’s personality. The base, previously limited to a supporting role, now openly states its presence and its function. With different visual results, the Binic now adds energy, character, and individuality to any setting.

Laviani’s new spotlight + conical base finish combinations include: ocean blue + aquamarine, malva + olive green, pale rose + burgundy, marine green + ocean blue, and black + white.

Bahia & Bahia Mini Wall/Ceiling

Foscarini Be/Colour Bahia + Bahia Mini Wall Lamp LightForm Blog

Foscarini Be/Colour Bahia Wall/Ceiling Lamp LightForm Blog

Bahia is an asymmetric shape composition that decorates and illuminates with an elemental scenic effect. Playing with shadows and glows, this Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere-designed wall/ceiling lamp expresses itself in a relationship between forms. Its off-centre stacked plates (three in the ‘standard’, and two in the ‘mini’ configuration respectively) use reflections to produce a spreading range of brightness, while also maintaining a glow that highlights the layered design.

The decorative force of the Bahia is multiplied by Laviani’s enhancements. Vibrant hues are added to the entire surface of the inner plate, while colour is also added to the edges of the surrounding surfaces to bring depth to the luminaire. The result is a captivating piece with strong personality capable of changing the mood in any setting. Bahia’s Be Colour! finishes for its outer + inner plates include: white + violet, white + green, and white + blue.

Gregg Table

Foscarini Be/Colour Gregg Table Lamp LightForm Blog

Foscarini Be/Colour Gregg Table Lamp LightForm Blog

Gregg resembles a stone polished by water. It looks circular, yet also possesses the perfect imperfections of nature. Celebrating the beauty of asymmetry, Ludovica & Roberto Palomba‘s design for this glowing orb is simple yet elegant. The rounded shape of its hand-blown glass diffuser is organic, but still conveys refinement.

These impressive characteristics make the Gregg table lamp a true standout. However, its Be Colour! transformation finds a way to add glamour, while preserving the originality of the design. Despite the subtlety of these colour additions, they effectively add to the character of the light. Available in two sizes, Laviani’s alterations features graphite and gold finish options for the bottom of the lamp. Each new addition to the Gregg light transforms the base (previously white) from a support surface to a striking accent.

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