Indulge Your Love of Adventure with These Portable Designer Lights

A masculine hand holds Circ M-3726 outdoor portable lamp from Estiluz over a well surrounded by greenery.

Circ M-3726X-M outdoor portable table lamp from Estiluz

Much like household electronics while you’re away, Christmas lights around May, and albums from aging musicians attempting to stay relevant, designer lights can be great unplugged. Cordless, rechargeable battery operated lights are more than just convenient: they are stylish ways to free yourself from the tyranny of the electrical wall socket! Whether you choose to spend your warm summer nights pursuing romance, excitement, and adventure, or contentedly hidden within a couch-cushion fort in the coolness of your basement, this curated selection of portable lamps will help you create the perfect atmosphere.

Carrie LED Portable Table Lamp from Menu

A man walks along a shoreline carrying Carrie LED from Menu by his side.

Carrie LED rechargeable portable lamp from Menu is as elegantly simple as it is beautiful.

Simple, friendly, and versatile, Carrie LED battery operated table lamp is the ideal companion for summer adventures. Carrie LED was designed by Norm Architects to offer you a way to take the warmth and comfort of Denmark’s cherished hygge feeling anywhere you go. Enjoy long walks through the woods after a summer rain with Carrie LED and your favourite friend (canine or otherwise) by your side. Then return home and use this versatile cordless lamp’s adaptable handle to hang it as a wall light for a cozy evening in.

Carrie LED portable lamp from Menu sits atop a stack of books on a credenza.
Carrie LED battery operated table light hangs by its handle in a tree at dusk.

Carrie LED’s adjustable handle allows it to be a table, suspension, and–turning the body to the side–a hanging wall light.

Muse Battery and Muse Lantern Battery from Contardi

A pair of Contardi's Muse Battery outdoor portable lamps illuminate champagne for two on a terrace at twilight.

The warm, luxuriant glow of Muse Battery portable lamp from Contardi.

Echoes of vintage lanterns ring out from the distinctive metal framework of the Muse family of lights from Contardi. Geometric precision marks the presence of the Muse outdoor portable table lights, Muse Battery and Muse Lantern Battery. The former’s opaque diffusers and white or black framework make it perfect for sleek, modern decor, while the clear amber diffusers and satin bronze finish of the latter favour warmer, cozier applications. 

Large and small Muse Battery portable table lights sit on a sun-kissed terrace.
A small and large Muse Lantern Battery outdoor portable lamp from Contardi sit on a shaded patio.

Left: Muse Battery in large and small. Right: Muse Lantern Battery, also available in both large and small.

Available in two sizes, Muse rechargeable battery operated lamps can be used as floor or table lamps. And, with their leather-wrapped handles, the smaller sizes are perfect for accompanying you on your adventures.

Candél Portable Lamp from Pablo

A series of tables in a café, each illuminated by Candél portable lamp.

Candél’s subtle and welcoming glow makes a welcoming addition to homes, restaurants, and lounges

Pablo Pardo designed Candél portable table light to complement romantic moments on warm summer nights. The fluted cone diffuser embraces the intimacy of the candle-like light thrown by the integrated LED. Touch-capacitive controls allow you to choose from four dimming levels to enhance your experience in Candél’s gentle glow. 

A Candél portable table lamp emits a warm glow on a living room side table.
A hand lifts a Pablo Candél portable table light from a tabletop, emphasizing its details.

Made from aluminium and PMMA, the regal presence of this luxurious outdoor portable table light is also extraordinarily durable, making it perfect for restaurants and lounges looking for a uniquely intimate lighting solution to illuminate their tables, inside or out.

A line of Pablo's Candél portable table lamps along a restaurant bar.

Durable and versatile, Candél battery operated light from Pablo is perfect for hospitality applications.

Firefly Portable Collection from Lladró

Cactus Firefly portable table lamp from Lladro
Palm Firefly portable table lamp from Lladro
A feature shot of Firefly portable table light from Lladro

The entire Firefly collection of portable lamps from Lladró. Clockwise from lower left: Palm Firefly, Cactus Firefly, Firefly, Lotus Firefly, and Sunflower Firefly.

Lotus Firefly portable lamp from Lladro
Sunflower Firefly portable lamp from Lladro

With the Firefly collection of designer lights, Lladró uses its signature porcelain to embrace and celebrate the carnivalesque. Vivacious and exciting shapes mark the entire family of Firefly cordless table lights, with each of the variants having a different floral inspiration: Cactus, Palm, Sunflower, and Lotus. Each portable table lamp in the Firefly collection is a celebration, a carnival rejoicing in life and exuberance. With its translucent porcelain shade, it carves the darkness with direct and indirect light, while also providing a warm and friendly glow.

The Firefly collection is particularly suited to lounges, restaurants, and other indoor hospitality environments that marry the intimate interplay of light and dark with the fun and exuberant aesthetic of Carnival. 

A moody photo of a herd of Firefly portable lamps on a grassy surface.

Vivaciously individual: the Firefly collection of rechargeable table lights

Giulietta Table and Floor Lamps from Catellani & Smith

Giulietta BE T portable lamp sits on a side table in front of a bookcase.
Giulietta BE F battery operated portable floor light sits next to a chair in a small study.

Left: Giullieta BE T portable table lamp. Right: Giullieta BE F portable floor lamp. Both from Catellani & Smith.

Summer isn’t all about excitement and activities; sometimes, you just need to unplug and enjoy a quiet moment with a book, a drink, or just the sound of your own thoughts. The quiet, calm presence of Giulietta battery-powered table and floor lights make them both ideal companions for moments away from the incessant noise of the world. 

The minimalist profiles of Giulietta BE T portable table lamp and Giulietta BE F portable floor lamp are each precisely balanced and touch-activated for both power and three levels of dimming. When you need to recharge and recapture your balance, bring Giulietta with you.

A feature shot of the capacitive touch-dimmer and lamping of Catellani & Smith's Giulietta BE F battery powered floor lamp.

The “floating” head of Giulietta LED portable lights was designed by Enzo Catellani to appear to produce light from nowhere.

Bacco Table Lamp from Karman

An Italian restaurant patio with Karman's Bacco portable lamp on each table. One Bacco is foregrounded.

Bacco cordless table lamp is a prime example of Karman’s penchant for whimsy.

Bacchus was more than just the Roman god of wine and winemaking–he was the god of theatre, of celebration, of insanity, religious ecstacy, vegetation, and fertility. Though the shape of Bacco–Karman’s portable table light named in the god’s honour–certainly emphasizes the vinous elements of its origin, it also represents a great deal more.

A line of Bacco portable lamps illuminate a banquet table at a wedding reception.

Bacco is summer nights on the terrace with family and friends. It is a moment of fascination with someone you’ve just met. It is the wink and the curve of a lip in a hidden smile between strangers across a room. Bacco cordless table lamp is the good time you’re going to have, are having, and had last night, all at once. This expressive and characteristically unique Karman battery-operated table lamp is particularly suited to restaurant and hotel patios looking for a fun and funky cordless table light to enhance their guests’ dining (and drinking) experience.

A selection of Karman floor and table lights on a terrace. Bacco portable lamp is foregrounded.

Karman offers you the chance to add a sense of dignified fun to your home or hospitality lighting plan.

G+T Battery Lamp from Contardi

G+T portable lamp hangs from its magnetic counterbalance strap over a bed's headboard.

G+T cordless lamp from Contardi attaches to a slim counterweighted strap via magnetism for maximum versatility.

Lithe and restrained, G+T Battery reading lamp from Contardi invites you to slow down, relax, have a drink, and enjoy time with your favourite book. Designed to evoke the shape of a bar’s tonic dispenser, G+T Battery is a remarkably versatile cordless lamp. Magnetically attached to its slender counterweighted strap–designed to hang comfortably over your headboard, sofa, or favourite chair–G+T Battery’s light will shine wherever you want it, thanks to its leather-wrapped adjustable gooseneck. 

G+T Battery portable lamp from Contardi hanging over the side of a chair in its counterweighted magnetic strap.
A detail shot of the body, power switch, and leather-wrapped gooseneck of G+T Battery portable table light from Contardi.

A leather-wrapped adjustable gooseneck and sleek on/off/dimmer control make G+T Battery a luxurious portable reading light.

G+T Battery can also be used as a wall or table light, with the optional wall plate or table fixing accessories. The battery-powered G+T unit can be easily moved between each of its available supports to serve the needs of the moment. 

The leather-clad adjustable gooseneck of G+T portable reading lamp from Contardi looks over the back of a chair from its counterweighted magnetic strap.


Knokke & Boucle from DCWéditions

An elegant dinner table illuminated by Knokke portable lamp from DCWeditions.
A rustic dinner table with wine for two is illuminated by Boucle portable table light from DCWeditions.

Left: Knokke battery operated table light has an angular charm. Right: Boucle cordless lamp has a lithe complexity.

Eric de Dormaël designed Knokke and Boucle cordless table lamps to be thematic cousins: similar in form, but different in character. Both of these battery operated lamps make warm and friendly decorative lights–but, where Knokke uses straight angles and order to create a restrained yet magical ambience, Boucle uses curves and seemingly-random shapes to stimulate and inspire the viewer’s imagination. 

Rechargeable table lamps that play with light and shadow like art, Knokke and Boucle are subtly expressive designer lights that invite your contemplation. 

Hipatia from a by arturo alvarez

A line of Hipatia outdoor portable table lamps line an elegantly rustic patio.

Hipatia portable table and floor lamp from a by arturo alvarez.

By combining mathematical precision with the rustic charm of stainless steel mesh, Arturo Alvarez has made Hipatia a vibrant and versatile outdoor portable table lamp. Whether sitting on your terrace, hanging in your garden, or carried for a walk on a moonlit beach, Hipatia possesses a charm and a warmth all its own. 

Hipatia from a by arturo alvarez hanging from a branch by its handle.
Hipatia outdoor floor light from a by arturo alvarez outdoors

Hipatia’s durable handle and elegantly rustic nature make it an ideal choice for exterior illumination

LaFleur Battery by Slamp

A pair of Marc Sadler's LaFleur portable table lamps from Slamp decorate a dinner table.

LaFleur portable table lamp, designed by Marc Sadler for Slamp

In LaFleur cordless table lamp, Marc Sadler sought to experiment with Slamp’s proprietary technopolymers to create a vibrant and vivacious–yet still simple–natural shape. Heated Lentiflex™ is hand-moulded to create LaFleur’s blossoming form. The light projected by its LED lamping filters through this remarkable material, bringing the entire surface to life.

Recently released, the new Velvet finish for LaFleur portable table light adds a depth and lusciousness to the already marvellous presence of this conceptual marriage of the natural and artificial worlds.

Slamp's LaFleur portable table light by Marc Sadler, in the new Velvet finish, illuminates a table in an atmospheric lounge.

The new finish option, LaFleur Velvet, adds an understated richness to LaFleur’s joyous character.

Personalize Your Summer With a Portable Lamp

A couple shares a laugh over drinks in the intimate glow of Davide Groppi's TeTaTeT Flute portable lamp.

Enjoy magical moments with TeTaTeT Flute battery operated table lamp from Davide Groppi

Portable designer lights combine style and convenience to provide you with a uniquely personal experience. A luminaire is more than just a source of illumination: it is an expression of your taste, and cordless rechargeable lamps offer you the ability to make a stylish statement of who you are and what you like wherever you go.

Express yourself with our full selection of portable table lamps available online–many of which are available for a limited time at 15% off during our Portable Lighting Sale–or at one of our offices and showrooms in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, and Winnipeg