Our Favourite Floor Lights

LightForm staff picks are back – this time listing a variety of floor lights with unique charm and functionality. Great for leaving a lasting impression, today’s modern and contemporary floor lights are designed to transform their surroundings in an assortment of creative and innovative ways. Our curated selections are sure to provide inspiration for your next project!

Delightfull’s Amy Floor Lamp

Alex’s Pick

Delightfull Amy Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

Alex thinks that Delightfull‘s Amy floor lamp is quirky chic. Named after the late musician Amy Winehouse, this accent conveys retro flavour with a modern twist. All of the details are simply dashing – the combination of its glossy lamp shade (available in black or white) with lustrous structural components (painted in copper, nickel, or gold) makes eye-catching connections to Winehouse’s vintage style. This piece is so stunning in its appearance, even Miranda Priestly would approve.

Davide Groppi’s Hashi Floor Lamp

Alexandra’s Pick

Davide Groppi Hashi Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

The Hashi floor lamp is flexible both in form and function. One cool feature of Alexandra’s pick is that it uses a unique pivot point conveniently placed between its two “chopsticks” (which the lamp is named for), allowing you to play with the graphics of the piece. This metallic matte black-finished Federico Delrosso design is much more than meets the eye – with its adjustable capabilities separating it from the rest. Equipped with a dimmable LED bulb, this fixture epitomizes versatility.

Axo Light’s Orchid Floor Lamp

Amy’s Pick

AxoLight Orchid Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

Amy loves that the Orchid floor lamp is an ultra-practical, multi-directional, and functional piece. It adds a new, elegant twist to the aesthetics of any residential space. With a design characterized by the use of cone-shaped shades housing LED bulbs, this thin accent illuminates from numerous angles – giving it the ability to provide a unique spotlight effect in several areas within a room.

Parachilna’s Oiphorique Floor Lamp

André’s Pick

Parachilna Oiphorique Floor Structure LightForm Blog

In André’s opinion, Atelier Oï‘s unique Oiphorique design is unlike any other lighting accent. Somewhat similar to a jellyfish in the way that it moves, its living and “breathing” form ensures that it will garner attention in any setting. Designed with textile material offering flexibility for its springy movements, it offers a refreshing take on floor lighting – making it an art object just as much as a floor lamp.

Pablo Designs’ Contour Floor Light

Andrea’s Pick

Pablo Designs Contour Floor Light LightForm Blog

The Contour floor light from Pablo Designs is in a league of its own. With a modern and minimalist shape highlighted by rounded edges and a superb combination of materials – your choice of a rich woven fabric or hardwood interior within an aluminum frame – this innovative design leaves a lovely impression in any space. Andrea’s pick provides not only a touch of brightness, but also a spot for showcasing small items like books or flowers. Furthermore, this piece features an integrated USB port, perfect for charging your mobile devices.

Stickbulb’s Big Bang Floor Lamp

Anja’s Pick

Stickbulb Big Bang Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

The Stickbulb brand is characterized by a few key principles – customization, creativity, versatility, and sustainability. Embodying each of these fundamental concepts, the fascinating possibilities of the brand’s innovative combination of wood and energy-efficient LED lighting are on full display in the modern Big Bang floor light design that Anja adores. The floor lamp model stands 274cm tall – making use of five Stickbulbs of varying lengths. Available in maple, walnut, reclaimed heart pine, ebonized oak, and reclaimed water tower redwood options – as well as a selection of light colour temperatures – this practical and minimalist collection is yours to explore.

Flos’ Toio Floor Lamp

Brandon’s Pick

Flos Toio Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

The Toio floor lamp from Flos has an industrial yet playful design that doesn’t take up much room. Equipped with an adjustable stem that allows cord wrapping on its base, the nifty structure of Brandon’s pick exemplifies versatility. With a 300W bulb included, the Toio is a nice and bright torchiere accent perfect for providing indirect lighting. Originally constructed in the early 1960s, the Toio has a fascinating retro look still perfect for making a strong statement in the present day. Furthermore, this piece is so beloved that it’s earned a spot in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York!

Moooi’s Horse Floor Structure

Cheryl’s Pick

Moooi Horse Floor Structure LightForm Blog

Cheryl read The Black Stallion series nearly 100 times when she little – since then, she’s always wanted a horse. Unfortunately, she lives in the city and travels a lot, so this dream is unlikely to become a reality anytime soon. Moooi‘s Horse lamp is really the next best thing. It brings surprise and delight to anyone seeing it for the first time. It was also designed by a trio of skilled women from Front Designs who choose to interpret their inspiration for the light quite literally. Cheryl loves this tidbit – especially when considering that so many designers take a more metaphorical approach with their inspirations. It’s iconoclastic and fun–practicality be damned!

Davide Groppi’s Sampei Outdoor Floor Lamp

Christine’s Pick

Davide Groppi Sampei Outdoor Floor Light LightForm Blog

Christine loves Davide Groppi and his knack for using of light and dark in the effort of creating dramatic scenes. He often references the painting technique chiaroscuro as an inspiration. This particular fixture has a charming story: Sampei is the name of a Japanese cartoon character who is a fisherman – the fixture was designed to be representative of a little Japanese boy fishing by the river. Christine finds the piece particularly sweet because it sparks memories of her little boy fishing off the dock at the cottage.

Terzani’s Hugo Floor Light

Craig’s Pick

Terzani Hugo Floor Light LightForm Blog

The Hugo floor light from Terzani can make anyone smile. Designed by Jean-Francois Crochet, this piece has a real sense of sculptural whimsy that gives character to residential settings. Composed of hand-forged metal stems and made to warm spaces with its dimmable halogen bulb, Hugo exemplifies the unexpected in its abstract appearance. In a certain way, this tall and timeless accent reminds Craig of Cousin It from the Addams Family – providing fascination, fun, and humour to all who observe.

Moooi’s Perch Floor Lamp

Erwin’s Pick

Moooi Perch Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

Erwin references the beauty of reinvented nature in his pick. Umut Yamac’s bird-inspired Perch floor lamp is unique, playful, and designed to stand out. The utilization of polypropylene housing for its LED bulb provides a whimsical touch very reminiscent of origami. Accenting the natural look is a brass-finished steel structure that serves as a bough. This allows the winged wonder to bask in its warm glow at the perfect height.

FontanaArte’s Tripod Floor Lamp

Gillian’s Pick

FontanaArte Tripod Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

For Gillian, the Tripod floor lamp encompasses so many fantastic elements. The soft, ambient LED light emitted from the globe, the functionality of the adjustable LED spot lights, the simple linear lines, and the classic finishes all make this lamp a complete work of art. Its structure is incredibly modern – utilizing a lovely juxtaposition of details (brass coated fixtures, white frosted glass, and a sleek black frame), as well as flawless angles that convey an overall sense of lightness and stability to create a stunning display.

Davide Groppi’s Pablo Floor Light

Harry’s Pick

Davide Groppi Pablo Floor Light LightForm Blog

The Pablo floor light from Davide Groppi is completely unique. Harry’s favourite floor light functions as both a light source and an artistic décor accent crafted to lean against wall surfaces. Its minimalistic design combines with nice selection of colour options that make it any amazing choice for any environment. Great for parties and other social gatherings, this fantastic LED fixture illuminates in style and transforms spaces with ease!

Axo Light’s Plumage 180 Floor Lamp

Jaime’s Pick

Davide Groppi Plumage 180 Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

According to Jaime, the massive scale and playful nature of the Plumage 180 makes it look as if it belongs in the stories of Dr. Seuss. Made to garner attention, this Vanessa Vivian-designed light draws influence from the beauty of overlapping bird feathers. She reintegrates the visually-striking arrangements in metal and fabric lamp diffusers that surround an LED bulb in style. Available in an assortment of colours (including red, orange, fuchsia, green, and more), this dynamic floor lamp can be used to bring depth and vibrance to residential, commercial, and hospitality settings alike.

Catellani & Smith’s Shadow Floor Lamp

James’ Pick

Catellani & Smith Shadow Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

The Shadow floor lamp uses a clever combination of floor and suspension lighting to create a soft ambience. The understated beauty of the design made its selection a no-brainer for James. This fixture is very unique in the way that it uses shadows to provide a large feature, while simultaneously maintaining its subtle style through utilizing a small translucent gold cloth and a near invisible LED light source. Its charming simplicity is a delight to observe.

Stickbulb’s X Light

Monika’s Pick

Stickbulb X Floor Light LightForm Blog

The X Light‘s single triangular closed shape with bronzed glass top is a perfect engineered design. As Monika explains, the X Light fits with any interior as a piece of design that blends into any space as a not just a source of illumination, but furniture too. The Stickbulb wood options make it customizable  too – with maple, walnut, reclaimed heart pine, ebonized oak, and reclaimed water tower redwood materials that all offer a different natural look.

Estiluz’s Volta Floor Light

Richard’s Pick

Estiluz Volta Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

Richard likes how the Nahtrang Studio-designed Volta floor light adheres to Mies van der Rohe’s famous adage: “less is more”. Without too much bulk, its refined narrow stem provides all that’s needed from a floor-based reading light. Adding to the benefits of its clean and practical structure, the aluminum LED diffuser of this modern accent is cool to the touch and comes finished in matte black or satin gold – making a timeless statement.

Parachilna’s Gweilo Floor Light

Steven’s Pick

Parachilna Gweilo Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

The Gweilo floor light is a true standout. Made from acrylic sheets moulded by hand over oven heat, the design is defined by uniqueness. Despite showcasing similarities to one another, no two pieces are exactly the same. Steven really likes how the beautiful textures draw intrigue in the forms they take – often simultaneously conveying masculinity and femininity. The fixture’s translucent nature is also a strong feature, positively impacting the beautiful shadows and reflections it casts in any environment.

Foscarini’s Twice as Twiggy Floor Lamp

Tim’s Pick

Foscarini Twice as Twiggy Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

Tim loves the sheer size and scale of Foscarini‘s Twice as Twiggy floor lamp. This updated version of the original classic is twice the size and available as an outdoor LED floor light. Despite its grand presence, this Marc Sadler-designed fixture still feels light and airy. The arcing shape of this light was initially inspired by a fishing rod, and Tim loves the fact that Foscarini uses a local fishing rod company in Venice to manufacture the lamp stem.

Flos’ IC Floor Lamp

Tina’s Pick

Flos IC Floor Lamp LightForm Blog

Tina’s favourite light conveys luxury through simplicity. With a thin structure seamlessly providing support for a warm spherical diffused light, the IC Light  exemplifies delicate balance. This Michael Anastassiades design is a brilliant representation of his approach to floor lights – showcasing industrial simplicity. Without going over the top, this piece focuses on functionality and clean elegance. Featuring an on-cord dimmer for its LED bulb – in addition to brass and chrome finishes – this light is perfect for setting the mood stylishly.

Our vast catalogue of floor lights doesn’t end with these amazing picks. With so many finishes, shapes, sizes, and styles, our floor lights are sure to enhance your project. To find out more about floor lighting options, connect with us, browse our website, or visit a LightForm showroom and take a look in-person!