Nemo’s latest lighting designs feature a Mondrian-like table lamp designed by Jean Nouvel and an award winning floor light designed by Bernhard Osann. Here’s a preview of the new Nemo lighting available now at LightForm.

Bird table lamp: $1,365

Bird table lamp

Designed by Bernhard Osann: “The lamp was born from the bold attempt to overcome the laws of Nature. It balances at the limits of the impossible, like a Bird. While the vertical element keeps the balance, the horizontal element emits the light.” This linear LED table lamp incorporates an arm that rotates around its own axis, allowing you to adjust it for direct or indirect illumination. Come and see this stunning lamp in our Toronto showroom.

Neo floor light: $1,352

Neo floor light

Like an elegant line drawn in the air, this 2020 Wallpaper Design Award-winning LED floor light designed by Bernhard Osann leans against the wall without the need for a base. Rotate its terminal light unit to create direct or indirect light. This is an elegant solution when you need to light a corner but have little space.

On Lines table lamp: $1,183

On Lines table lamp

Like a Mondrian art piece, On Lines is a composition of rectangular forms in primary colours. This dimmable LED lamp has an aluminum base and methacrylate diffusers set in tracks that allow you to freely position each one separately. Thus you can create infinite configurations of light and transparency–your own Mondrian painting. Designed by Jean Nouvel, On Lines is available in two colour palettes: white painted base and coloured diffusers (shown above) and black painted base with neutral and red diffusers.

Nemo Newton Insitu and close-up LightForm Blog
Newton floor lamp: $4,940

Newton floor lamp

Science-lovers take note: this floor lamp designed by Andrea Branzi is characterized by a playful reference to the anecdote of the apple that fell on Newton’s head, leading him to deduce the existence of gravity. The apple in this piece reflects the light that passes through the diffuser disk. Branzi designed his first Newton prototype in 2002, and after seventeen years the dimmable lamp is now back into production with Nemo.

Kepler chandelier: $3,217

Kepler chandelier

Designed by Arihiro Miyake, Kepler is a lighting structure that will appeal to fans of mathematics. Designer Arihiro Miyake designed it using the mathematics of Moebius ribbons, resulting in an endless line of light. Available in uplight and downlight versions for widespread and comfortable lighting. Ideal for hotel lobbies or living spaces with high ceilings.

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