Custom Halo Chandeliers Illuminate Food Court

CF Sherway Gardens in Toronto recently unveiled its $550 million expansion, which included new lighting installations throughout. Cadillac Fairview’s in-house design team worked closely with yours truly and Brooklyn-based lighting designers at Roll & Hill to create these magnificent custom Halo chandeliers used to illuminate Sherway Gardens’ elegant food court. The special Halo chandeliers installation sets the upscale shopping centre apart as a design-focused space, making for a memorable shopping and dinning experience for visitors.

Sherway Gardens lighting

Elegant LED illumination: Halo chandeliers

Sherway Gardens lights

Sherway Gardens food court visitors dine under massive Halo chandeliers

Sherway Gardens

Made by Hand in Brooklyn: Halo Chandeliers

Roll & Hill is committed to on-demand production, which allows for each piece to be customized to a client’s needs. At Roll & Hill’s headquarters in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, parts are assembled by hand, one lamp at a time. Cadillac Fairview’s design team visited Roll & Hill during the production process to get a closer look at their handmade Halo chandeliers. Photos below by Cadillac Fairview.

Sherway Gardens lighting

Hand finishing the completed halo rings.

Sherway Gardens lighting

Preparing the lenses to receive the nickel plating halo rings.

Sherway Gardens Lighting

A mid-assembly lighting function test.

Sherway Gardens lighting

Gluing and clamping the halo rings to the light lenses.

About the Halo Chandelier

Paul Loebach envisioned the Halo series as an exercise in the graceful use of energy-efficient LED technology. The Halo collection, which includes a chandelier, a pendant, and a wall sconce, is distinguished by its use of concentric metal rings, clean lines, hand-finished metal surfaces, and the unique adaptability of LED illumination.

About the Halo Chandelier Designer


“My philosophy as a designer is to improve the lives of society as a whole by bringing value and meaning to the objects that inhabit our material world.”

Paul Loebach is a furniture and product designer based in New York City and Berlin, Germany.

Raised in Cincinnati, Ohio amid the industrial landscape of the American Midwest, Paul descended from a long line of German woodworkers — his father is a manufacturing engineer who developed new plastic forming technologies for Union Carbide in the 1970s.

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2002, Paul moved to New York City and established a design studio. He specializes in wood furniture and emerging manufacturing technologies.

Paul also has a growing interest in metalwork tools and equipment, including welding devices such as the Hobart hand welder that can be used in innovative manufacturing and construction processes.

Paul’s projects suggest an idealistic fusion of his family’s distant and more recent history: “With a hand in the past and a nod to the future, Loebach’s designs call upon the ingenuity of Americana and the curvy couture of neoclassicism, backed by progressive manufacturing tools and techniques,” writes Meghan Killeen, writing for Cool Hunting.

Paul’s design focuses on materials, experience, and the emotive meaning of objects. His practice stems from a belief that each design presents a unique opportunity to invoke change, and to adapt objects to the functional needs of our ever-evolving lifestyles.

He applies his hands-on material approach to a design philosophy that covers a range of industrially manufactured objects from furniture and lighting, to everyday household products.

Connect with us to learn more about Roll & Hill’s lighting collections or to create a custom lighting installation for your next project.