Make the most of summer with great outdoor lighting

Beers on the beach… cocktails on the patio… rosé all day… Summertime is upon us! Time to get your patios, terraces, and decks ready so you can enjoy those warm summer nights. The best way to create a cozy outdoor space is by adding some great outdoor lighting. We polled our staff to bring you this list of our favourite outdoor lights, just in time for patio season–cheers!

Projecteur 365
Designed by Le Corbusier and made by NEMO

Amy & Harry’s Pick
NEMO Projecteur 365 Wall/Ceiling LightForm Blog

The classic presence of Le Corbusier’s Projecteur 365 collection makes it a true standout among outdoor lights. Designed back in 1954 for the Chandigarh High Court in India, Amy & Harry’s pick has an industrial yet refined feel that remains relevant over six decades later. Timeless and sophisticated, this piece works equally well on villa walls as it does modern mansions. Now revamped by NEMO with today’s lighting technology, Projecteur is here to stay.

Borne Béton
Designed by Le Corbusier and made by NEMO

Vanessa’s Pick
Nemo Borne Beton Floor
Nemo Borne Beton Floor

Vanessa loves the Borne Béton floor light, designed by her favourite architect – Le Corbusier. Visiting the Unite D’Habitation in Marseille, France and seeing the original collection in person played a huge part in helping her gain a deeper appreciation of the design. Borne Béton has a classic feel that exudes style. A uniquely-shaped utilization of concrete makes these outdoor lights more than capable of standing alone as architectural wonders. The state-of-the-art LED lighting is a bonus!

Sampei 440
Designed by Enzo Calabrese and Davide Groppi

Alexandra’s Pick
Davide Groppi Sampei Outdoor LightForm Blog

Alexandra’s favourite outdoor light is the Sampei 440 collaboration designed by Enzo Calabrese and Davide Groppi. Modelled after a fishing pole, Sampei’s defining feature is its slender frame – which can be elevated to 4.4 metres! With a solid ground footprint, this luminaire’s thin profile blends into the background so the source of illumination is barely noticeable. Great when you want to light a dining table without having large objects ruining the view. Available in matte black and white finishes.

Designed by Omar Carraglia for Davide Groppi

Anja’s Pick
Davide Groppi Imu Outdoor LightForm Blog

The fun and quirky design of Omar Carraglia’s Imu outdoor wall light makes it Anja’s choice. Illuminating everything that passes beneath, it gives off a warm and friendly vibe. Resembling a birdhouse, this unexpected luminaire is perfectly suited for the outdoors – and is particularly great for residential entryways that could use a whimsical touch. Welcome home!

Designed by Neri & Hu for Parachilna

Monika & Richard’s Pick
Parachilna Denglong Suspension LightForm Blog

Monika and Richard love the Denglong collection because of its unique combination of antique and modern appeal. There’s nothing “cute” about this Asian-inspired lantern-like design from Neri & Hu. Made with concrete and glass, Denglong has a large scale that commands importance as both an object and a luminaire. It’s bold and beautiful. Available in suspension and floor lamp versions, this collection produces a warm ambient glow that peaks through the steel mesh frame. Perfect for setting the scene on the patio!

Designed by Ben Swildens for FontanaArte

Lana’s Pick
FontanaArte Uovo Outdoor LightForm Blog

The egg-shaped Uovo outdoor floor lamp gets Lana’s vote. With a soft, soothing shape, this FontanaArte luminaire is a subtle addition to a terrace or garden. It leaves a lasting impression without demanding attention. Uovo is versatile enough to function as a centrepiece and a decorative accent throughout a garden.

Designed by Gonzalo Mila & Miguel Mila for Santa & Cole

Vanesa’s Pick
Santa & Cole Amigo Wall/Ceiling LightForm Blog

Vanesa is a huge fan of the Amigo outdoor wall/ceiling light from Santa & Cole. She loves this minimalist wall light for its lack of extravagant ornamentation and decoration–a sleek and clever profile is all it needs to emphasize form and function. Built with metal and translucent methacrylate in a white finish, Amigo’s glowing ring structure enhances outdoor spaces with its strong contemporary appeal.

From Ares

Brandon’s Pick
Ares LamegaDina Outdoor LightForm Blog

AresLamegaDina outdoor floor lamp is Brandon’s favourite. Formed in the shape of a giant light bulb, this outdoor floor light is both playful and practical – instilling awe amongst onlookers, while its portable capabilities give it impressive versatility. Great for restaurant patios, private terraces, and everything in between. Choose from six finish options for the screw-on cap to give it your personal touch.

Designed by David Abad for B.lux

Anita & Craig’s Pick
B.lux AMS Outdoor LightForm Blog

Anita and Craig both love the B.lux AMS outdoor lights because of their unexpected, stylish appearance. Like a hidden jewel, this stunning luminaire plays with light and reflections to produce an eye-catching glow. Available in three sizes and two finish options (corten steel and stainless steel), its design is defined by a sporadic assortment of holes that allow the light to peek through. The result is an outdoor floor light that produces a beautiful ambient glow.

Designed by Jorge Pensi for B.lux

Andre’s Pick
B.lux Boletus Outdoor LightForm Blog

The glowing Boletus outdoor lamp has Andre impressed. With a stunning contemporary design, this mushroom-inspired light changes the feel of outdoor spaces while also providing a surface to rest small items. It’s smart, practical, clean, and simple. Sometimes less is more. It’s available in wired and wireless configurations too, giving it the added portable versatility that other luminaires sometimes lack.

Designed by Mario Ruiz for B.lux

Eliane’s Pick
B.lux Frame Outdoor LightForm Blog

Eliane likes the modern aspects of the Frame outdoor floor lamp from B.lux. This floor light has sharp, refined edges that contrast more organically shaped outdoor surroundings or align with well-defined terraces. The close proximity of the light’s rectangular frame to the light source allows a beautiful soft glow to emerge from within. This luminaire matches today’s trends, and is equally great for public and residential spaces.

16.20 Hawthorne Trunk (Tree)
Designed by Omer Arbel for Bocci

Levi’s Pick
Bocci Tree 16.20 Hawthorne Trunk LightForm Blog

The natural look of Bocci’s Hawthorne Trunk outdoor lamp has Levi in awe. Designed to resemble a Hawthorne tree, this complex glass and metal collection is built to exemplify a refined, delicate rendition of the natural elements it’s intended to share space with. Believe it or not, each lamp in this collection is handcrafted too – every single layer of coloured molten glass is manually poured to ensure the best possible quality.

Designed by Carmine Deganello for Pablo Designs

Schnelle’s Pick
Pablo Designs Uma Mini Table LightForm Blog

Schnelle’s choice is the Uma Mini table lamp from Pablo Designs. Combining the look of a lantern with state-of-the-art warm dim LED technology, Uma sets the scene in style. Easy to carry and pack, this luminaire allows users to create a campfire-like ambiance with the press of a button. Its features don’t end there though. Uma plays music too — and its pairing capabilities allow for up to 24 neighbouring Uma users to join the party. Great for hanging out on the patio, heading out to the cottage, relaxing on the beach, and camping.

Dot M 2907
Design by Serra & de la Rocha for Estiluz

Erwin’s Pick
Dot M 2907 Outdoor LightForm Blog

Estiluz’s Dot table lamp is modern and practical. Erwin’s pick keeps things simple, while still finding ways to leave a lasting impression. The versatile design is decorative, yet functional — providing users with a table-like surface perfectly suited for holding drinks while its sides provide a warm luminous glow. This outdoor floor light is perfect poolside, for patios, and terraces.

Designed by Enzo Catellani for Catellani & Smith

Christine’s Pick
Catellani & Smith Syphasfera Outdoor LightForm Blog

Christine likes how the Syphasfera outdoor floor light delicately balances technology and nature in a single element. The design isn’t overly complex, yet still has impact — featuring a glass sphere encasing a bright LED light atop a thin brass protected stem finished in black coloured varnish (available in four sizes). Elegant and plant-like, Syphasfera outdoor lights look amazing scattered throughout a garden.

Designed by Enzo Catellani for Catellani & Smith

Suren’s Pick
Catellani & Smith Syphaduepassi Outdoor LightForm Blog

Suren’s pick is another luminaire from Catellani & Smith – the delicate and stylish Syphaduepassi. Like with the Syphasfera collection, the designer went with a minimal approach — producing an effective outdoor light without too much bulk. With a small LED bulb hanging elegantly off a thin brass stem, Syphaduepassi provides excellent down lighting — perfect for illuminating an outdoor garden. Available in two sizes.

Designed by Enzo Catellani for Catellani & Smith

Jaime’s Pick
Catellani & Smith More Outdoor LightForm Blog

Jaime’s pick is an outdoor lamp that has the refined look of a decorative light that you would typically see indoors. Another design by Enzo Catellani, the More outdoor lamps sprout up from the ground like flowers, adding an elegant touch of whimsy wherever they’re placed. Their handcrafted glass diffusers (available in three finish options) sit atop a sleek metal stem, shining bright in a crystallized fashion.

Ship’s Double Well
From Original BTC

Steven’s Pick
Original BTC Ship's Double Well Wall LightForm Blog

Original BTC brings their refined British design flair to the outdoors with the Ship’s Double Well wall light. Steven appreciates the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials used for this timeless classic. Inspired by the outdoor lights we typically see on boats, the nautical feel of this design is unmistakable. The collection is also available in ceiling, suspension, and table lamp configurations–perfect for when you want to carry a theme throughout your outdoor space.

Designed by Marc Sadler for Foscarini

Cheryl’s Pick
Foscarini Twice as Twiggy Reading Outdoor Floor LightForm Blog

Cheryl loves the new Twiggy outdoor reading lamp because its looks like a floor lamp that we typically see used indoors–indeed the Twiggy is an iconic indoor floor lamp. This new outdoor version makes a terrace or patio feel like an extension of your indoor living area. This energy efficient luminaire uses an LED light source that provides a nice mix of direct downlight and diffused ambient light thanks to the stylish grid pattern of its shade. Without occupying too much space, Twiggy’s slim profile bends above outdoor furniture to provide users with added illumination for reading in their teak adirondack chairs during the evening.

Designed by Jean Marie Massaud for Foscarini

Tim’s Pick
Foscarini Solar Outdoor Floor LightForm Blog

Tim loves the versatility of Foscarini’s Solar outdoor floor lamp. This hemispherical contemporary wonder does more than simply brighten outdoor spaces, it doubles as a low table inviting onlookers to gather around too! Coupled with angling capabilities allowing users to determine how the light is diffused, Solar produces a soft ground glow that’s perfect for creating an intimate ambience.

Designed by Jozeph Forakis for Foscarini

Joe’s Pick
Foscarini Havana Outdoor Suspension LightForm Blog

Foscarini’s Havana outdoor suspension light is one of Joe’s favourites. Produced with a large rotational moulded diffuser, this dimmable luminaire is perfectly suited for brightening large outdoor spaces, while also functioning as an accent. The design has a very cool and slick feel, making it ideal for a wide variety of outdoor project types.

From Zafferano Lampes-à-porter

David’s Pick
AiLati Poldina Outdoor Table LightForm Blog

David’s pick is Zafferano Lampes-à-porter‘s simple and elegant Poldina outdoor table lamp. Produced in several charming finish options, this rechargeable luminaire never fails to set the scene for outdoor dining – creating a romantic ambience with discreet downlighting. It’s quite sturdy too, so there’s no concern regarding its seemingly lightweight structure. Now available at LightForm!

Like what you see? Feel free to connect with us via phone or email or browse our website for more information about the luminaires above, as well as our many other outdoor collections. Visit a LightForm showroom near you to see some of our outdoor lighting collections in person!