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Roll & Hill Euroluce 2019 LightForm Blog

Brooklyn-based lighting company Roll & Hill takes pride in collaborating with the most exciting and independent designers to create a unique assortment of beautiful, innovative lighting fixtures. At Euroluce 2019 back in April, the brand gave us a sneak peek of its upcoming luminaires. Now, these new designs are available for purchase at LightForm!

Check out the list below to learn all about the new 2019 collections from Roll & Hill:


Designed by McKenzie & Keim

Apollo Suspension Lamp LightForm Blog

This award-winning Apollo design is all about the details. Brass and hand-blown glass seamlessly blend into the matte-finish armature. The Apollo collection features a balanced, double-stemmed luminary, housing LEDs in opal glass shades to cast a brilliant yet soft light. Available in 2, 4, 5, and 6-bulb configurations.

Each standard fixture in the collection grew out of the system based on various design needs and spatial problems.

– McKenzie & Keim


Designed by Karl Zahn

Arbor Suspension Lamp LightForm Blog

The Arbor pendant collection explores linear forms interpreted in 3-dimensional space. Featured in an ebonized oak veneer, these luminaires appear full and overshadowing at first, but quickly reveal themselves as warm and weightless contours in space.

Placed together with other pieces, they convey the idea of a bisecting plane; as though a knife had swept through a bundle of sticks and cut them all at the same angle.

– Karl Zahn


Designed by James Killinger

Cache Table Lamp LightForm Blog

James Killinger’s Cache table light holds more than a candle. Inspired by the need to contain a growing collection of new and vintage matchbooks, this modern reliquary – named after the French word for “hiding” – is perfect for stashing small keepsakes and private mementos. Elegant, refined, practical, and perfect for decorative tabletops.


Designed by John Hogan

Roll & Hill Coax Suspension Lamp LightForm Blog

John Hogan’s Coax suspension lamp is a coalescence of metal, glass, and light. The material hang serenely, appearing weightless against each other. Cylindrical echoes of transparent glass surround a tube of light suspended in air.

The cascading glass is meant to reflect and compound the graphic nature of the glass itself and the patterns cut onto its surface.

– John Hogan


Designed by Jason Miller

Roll & Hill Geode Wall Lamp LightForm Blog

Jason Miller’s Geode collection is made of three layers of solid, hand-blown glass, and carefully ground to a hemisphere. The process exposes a smooth, pale centre, and a bold halo beneath the coloured exterior.

Geode came from experimenting with layers of glass. The first one looked like a “magic 8 ball”, but with a few refinements it becomes a striking sconce.

– Jason Miller


Designed by McKenzie & Keim

Roll & Hill Nova Suspension Lamp LightForm Blog

The Nova chandelier is a centrepiece fixture with an elegant and energetic composition. This contemporary chandelier branches out from a central point in a pure, geometric manner. It features hand-blown opal glass shades that house powerful, dimmable LEDs.

The actual shape of the glass shade came directly from the geometry of the beam angle that the LED projected.

– McKenzie & Keim


Designed by Philippe Malouin

Roll & Hill Pole Ceiling/Wall Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

Rigid yet flexible, Pole’s aluminum construction and modular design allows it to create giant curves. Rather than uplighting or area lighting, Pole illuminates a broad range of space in multiple configurations along walls, floors, and ceilings.

We put the tent rods in a corner, next to a reel of LED tape When I saw these next to each other, I had the idea.

– Philippe Malouin

For more information on these new 2019 collections – in addition to other luminaires in the Roll & Hill catalogue – head to a LightForm showroom near you, browse our website, or connect with us via phone/email!