New Collection from Roll & Hill

Roll & Hill had an impressive showing at ICFF in New York this Spring when they presented the new lights to their growing collection. Founder and designer Jason Miller, along with designers Lindsey Adelman, Paul Loebach, and Jonah Takagi, have applied a fresh perspective to rethinking the form and finish of pendant lighting, table lamps, and wall sconces. Here is a brief introduction to the new lights that the team at Roll & Hill have dreamed up this year.

Endless, designed by Jason Miller

Jason Miller’s Endless collection of new suspended lights takes its inspiration from 1970s Super-graphics. After the reductionist intentions of modernism faded, some architects began to use large-scale graphic elements to define space. Graphic design became architecture; Endless was designed in the same spirit. Cylindrical sections and corner units allow Endless to be custom-configured as an architectural element.

New light: Endless Pendant, Rectangle – 12 Units

Knotty Bubbles, designed by Lindsey Adelman

New light: Knotty Bubbles Chandelier – 10 Bubbles, also available in Single Pendant and Wall Sconce

Inspired by Japanese packaging, buoys, and shibari, Knotty Bubbles is a sculptural light made of hand-blownglass ‘bubbles’ bound together with knotted rope. The entire collection includes suspension lights and wall lights of varying sizes and finishes.

Odds & Ends, designed by Jason Miller

Odds & Ends – Rainbow Wall Sconce

Odds & Ends is a series of wall lights designed in three basic shapes: Teardrop, Rainbow and Aquafresh, so named because it resembles a dab of toothpaste. The series, which is illuminated by LEDs, can be installed in multiples to create large installations of varying designs. Great as bathroom wall lights or as hallway sconces.

Odds & Ends – Rainbow Wall Sconce

Odds & Ends – Teardrop Wall Sconce

Halo, designed by Paul Loebach

Paul Loebach envisioned the Halo series as a graceful exercise in the use of energy-efficient LED technology. The collection, which includes a range of ceiling and wall lights, is distinguished by its use of cascading rings and bars of light.

Connect with us to learn more about Roll & Hill’s new lighting collections or come see them in person in our lighting showrooms.