Sculptural chandeliers

In January’s House & Home, Lynda Reeves and Suzanne Dimma talk about their top trends of 2014 (House&Home 2014 Trends). Their thoughts on lighting trends? The traditional chandeliers of the past are making way for bigger, more dramatic pieces that are sculptural, architectural, and jewelry-like. We couldn’t agree more! Here are some ideas aligned with this trend:

Brand van Egmond’s Arthur chandelier

Brand van Egmond Arthur chandelier blog

Brand van Egmond‘s Arthur chandelier channels the heroic knight’s commanding charisma: “He emerges as a conqueror when the darkness is fenced off, proudly overlooking the arena where he reigns. Behind his metal curtain he shines his light guarding everyone around.” Made of nickel and steel, this sculptural chandelier comes in four lengths (120, 140, 160, or 180 cm) and the collection also includes a table lamp, a wall sconce, a floor light, and a round pendant.

Roll & Hill’s Modo chandelier

Roll & Hill Modo chandelier blog

The Modo series was inspired by the kinds of ready-made, off-the-shelf parts that can be found at inexpensive lighting stores. Unlike those, however, Modo is painstakingly engineered and custom CNC-milled from solid aluminum. A big bold luminaire with lots of width, he Modo’s spoke and hub system allows for dozens of configurations, making it versatile and beautiful. Designed by Jason Miller.

Terzani’s Volver chandelier

Terzani Volver chandelier blog

A jewellery-like geometric design that combines thin nickel chains with the latest in LED technology to create a light that is both elegant and modern.

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