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FLOS Noctambule F3 High Cylinder & Bowl Floor (Setting) LightForm Blog
Noctambule: the night owl or reveller

Konstantin Grcic‘s new Noctambule collection for FLOS is filled with breathtaking decorative pieces. Almost invisible during the day, these artful creations from the renowned German designer come to life when switched on at night – enhancing spaces with a sleek, reflective quality.

Each luminaire is constructed with blown glass modules that can be combined with one another to form standing floor lamps and suspended chandeliers. Designed with carefully calibrated LED technology, illuminated rings sit between these modules, showcasing a modern interpretation of lanterns lighting the way with a soft glow. Utilizing four glass module shapes (low cylinder, high cylinder, cone, and bowl), several combinations are produced – ensuring that the transparent design matches a variety of tastes.

Grcic’s vision

FLOS Noctambule Konstantin Grcic LightForm Blog

I think it’s really the technology of today that makes [Noctambule’s] poetry possible. Technology can be so sophisticated, so miniaturized, invisible. We had the idea of the light source as something that floats. Something that isn’t remotely reminiscent of the traditional light source – the bulb. Something magical.

– Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic’s work is characterized by a careful research into the history of art, design, and architecture, in addition to his passion for technology and materials. The new Noctambule collection embodies these facets of his approach – defying the odds with a creative design that not only interpolates out-of-the-ordinary ideas, but also utilizes modern technology with artful grace.

While Noctambule wasn’t initially imagined as a family of products, as the design progressed, the technical potential of the glass modules working in unison with the LED components was impossible to ignore. There was room for slight variations to enhance the aesthetic and functional qualities of the luminaire as a whole.

“The ring light was there from the beginning, but in order to make it float, [we thought] of the glass columns,” Grcic explains. “The original idea was a column. Having the glass modules, stacking them on top of each other, connecting it with these rings of light. Then we realized we could also hang the column from a ceiling – creating a lamp that you can imagine in a stairwell, or hanging in tall buildings like a chandelier.”

Respect the craftsmanship

FLOS Noctambule F1 Low Cylinder & Cone Floor (Setting) LightForm Blog

The beauty of Noctambule’s clever design can be seen in its unique, night-dwelling personality. However, achieving the clean, transparent, and contemporary look is no easy process.

Each individual piece is handcrafted – insuring that all Noctambule luminaires are of the highest quality. It takes a full team of trained professionals to bring Grcic’s creative blueprint to life – piece by piece.

Check out the pictures below to see the collection’s skilled artisans in action!

FLOS Noctambule (Making Of) LightForm Blog
FLOS Noctambule (Making Of) LightForm Blog

Whether produced for Grcic’s Noctambule floor lamp or suspension lamp configurations, each glass element is crafted with the finest precision – from start to finish.

FLOS Noctambule (Making Of) LightForm Blog

Mouth-blown and then placed into a mould, Noctambule’s modules are handcrafted by experts of the trade.

FLOS Noctambule (Making Of) LightForm Blog
FLOS Noctambule (Making Of) LightForm Blog

After adding luminous LED rings to the glass modules, Noctambule takes form!

The perfect accent for your space

Noctambule’s sleek composition allows it to blend into various environments with ease. Whether placed in a traditional or contemporary setting, the reflective quality of the design cannot be overstated. With the look of a decorative art object, its stacked translucent bodies produce a ghostly effect guaranteed to garner attention. When illuminating darker spaces however, the direct and ambient lighting takes the design to the next level.

FLOS Noctambule F1 High Cylinder & Cone Floor LightForm Blog
FLOS Noctambule S4 Low Cylinder Suspension LightForm Blog

Noctambule embodies a traditional lantern-like quality, while still using state-of-the-art LED light sources.

FLOS Noctambule S1 Low Cylinder & Bowl Suspension (Setting) LightForm Blog

This translucent wonder looks great above dining tables too!

FLOS Noctambule F1 High Cylinder & Cone (Setting) LightForm Blog

Even when they’re not switched on, these luminaires make a stylish statement.

For more information on the new Noctambule collection, connect with us, browse our website, or visit a LightForm showroom near you!

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