These Lighting Designs are Turning Heads at LightForm

One thing above all else unites everyone here at LightForm: our passion for lighting and design. We love when homeowners walk into our showrooms with a photo and ask, “what light would you recommend in this space?” just as much as when our designer clients email us saying “I need some lighting recommendations for this retail space. I need a high lumen output, items must be on site in two months, and it has to be within this budget. What can you suggest?”

Technical requirements, time constraints, and budget are all details that need to be considered every bit as much as line, shape, and character in specifying designer lighting. Finding exactly the right light for you and your project is often a challenge, but it is a challenge we relish. After all, who doesn’t like to the chance to do what they love? 

With that in mind, as we celebrate The LightForm Anniversary Sale (our biggest of the year!), we thought it would be only fitting to also celebrate our passion for design. We asked the entire LightForm family–from the showroom floors to the backend web team–to tell us what designer light has most captured their imaginations lately, why, and where they would most like to see it specified. 

Read on!

Planets Suspension from Brokis

Richard’s Pick

One of nearly infinite configurations of the Planets suspension light system from Brokis, designed by design studio VRTIŠKA & ŽÁK.

One of the seemingly-infinite configurations of Brokis’ Planets suspension light, designed by VRTIŠKA & ŽÁK

Richard notes that his tastes in designer lighting tend to run toward designs that are reserved and almost ephemeral in their sensibilities. Now and then, however, he finds a boldly decorative light that, in his mind, evokes the artistic sensibility of a painting. 

Planets, conceived by design studio VRTIŠKA & ŽÁK for Brokis, is such a painting. 

It is, in Richard’s words, “a total graphic experience, where lighting and hardware combine to draw lines in the space, create a volume of lighting, and introduce color–or lack of it.” With an extensive list of options allowing you to create your own entirely unique solar system, Planets suspension light suits a wide range of applications, but Richard sees it at its best over a long kitchen island or dinner table, suspended from a tall ceiling, where its cables will cut the space and its light will set the surface beneath it apart from the rest of the room. 

Nevo Large suspension light from a-emotional light

Stefanie’s Pick

Arturo Alvarez's Nevo Large suspension light from a-emotional light.

Hand-crafted from Arturo Alvarez’s design by the artisans at a-emotional light, every Nevo Large pendant light is granted an individuality of form

Every sensual unrepeated curve in Nevo Large pendant light from a-emotional light is hand-moulded, giving it an expressiveness that Stefanie adores. “I love how the light cascades through the fixture, creating beautiful shadows on the ceilings and wall,” she says. The soft, romantic look and feel of the light it projects makes Nevo Large pendant light ideal for bedrooms looking for a comfortably luxurious character.

Pennon Table Light from Bert Frank

Sachit’s Pick

Pennon table lamp, in the brass finish option, from Bert Frank.

The striking lines of Bert Frank’s Pennon table light grant it a retro-futuristic style

There is a crossover point where mid-century modern shifts to space age design, and Pennon table light’s place at that point is what draws Sachit to it: “I like it because it reminds me of a rocket about to be launched.” With a bone china diffuser cradled by a metal tripod base, Pennon does evoke the aspirational mid-century image of the rocketships that would soon have us walking the surface of venus by the year 2000. And yet, its clean lines and luxurious materials make it ideal for a desk or side table in a modern office.

Circ T-3716-W Suspension Light from Estiluz

Paty’s Pick

Estiluz's Circ T-3716-W linear suspension light, designed by Nahtrang Studio.

The combination of bold, straight lines and soft, warm globes marks Estiluz’sCirc T-3716-W linear suspension light, designed by Nahtrang Studio

Lately, Paty’s attention has been captured by Estiluz’s Circ collection of lights, which are characterized by their spherical opal glass diffusers. In particular, she is drawn to Circ T-3716-W linear suspension light, a frighteningly technical name for a beautiful luminaire. “I love how Nahtrang Studio transformed a simple linear fixture into something a lot more interesting,” Paty says, “the way this piece plays with asymmetry and balance without making it overwhelming is fascinating.” This intriguing nature makes it perfect for adding character and playfulness to a dining table or kitchen island. 

Dew Wall Light from SkLO

Adam’s Pick

Dew wall sconce from SkLO with the clear glass and brass finish options.

Dew wall sconce from SkLO is a simple expression of conceptual depth.

As a brand, SkLO dedicates itself to exploring the duality of glassworking. The sublime beauty of their products is achieved through a process that is laborious and elemental to the point of near-brutality. In Dew wall light, Adam finds a particularly expressive glasswork creation, saying “I love this fixture for the simplicity it evokes; it’s beyond poetic!” Particularly favouring the combination of clear glass and brass accents, Adam enjoys the distinctive fluidity of the individually-hand-crafted glass diffusers in contrast with the metallic coolness of the fittings. Especially when used in conjunction with the rest of the Dew family, Dew wall sconce would make a pleasant ambience as part of a restaurant’s contemporary lighting plan.

Làmina 85 and Làmina 165 Suspension from Santa & Cole

Anja and April’s Picks

Usually, when two staff members pick the same light we have a strict procedure to resolve the matter. Unfortunately, our deadline prevented us from locating a burlap wedding gown, a cheese danish, and the duck, but Anja and April managed to convince us that their preference for different models from the Làmina collection made them distinct enough to avoid the whole thing anyway.

Lámina 85 linear suspension light, designed by Antoni Arola for Santa & Cole.

Lámina 85 linear suspension light, designed for Santa & Cole by Antoni Arola

April is drawn to Làmina 85 suspension light because “it’s clean and simple, but still unique and interesting.” Also, Làmina’s high lumen count–despite the soft nature of its indirect light–makes it practical as well as beautiful, perfect for a long kitchen island under a very high ceiling. 

Lámina 165 linear suspension light, designed by Antoni Arola for Santa & Cole.

Lámina 165 linear suspension light, like the entire Lámina family, combines
clean lines with precise engineering to provide generously lush light.

Anja prefers the larger Làmina 165 for its versatility in general lighting. Again, the look is clean and sleek with a remarkable lumen output, but instead of highlighting a specific work area or central feature, it fills the space with its light. Moreover, Làmina’s simple lines allow it to blend with a number of design styles, as she has seen with recent clients including it in restaurant, office space, and residential applications. 

Puppet Ring SP Suspension from Vistosi

Amanda’s Pick

Puppet Ring pendant light, designed by Romani Saccani Architetti Associati for Vistosi

Romani Saccani Architetti Associati gave Vistosi’s Puppet Ring SP pendant light an energetic and charismatic presence

Amanda loves Murano-based Vistosi’s Puppet Ring SP suspension light because of its soft lines, diffused light, and sensual character. “I love the multi-size bulbs,” she says, “the smoky glass with the black nickel finish is so sexy!” Amanda envisions Puppet Ring SP illuminating a dining room or bedroom–the two spaces most people want to look at their best–and would love to create an entire finish plan around the fixture, “tying in fabrics, metals, and art to enjoy the shadows in this environment.”

Fiddlehead Wall Light from Roll & Hill

Suren’s Pick

Fiddlehead wall sconce, designed by Jason Miller for Roll & Hill, with the cream glass option.

Jason Miller infused Fiddlehead wall sconce, like the rest of the Fiddlehead family of lights from Roll & Hill, with an organic essence

Suren chose Fiddlehead wall light from Roll & Hill as his current favourite because of how its unique shape sets it apart from other wall sconces. Using blown glass cradled by metal fittings, the Fiddlehead collection was born of lighting designer Jason Miller’s interpretation of a fern unfurling as it grows. As for where Suren would like to see Fiddlehead used, his reply is simple: “in my condo!”

Respiro Suspension Light from DCWéditions

Tim’s Pick

Respiro linear suspension light from DCWéditions, designed by Philippe Nigro, in the 90cm length.

Respiro linear suspension light, designed for DCWéditions by Philippe Nigro

Philippe Nigro devised Respiro linear suspension light to resemble an open book as an homage to the art of storytelling. Tim shares this appreciation, which is why he not only dubbed DCWéditions’ Respiro as his current favourite, but has earmarked it for a place above his own dining room table in his new home. After all, as Tim tells us, “there is no better place to tell stories than around a dinner table with family and friends.”

Kernel Collection from Bert Frank

Krista and Julie’s Pick

Kernel linear suspension light from Bert Frank in the blue finish option.

Kernel linear suspension light from Bert Frank in the blue finish option

Although Julie is a fan of Bert Frank’s entire line of designer lights, she is particularly fond of the Kernel collection. “I love the minimal, geometric shapes and bold colour choices. Kernel is ‘over the top,’ but still tasteful and understated,” Julie says, which is why she would like to see it as the foundation of coordinated design schemes. Its modern character, she believes, would be particularly at home in a hotel, casino, swanky law office, or wet bar (though the last two may be redundant).

Bert Frank's Sedge pendant light.
Spate pendant light from Bert Frank in white.
Rift suspension light from British lighting brand Bert Frank.

From left to right: Sedge, Spate, and Rift pendant lights from Bert Frank

Meanwhile, Krista sees Kernel in a French Fusion restaurant (which I am very disappointed to learn does not involve beignets cooked via plutonium). In line with the French Fusion theme, Krista further selected to pair Kernel suspension light with one of Spate, Sedge, or Rift pendant lights to create a complementary assortment of interior design flavours.

Bola Disc Suspension Light from Pablo

Sara’s Pick

Pablo's Bola Disc pendant light in the rose gold finish.

Bola Disc pendant light from Pablo, with the rose gold finish

The blend of modern and traditional style is what drew Sara to Pablo’s Bola Disc pendant light. The simplicity of a metal disc combined with an opal glass sphere belies the effect that combination creates. The sphere’s soft direct light is beautiful itself, but it is amplified by the light reflected from the disc’s shining surface, creating a marvellous ambient effect, ideal for gathering places such as living rooms and dining rooms in both home and restaurant applications.

Lasso Suspension Light from SkLO

Christie’s Pick

A pair of Lasso linear suspension lights from American-Czech lighting brand SkLO

SkLO’s Lasso linear suspension light above a boardroom table, as LightForm’s Christie envisions it

The creativity at the heart of SkLO’s light of designer lights and objets d’art is the product of the combination of American design sensibility and the centuries-old traditions of Czech glassblowing.  “I love this chandelier for its simplicity and playfulness,” Christie says of Lasso linear suspension light, which evokes a timeless symbol of the west through loops of blown glass hung from a support bar and lit from a line of lamps within their coils. With its lithely intricate form, Lasso would look marvelous adding a touch of drama to a corporate boardroom. 

Moby Dick Suspension Light from Karman

Erika’s Pick

Moby Dick pendant light from Karman, designed by Karman creative director Matteo Ugolini.

Moby Dick pendant light, designed for Karman by creative director Matteo Ugolini

Nostalgia is the key element in Erika’s choice of Karman’s Moby Dick suspension light. Matteo Ugolini based its lithe and fluid form on the obvious literary allusion, which draws Erika’s mind to “childhood memories of my mother reading aloud to my sisters and me, all of us huddled around the warm light of a campfire.” To Erika, Moby Dick suspension light “is an elegant homage to that experience. The organic shape, frayed edge, and striking white shade break through the darkness just as Melville described the white whale in his book.”

When Erika first saw this light, she “recognized it as an old friend, described in my mother’s voice.” In her mind, Moby Dick would be most at home in a home library or study, or perhaps above a dark walnut dining table. Somewhere it “could bear witness to gatherings, or provide ambiance for anyone looking to get lost in a book.”

In the Tube by DCWéditions

Krista and Christine’s Pick

In the Tube 360 wall light, designed by Dominique Perrault & Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost, installed in a LightForm customer's project, overlooking a city from above.

In the Tube 360-1600 wall light, designed for DCWéditions by Dominique Perrault &
Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost
, is suitable for projects both indoors and outdoors

Krista is particularly fond of In the Tube outdoor wall light because of the effect it has as part of a residential project she recently specified. “Turned off,” Krista says, “the fixture is raw, industrial, and interesting–but, when the light turns on, it illuminates the corridor with a warm and dreamlike ambiance.” 

An in situ photo highlighting the contrast between In the Tube 120-700 outdoor wall light and a textured wall of stone blocks.

Warm light and complex inner diffusers make In the Tube 120-700 outdoor wall light ideal for textured surfaces

Christine, meanwhile, professes her love for the In the Tube collection of lights for similar, but distinct reasons. She also loves In the Tube’s industrial feel and the unique design, but is particularly enamored with the way it interacts with textural wall applications such as concrete, brick, and stone walls. “I recently specified it to be used on a moss wall,” Christine says, “I love the balance it created between the natural/organic backdrop and the industrial character of the light.” 

Viceversa Suspension Light from Kundalini

Alex’s Pick

Viceversa suspension light from Kundalini, designed by Noè Duchafour Lawrance, in the amber finish option.

Viceversa suspension light from Kundalini, designed by Noè Duchafour Lawrance,
allows for remarkable combinations of warm light and organic life

Many of us have developed new hobbies during the pandemic, and Alex is no exception. His recent introduction to the world of gardening and indoor cultivation has inspired an enduring fascination with ferns, which is why he is so taken with Kundalini’s Viceversa suspension light.

Alex envisions Viceversa, in the amber colour finish, adding a “WOW factor” to his dining room. There, the combination of high ceilings and a skylight would emphasize Viceversa’s unique biophilic–or, as Alex puts it, “Avatar-esque“–design. Vibrant and exciting, but with a calming effect, Viceversa suspension light’s lush combination of floral life and light would create an equally breathtaking presence in a living room, restaurant, or hotel lobby. 

Troag LED Suspension Light from Foscarini

Dory’s Pick

The new Troag LED linear suspension light from Foscarini, designed by Luca Nichetto.

Newly updated by Foscarini, Luca Nichetto’s Troag LED linear suspension light is the answer to years of longing from the design community

Dory is, if we’re honest, a little too excited about Foscarini reengineering the sleek, smooth Troag linear suspension light to use LED lighting. Still, we can understand his enthusiasm: Troag LED is the answer to years of requests for a union of low-energy LED technology with the curved wooden form of Luca Nichetto’s design.

And yet it’s good that Foscarini took their time because, as Dory will gladly tell you, Troag LED was worth the wait. Always a wondrous decorative light, Dory notes that, especially now, it is also highly technically-advanced, with an exceptional lumen output that makes Troag LED perfect for corporate offices and boardroom applications.

Aprile Wall Sconce from Karman

Erwin’s Pick

Matteo Ugolini's Aprile wall light from Karman

Elegantly frivolous, Aprile wall light from Karman was designed by Karman creative director Matteo Ugolini

With a background in graphic design, Erwin is a visual guy, so it’s only natural that a bold Karman wall sconce would draw his eye. Blending floral themes into its friendly fishy shape, Aprile wall light is lighthearted and fun but still, in Erwin’s words, “a sophisticated, uncanny conversation piece.” The fluidity of Aprile’s lines complements the softness of its ceramics, and makes Aprile ideal for a powder room, spritely sitting room, or anywhere that could use a touch of refined fun.

Puro Collection from Brokis

Jaime’s Pick

In cigar culture, “puro”–Spanish for “pure”–indicates a cigar containing tobacco only from a single source. And yet, within this purity, complexity of flavour is still possible and appreciated. This is the image at the centre of Jaime’s selection, Brokis’ Puro collection, designed by Lucie Koldova. 

Puro Contour Pentagon suspension light, designed for Brokis by Brokis creative director Lucie Koldova, in the matte black finish options, unlit.

Puro Contour Pentagon suspension light, designed for Brokis by creative director Lucie Koldova, in the matte black glass and finish, unlit

Jaime loves the Puro collection of lights because they are “minimalist yet sexy, structured yet playful,” and represent an infinity of possibilities to designers. From essential forms such as Puro Solo Horizontal to the geometric precision of Puro Contour Hexagon, the Puro Collection represents a remarkable toolset for building your own unique arrangement. The available finish combinations takes this still further–Jaime notes that, though she’s been in designer lighting for sixteen years, “these Czech master glassblowers blew my mind with the soft matte black finish when I saw it in person!” Jaime’s dream would be to draw on the available Puro lighting fixtures and finishes to create a breathtaking installation in a hotel lobby or other such setting with high ceilings, allowing the lights’ graphic nature to double as art.

Puro Solo Vertical Suspension from Brokis, designed by Lucie Koldova, in the opal glass and white finish options.
Brokis' Puro Contour Square suspension light, designed by Lucie Koldova, in opal glass and white finish, unlit.
Lucie Koldova's Puro Eclectic pendant light from Brokis in the matte black glass and finish options, illuminated.

From left to right: Puro Solo Vertical pendant light, Puro Contour Square suspension light, and Puro Eclectic suspension light

Atollo 233 Table Lamp from Oluce

Marianne’s Pick

Oluce's iconic Atollo 233 table lamp, designed in 1978 by Vico Magistretti, in the black finish option.

Compasso d’Oro winner Atollo 233 table lamp, designed for Oluce by Vico Magistretti in 1978, has become an icon of design

Marianne chose Oluce’s Atollo 233 table light as her current favourite designer light. By combining three essential shapes–hemisphere, cone, and cylinder–this iconic Vico Magistretti design creates a simple form that is nonetheless elegantly distinct in its composition. Marianne regards Atollo 233 as perfect for adding a touch of heightened sophistication to offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and studies.

Cuna Suspension Light from UMAGE

Brandon’s Pick

Cuna pendant light in the black finish from UMAGE

Cuna pendant light from UMAGE in Brandon’s preferred black finish

Brandon’s affection for UMAGE’s Cuna suspension light–especially with the black shade–grew because it’s everything one could want in a light, “simple, affordable, and providing just enough light for a small to medium space.”

Cuna pendant light consists of a set of brushed steel components precisely engineered such that there are no fasteners in the shade. A triumph of Scandinavian design, Cuna derives its form from function, with gravity holding its pieces in place to provide a soft, pleasant light. Brandon’s ideal installation of Cuna is rather specific, though it is hard to blame him: “it would perfectly light my kitchen table.”

Estadio Chandelier from Santa & Cole

Craig’s Pick

A line of Estadio chandeliers, designed for Santa & Cole by Miguel Milá.

Miguel Milá’s Estadio chandelier from Santa & Cole is a bold, formidably luxurious lighting fixture

A love of ’90s architecture–which, for those of you who are feelin’ just a little too spry right now, was a period that started over thirty years ago–is what drives Craig’s enthusiasm for Miguel Milá’s Estadio suspension light from Santa & Cole. “Glass bricks make my heart swoon,” Craig says, adding that he specifically bought a home built in the ’90s because of his love for the style. 

Estadio itself was designed for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, and was intended to suggest a modern interpretation of the luxurious chandeliers found in the great halls of palaces and cathedrals. Craig’s ideal Estadio chandelier would be the full 250cm size, serving as the feature fixture at the centre of a cocktail lounge or restaurant… but he’s not ruling out his living room just yet.

Lana Collection from Pablo

Levi’s Pick

Lana table lamp from Pablo, with the moss green colour option for the felt shade.
Lana wall sconce from Pablo, with the plum colour option for the felt shade.

Left: Lana table light with white finish and moss green felt shade. Right: Lana wall light with plum felt shade.

Levi’s current obsession is the Lana collection of lights from Pablo. Levi is drawn to the innovative side of lighting design, and absolutely loves the idea of a fixture designed to be so thoroughly versatile. Lana’s five finish options provide the specifier enough options to ensure the fixture can work in their colour palette without being overwhelmed by choice. More than that, though, the magnetic mounting system used by the Lana collection’s shades ensures that the end user has maximum flexibility in reconfiguring between the floor, wall, and table typologies.

Y Wall Light from Karman

Amy’s Pick

Karman's Y light, which, unbelievably, took three designers to create: Lennart, Matteo Ugolini, and Edmondo Testaguzza

The ingenuity of three designers created the lithely minimalist form of Karman’s Y wall light

Three simple lines comprise Amy’s selection, Karman’s Y wall light. Amy is drawn to the strong graphic element and the power of this exceedingly simple light fixture. With four configurations between two lamping directions, each offering a powerful 1600 lumens, Y wall is ideal for lighting dark corners and areas not equipped with a junction box.

Pillar Collection from Original BTC

Chris’ Pick

Original BTC's Pillar Narrow wall sconce, part of the Davey Lighting collection.

Part of the Davey Collection from Original BTC, Pillar Narrow wall light has a form at once luxurious and industrial

One of the greatest gifts a designer can have is the ability to see fresh yet fitting interpretations and applications for designer lights. When most look at the Pillar collection of lights from Original BTC, they see an array of timeless, classically-styled, elegant luminaires. When Chris looks at them, he sees a chance to explore the style of industrial glam. With forms that evoke the engine filters of motorcycles, cars, and trucks, Pillar’s sublime forms would be every bit at home adding a touch of luxurious class to a workshop or garage as a refined restaurant lounge.

Chamber Large Suspension Light from Lee Broom

Cheryl’s Pick

Chamber Large pendant light from Lee Broom.

Designed by Lee Broom, Chamber Large wall light indulges in contrasts

Cheryl is a long-time fan of Lee Broom and the unique sensibility with which he imbues his lighting designs, but there’s also just something special about Chamber Large pendant light that has captured her fancy. First, there’s the combination of transparent lead crystal and translucent Carrara marble, which she finds “stunning and so satisfying.” Then there’s the contrasts Broom’s design emphasizes: the lightness of the crystal and the solid weight of the marble, the soft, warm light filtering through cool veined marble, and there’s “something so pleasing about the straight edges of the glass vessels juxtaposed with the subtle curves of the marble diffusers.”

Chamber Large suspension light is ideal for residential applications, and, with their combination of downlight and diffuse light, extremely versatile. Cheryl has seen them used as bedside lights, in clusters down stairwells, in linear arrangements over kitchen counters, and in master baths, hung to either side of the mirror.  

And, because there’s one in every group: Cheryl couldn’t stick to just one pick (as, y’know, instructed), but had to pick a second favourite from among Lee Broom’s design offerings:

Half Cut Glassware from Lee Broom

Cheryl’s Extra-And-Also-Not-A-Light-But-Let’s-Humour-Her-Pick

Lee Broom's Half Cut champagne glasses.

Perfectly matched with Lee Broom’s own Decanterlight collection, the Half Cut glassware collection adds a distinctively opulent feel to your home wet bar.

“I love the pun with the name. I have a set myself, and during the darkest days of the early pandemic, when I couldn’t remember the last time I had worn anything other than sweatpants, these glasses gave me something to look forward to, a reason to be a little ‘extra’ during my daily cocktail hour(s).” 

A Round of Applause for the Lights and Those Who Chose Them

Thank you to the LightForm team for their picks! You can find all of these lights–and hundreds more–online during The LightForm Anniversary Sale, or through one of our offices and showrooms in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, and Winnipeg.

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