We recently had the pleasure of helping Lionfish Developments illuminate one of their residential renovations, which involved reviving an old, historical home while injecting it with a modern sensibility. A tour of the home reveals an elegant and minimalist selection of lighting throughout. The result is a beautiful and functional home masterfully built with meticulous attention to detail.

Lionfish Developments

Valery Macri and Paul Pascolo, Principals of Lionfish Developments, share their strategy behind lighting the residential renovation:

“This renovation was a solid old home in Chaplin Estates. We wanted to approach the design by retaining some of the key original period details such as the old fireplace and some of the leaded windows. In marrying the old with the new, we added black windows and an expansive, glass walk-out to the outside.”

“Our vision at this point was to include lighting which felt warm and elegant yet simplistic in its design. Minimalist lighting fixtures were the go-to lighting used in three of the rooms in this project. These fixtures were specifically chosen because of their lines, how the light would best be captured in each space and the atmosphere it would create.”

LionFish Developments Lambert & Fils

In the living room, a minimalist pendant holds the seating area together with its elegant form. This brass light will impress those obsessed with fine details.

Lionfish development Lambert & Fils 2

In the kitchen, a trio of pendants with simple shades in matte black illuminate the island.

Lionfish Developments Lambert & Fils 3

In the media room, a more playful chandelier drops the ceiling to create a cozy atmosphere while maintaining the home’s modern sensibility.

Lionfish Developments Lambert & Fils 4

In the master bath, a dimmable, elegant triangular pendant suspended above the bathtub creates a sense of peaceful luxury.

“We used two of the RBW lights, both the Akoya pendant and the Monocle sconce. Both lights are LED which was part of our mandate for the usage of energy-savings options. But, the true beauty of each light is in its detail. The Akoya pendant is illuminated with its perforated shell, it warms the room with the glow of its pearl base. The Monocle sconce, being a very directional light, was chosen for the third floor hallway to illuminate the landing and provide a warm beacon of light.”

Lionfish Developments RBW Akoya

In the second bedroom (above), RBW’s blue Akoya pendant interacts with the feature wall while offering some warm ambient light. Made of hand blown opal glass and a perforated metal shade, this LED suspension light comes in six standard colours and custom colours are available.

Lionfish Developements RBW Monocle wall lamp

The Monocle wall sconce, a highly functional luminaire from RBW, illuminates the hallway (above) by providing directional light.

LionFish Developments 139imperial

Finally, a Smithfield luminaire welcomes guests in the home’s ample entrance. Designed by Jasper Morrison in 2009, the Smithfield is an elegant and efficient luminaire that delivers plenty of light. While it’s also available as a pendant, this ceiling mounted version allows for more clearance in a high traffic area of the home.

Congratulations Paul and Valery for completing another smart, gorgeous, and well-executed residential project.

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All photos courtesy Lionfish Developments.