This new West Van residential project by Vancouver-based designer René Picard features the pearl-like Plass pendant from Foscarini. Picard says he selected the pendant for its rounded shape and glass-like shimmer, soft qualities that offer a unique and complementary contrast to the space’s strong lines.

Picard Project Plass ceiling light
Photos courtesy of René Picard Interiors.

Picard also liked the pendant’s dual-functionality: it offers a semi-diffuse light for a beautiful ambient glow as well as a direct down-light to illuminate the table below. He recommended the LED lamping to help his client reduce energy costs over time. It’s an added bonus that the pendant resembles a glass fixture while being made of polycarbonate, as it will be much easier to care for.

Picard Project Plass light 3

Resembling a Murano glass pearl hit by the sun’s rays, the Plass pendant was designed by Luca Nichetto for Foscarini. Plass is made of polycarbonate, a transparent, hard-wearing and lightweight plastic material. The slight irregularities highlighted by its light source echo the imperfections of handcrafted glass: hence the name Plass.

The light now comes in two sizes: the Grande is 75” diameter and 115” tall, while the new Media is 34” diameter and 50” tall. It can also be hung in multiples from a ceiling canopy, either a round one for a cluster effect or a linear one for a row effect. Colour options for the diffuser are grey or azure blue. Also comes as a table light.

Download Plass Grande brochure. Download Plass Media and table brochure.

Picard’s gracious feedback on working with yours truly: “Great service from LightForm… as always.”

René Picard is a specialist in luxury home and property location. His portfolio includes spectacular residential and commercial projects in Vancouver, West and North Vancouver, and Coquitlam. He has an MCID in Interior Design and also teaches at The Vancouver School of Art and Design. Learn more about his design services at René Picard Interiors.

Picard Project Plass ceiling light 2

Congratulations on the beautiful space René! Connect with us to learn more about Plass pendants or for help lighting your residential project.