Designing with emotion

A study of Foscarini‘s lighting collections reveals the company’s keen ability to find maximum expression using any material, be it glass, metal, plastic, or cement. Yet uniting Foscarini’s diverse designs is one key material: emotion. In fact, when founder and managing director Carlo Urbinati reviews lighting designs to add to Foscarini’s esteemed collection, he insists that each design is presented anonymously, with no designer name attached. This way he can freely evaluate the designs, giving precedent to the emotion of the design.

This year Foscarini presents us with several new lighting collections as well as some exciting updates to some of their popular and iconic designs. You’ll find many of your favourites are now available in new finishes and some old classics reintroduced with LED technology. As with the rest of Foscarini’s lighting collections, everything is in-stock and available now at yours truly.


Designed by Eugeni Quitllet

Foscarini Satellight Table Lights ambient LightFormDesigned by Eugeni Quitllet in 2017, the Satellight is designed to resemble the moon suspended in the night sky.

Satellight is a suspended luminous globe, like the moon in the night sky or a fragment of light that flies, seeking freedom. Foscarini’s new Satellight is a simple, immediately understandable object, but at the same time it is original and profound in its poetic lightness.

Foscarini Satellight Suspension Lights LightFormThe suspension version particularly embodies the light’s poetic lightness, seeming to float weightlessly from above.

Consisting of a transparent body and diffuser both made of handcrafted blown glass, Satellight’s transparent body magically seems to support and capture its luminous core. The diffuser’s satin finish makes it like a “meteoric presence floating in the void,” even when the lamp is off. When switched on, thanks to a dimmable LED source, it transmits a warm, soft  light that never assaults the eyes of the observer, adding precious reflections to the shiny transparent glass of the enclosure.

Foscarini Satellight Table Lamp LightForm blogThe blown glass diffuser emits soft, gentle light and creates precious reflections along the transparent enclosure.

The table version will come in two sizes: one large, the other more compact, making it easy to position in any space or situation. Satellight is also available in a suspension version. Learn more about Satellight and get a quote.


Designed by Lucidi e Pevere

Foscarini Arumi Suspension and Sketch LightForm blogFrom sketch to completion, Lucidi e Pevere’s 2017 Arumi pendant is handcrafted into life.

Arumi reflects Foscarini’s ability to transform an industrial object made in die-cast aluminium alloy, into a finely crafted artefact. Arumi’s inner surface and outer border are manually polished, then joined by the handcrafted irregular finish of the outer surfaces and the three reliefs that bring rhythm to the piece.

Foscarini Arumi Suspension Ambient LightForm blogEven when not in use, the Arumi radiates precious beauty into the space around it.

Arumi embodies elegant, precious contrasts, making it beautiful even when not in use. When switched on, the luminous part generates soft and efficient light emission that is nonetheless gentle on the eyes. Powered by a dimmable LED, the light is transmitted inside a very pure transparent cylinder that terminates in a detail specifically designed to project the beam onto the polished inner walls. Thanks to this feature, the light sources – shielded from view – projects the light downwards and onto the inner surfaces, enhancing the craftsmanship and emphasizing the diversity of every single lamp. Arumi can be used on its own as a pendant, in clusters for a more dramatic effect, or in linear compositions (using Foscarini’s multiple ceiling plates). Compact in size but strong in personality, Arumi comes in aluminium or pale gold. Learn more about this new suspension light.


Designed by Andrea Anastasio

Foscarini Filo Table Lamp Colours LightForm blogAndrea Anastasio’s 2017 Filo table lamp has multiple identities and colours. Top row: Amethyst Queen, Ruby Jaypure, Koh-i-noor, & Teodora. Bottom row: Southern Talisman, Eastern Coral, Izmir, Emerald King.

The new Filo table lamp deconstructs the traditional lamp by displaying its individual parts – light source, decoration, and electrical wiring – in a playful manner to bring out their structural and aesthetic characteristics. By assigning elements not traditionally considered decorative (light source and electrical wiring) a decorative role, Filo asks us to reconsider our (arbitrary?) distinction between decorative and functional.

Foscarini Filo Table Lights ambient LightForm blogEven the electrical wire contributes to the design, creating a light necklace for the Filo unique to each identity.

Coiled decoratively into the limelight, Filo’s electrical wire establishes a dialogue with the glass and beads, playing a rhythmical game of role swapping. While the energy that allows the lamp to perform its function as a light runs within the cord, spheres and bulbs of glass also inhabit its braided surface. Electrical wiring is thus transformed into a necklace, with a porcelain cone diffuser projecting light onto the wire and the glass spheres which are ideally positioned as pendents.

Foscarini Filo Table Lamp ambient LightForm blogThe wide range of different parts and colours all combine to give the Filo it’s eccentric, essential character.

A wide range of colours enlivens the lamp with multiple identities, from watercolour tones to the transparent hues of Murano glass, bright colours with ethnic overtones to the fluorescent tones of contemporary cityscapes, making it possible to insert the lamp in a wide range of settings.


Designed by Ferruccio Laviani

Foscarini Dolmen Floor Suspension LightForm blog ambient Foscarini is excited to reintroduce the iconic Dolmen, originally designed by Ferruccio Laviani in 1996, now upgraded with 2017 LED technology.

Dolmen, designed by Ferruccio Laviani in the mid-Nineties, is one of Foscarini’s most iconic designs. This year Foscarini reworked it to adapt to the new opportunities offered by LED technology.

Foscarini Dolmen Floor Suspension Lights LightForm blogCapable of serving as a suspension or wall light, the versatility of the Dolmen makes it as much a sculpture as it is a lamp.

Dolmen is a piece with a forceful symbolic value. Its monolithic form, with four large openings similar to the portholes of a ship, and its unusual positioning against the wall give Dolmen a sculptural character–and assures that it never escapes notice.

Foscarini Dolmen Floor Wall colours LightForm blogWith the reintroduction, the Dolmen is now be available in three colours: aluminium, orange, & bronze.

Dolmen is now slimmer, thanks to its new dimmable LED light source. Strong and efficient, it nonetheless provides a warm, uniform light. The finishes transform its personality, suggesting different feelings and settings: matte orange for an industrial tone, matte brushed aluminium for high-tech inspiration, or a warm bronze colour for laid-back luxury. In all versions, Dolmen brings its strong character and immediately recognizable personality to any space.


Designed by Lucidi e Pevere

Foscarini Aplomb Red Suspension ambient LightForm blogThe Aplomb by Lucidi e Pevere has become an iconic of master craftsmanship since it was designed in 2010 . This year, Foscarini gives it a wider range of expression

The Aplomb suspension collection has been a design favourite for its expressive use of cement. This year, Foscarini is now offering this suspension light in three new colours that highlight its strong presence and irregular surface: brick red, olive green, and sand yellow.

In close collaboration with designers and artisans, Foscarini developed new chromatic variants to enliven Aplomb’s palette. The new shades are obtained with pigments added directly to the cement mixture. As a result, this has expanded Aplomb’s suitability for a variety of hospitality, commercial, and residential settings.

Foscarini Aplomb Suspension New Colours LightForm blogThree new colours will now play beautifully with the material character of the cement: brick red, olive green, and sand yellow.

Brick red, sand yellow, and olive green are the colours that join the white, grey, and brown options already on offer.


Designed by Garcia Cumini

Foscarini Spokes Suspension graphite ambient LightForm blogOnly a year old, the Spokes suspension lights designed by Garcia Cumini have already become precious staples of the Foscarini line up.

A project whose force comes from the lightness of its inspiration, Spokes is a lamp based on observation of the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Spokes is a lighting concept that plays with the contrast between full and empty, inside and outside, shadow and light, to bring out the matte finish that enhances the form.

Foscarini Spokes Suspension new colours LightForm blogFor 2017, Spokes will have two new personalities: copper and graphite.

Today the Spokes range includes yet another more vivacious, glamorous personality, donning metallic colours. These new colours change the interpretation of the design while offering new luminous reflections, making the spokes seem even more slender and precious. A particularly elegant graphite and a very warm copper tone transform the presence of Spokes and open up a world of decor possibilities, creating new visual sensations when the lamp is on or off.


Designed by Ferruccio Laviani

Foscarini Tuareg Floor Light ambient LightForm blogDesigned by Ferruccio Laviani in 2013, the Tuareg floor lamp has become iconic for its dynamic silhouette.

Based on the architecture of ancient cultures made with branches or reeds, Tuareg is a lamp with a very evocative image, like a work of Land Art in the interior landscape.

Foscarini Tuareg Floor Light White ambient LightForm blogMade of aluminium tubing in crisscrossing, random seeming shapes, the Tuareg has a unique, sculptural presence.

Tuareg is composed of aluminium tubing that crosses to create a vivid, dynamic, and apparently random three-dimensional form. This floor light is now available in a new white tone that joins the original versions in matte orange or glossy black, expanding the possibilities of choice and setting.

Foscarini Tuareg Floor Lamp White with Sensor LightForm blogOriginally introduced in matte orange and glossy black, the Tuareg now comes in a new, matte white finish for new levels of graphic contrast.

Sensitive as always to the expressive potential of colour, Foscarini has selected a matte white finish that creates a strong graphic contrast with the well-designed technical parts that remain in black, but at the same time harmonizes easily with different decors, while conserving its sculptural presence.

Lumiere XXL + XXS

Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni

Lumiere XXL Wall Light LightForm blogRodolfo Dordoni used blown glass in 2010 to design the elegant Lumiere XXL and XXS with a unique cut that divides the glass in a surprising and dynamic way.

The Lumiere XXL and XXS wall and ceiling versions are now available in brown and grey, in addition to the traditional white finish. Unique for its particular oblique cut of the diffuser in blown glass, Lumiere wall and ceiling are dynamic and essential forms that provide a sense of movement to the lamp and to the surface on which it rests.

It is possible to create a wide range of compositions by combining the two sizes or simply by positioning the glass in a different way. The conceptual refinement and beauty of the blown glass is joined by a timely range of colours, flanking the classic white with a grey and a brown that seem refreshingly cool when the lamp is off, and magically take on warmth when on.

Lumiere XXS Ceiling Light LightForm blogFoscarini also added new LED technology to the ceiling and wall lights.

The dimmable LED source is also new, a technological heart that emits warm, uniform light, completely encased in the glass diffuser for an impeccable aesthetic effect from any vantage point.

Le Soleil

Designed by Vicente Garcia Jiminez

Foscarini Le Soleil Copper and Bronze Suspension LightForm blogLe Soleil is now available in two new finishes: copper and bronze, further enhancing the lamp’s warm, natural glow.

Designer Vicente Garcia Jiminez played with the idea of a sphere composed of dynamic, irregular bands for the original Le Soleil wall and suspension lights released in 2009. Le Soleil now also comes in an original copper and bronze finish that bring new personality, enhancing the warm, natural glow of the lamp.

Le Soleil is a sphere composed of irregular bands, large in size but visually light when on, thanks to the blades of light that flow outward, like sunbeams glimpsed through a cloud.

Foscarini Le Soleil Red Suspension and White Wall LightForm blog Le Soleil’s design creates a unique effect of light projected both upwards and downwards through the bands. Seen above in its traditional red and white finishes.

This is the key to the design of Le Soleil, which lives on in the new version with an LED light source. Le Soleil produces an inimitable effect, decorative and illuminating at the same time with a beam of light projected downward.

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