We’ve just about made it to the halfway mark of the summer season but that’s not to say we’ve stopped thinking of ways to liven up our spaces. Luckily, our friends over at Roll & Hill have us covered with a series of new lighting solutions. Independent designers Karl Zahn and Jason Miller, along with studios Visibility and Ladies & Gentlemen have designed seven of Roll & Hill’s fantastic new luminaires.

Atlas Table Lamp by Karl Zahn

Roll & Hill Atlas table lamp brass
Roll & Hill Atlas table lamp black

It doesn’t take much to admire Karl Zahn’s latest. The Atlas table lamp, with its brass armature and illuminated glass globe combination is a charming addition to Roll & Hill’s contemporary lineup. The LED table lamp’s symmetrical design is enhanced by its unique metal-glass intersection while offering solid views from any angle.

Measuring 25x20x15cm, the Atlas comes in several of variations: polished brass and matte black. Where the polished brass shines as an ornate, decorative piece that makes its presence felt, the matte black version is slick, modern, and subtle. Personal taste and preference aside, either variant of the Atlas will sit comfortably atop side tables in a contemporary living room space.

Bounce Table Lamp by Karl Zahn

Bounce table light Roll & Hill
Bounce table light Roll & Hill side view 

The Bounce table lamp is described as “a compact spinoff on the original series” by Karl Zahn, which consisted of a folded aluminum shade strategically positioned over a light source pointing upward. This compact version, measuring approximately 44x57x33cm, boasts a folded aluminum shade and an LED light source housed inside of a bulbous ‘U’ shape.

With a wood veneer finish on the surface, Bounce’s inside is white to reflect illumination. If you fancy a variant more on the decorative side, the Bounce table lamp is also available in a white oak/brushed brass colour combination. This elegantly shaped table lamp is a great addition to a library or lounge.

Demeter Table Lamp by Karl Zahn

Demeter table lamp Roll & Hill
Demeter table lamp Roll & Hill
Demeter table lamp Roll & Hill  

This next piece, also by Karl Zahn, is best described by its own name, Demeter, goddess of the harvest. This LED table lamp features a design inspired by the scale often associated with the Greek mythological figure. Opposing elements crafted out of aluminum at each end join via an intersecting steel pole which connects to a marble dome base. Balance is perfectly displayed here both visually and engineering-wise. The Demeter is available in bronze and a brushed brass finish. There’s also a compact variant of the Demeter which saves big on the real estate front when placed on a tidy desk.

Bauer Chandelier by Jason Miller

Bauer chandelier Roll & Hill
Bauer chandelier Roll & Hill

Jason Miller’s new Bauer chandelier is the epitome of ethereal. The LED pendant features stacked, concentric clusters of hand-blown tubular glass. With dark tones that fade gradually into lighter ones, the Bauer reminds us of the natural gradient seen in earth-to-sky views. You can choose from four brilliant finishes including bronze, glossy black, polished nickel, and brushed brass. Couple that with either white/brown or pure white glass, and you’ve got a luminaire perfect for a contemporary dining space or dramatic hallway entrance.

Esper Pendant by Visibility

Esper pendant Roll & Hill
Esper pendant designed by Visibility
Esper pendant by Roll and Hill 

Design duo Visibility is all about boiling an object down to what it wants to be. The Esper pendant is a testament to this approach with its Japanese lantern-inspired aesthetic. Featuring a white glass unibody design, with steel and aluminum sturdily keeping the pendant together, this pendant is a gesture to the past that also appeals to the future. Its soft, smooth curvature is appealing to the eyes while an adjustable 8-ft cord makes suspending the luminaire as versatile as you need it to be.

Prospective Esper owners will be delighted at the three variations of the LED pendant, ranging from a compact pendant, to a squashed, tea-pot inspired shape, and finally, the full-size Japanese lantern of the future. Esper is a wonderful addition to a sushi eatery to mirror its traditional archetype. 

Kazimir Pendant and Sconce by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Kazimir pendant by Roll and Hill
Kazimir pendant Roll and Hill
Kazimir wall sconce Roll and Hill

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio have crafted some of the best lights around and the new Kazimir lineup is no exception. The collection is comprised of a pendant and a sconce. Both LED luminaires are inspired by the works of twentieth-century Russian art theoretician, Kazimir Malevich. One look at his works and you can see how perfectly L&G have encapsulated his cubist style.

Both pieces are offered in matte nickel and matte brass variations with pieces of textured and dichroic glass. The pendant-sconce pair is ideal for a restaurant our lounge with cubist-inspired furniture.

Roll & Hill is continuously designing incredible lighting solutions and we’ve just outlined a few of their latest ones. If you’d like to learn more, connect with us or visit one of our lighting showrooms in Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver to see some of these lights in person.


Meet Roll & Hill’s Designers

Jason Miller
Jason Miller is a Brooklyn-based designer and the founder of Roll & Hill. His designs combine beauty and wit into a functional, aesthetically-sound object. Today, Jason runs both Jason Miller Studio and Roll & Hill from his headquarters in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Karl Zahn
Vermont-based designer, Karl Zahn, has a penchant for wood and natural materials thanks to his time spent playing in forests and wood shops. His designs express a pared-down simplicity that blends modernist hard lines with traditional furniture craft.

Based in New York City, this industrial design studio was founded Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab in 2012. Since then, their aim has been to distill an object to what it wants to be, retaining what appeals to our human sensibilities.

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio
Seattle-born, Brooklyn-based, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio has embraced diversity in design since its 2010 conception by Dylan Davis & Jean Lee. From jewelry to home furnishings, this studio pairs material with function and draws inspiration from daily experiments and discoveries.

–By Umar Ansari


Images courtesy Roll & Hill